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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion – How to Break Damage Limit (99999 Damage)

If you’re a die-hard Final Fantasy fan looking to achieve 100% completion and obtain the elusive Platinum trophy, then this guide is for you. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to break the damage limit.

Recommending Materia and accessories to use, and other useful tips that will help you defeat the challenging superboss, Minerva.

With this guide, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Crisis Core master and achieving your ultimate goal of 100% completion. 

So, grab your Buster Sword and let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Break damage allows you to do up to 99,999 damage
  • Accessories that break damage are;
    • Brutal
    • Genji Gloves
    • Divine Slayer
    • Heike Soul
  • Increase Buster Sword Proficiency to also break damage limit
  • Use Materia Fusion to increase ATK stat to cause more damage
  • Costly Punch is strongest Attack Materia 

How to Break Damage Limit (99999 Damage) Guide for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion

If you’re looking to achieve 100% completion in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion (FFVII CC Remaster/Crisis Core Reunion), then breaking the damage limit is a must. This guide will show you how to break damage limit in Crisis Core, as well as recommend Materia and accessories to use, and other useful tips.

Benefits of Breaking the Damage Limit

Breaking the damage limit is necessary to defeat the superboss Minerva in Mission 9-6-6, who boasts a massive 10,000,000 HP. 

By only being able to output a maximum of 9999 damage using a single attack, defeating Minerva without breaking the damage limit is almost impossible. 

Not beating Minerva will prevent you from obtaining the Divine Rule Broken (Gold trophy) and Mission Completionist (Gold trophy) achievements if you are aiming for Platinum.

What’s Needed To Break Damage Limit

In order to be able to cause more than 9999 damage, you’ll need something that will break the damage limit. 

Luckily there are three ways to do it, depending on where you are in the game and your skills. 

Break Damage Limit With The Brutal Accessory

Brutal Accessory

One way of breaking damage and hitting 99,999 damage is with the Brutal accessory. 

This will cause more damage to high HP enemies than Materia such as Gravity.

Brutal is not an easy accessory to get, although that does depend on your level and skills. You can get this accessory from as early as Chapter 4. 

You can get it by going through “Seeking Priceless Items category (M7-4)”, and then going through “Contacts of P”. Finally reaching Mission M7-4-6.

Unlock The Brutal Accessory Step By Step 

  • On Chapter 4 you’ll unlock Precious Things (M7-2)
  • Complete Missions M7-2-1 to M7-2-6. This will unlock ESP Development Project (M7-3)
  • Complete Missions M7-3-1 to M7-3-6. This will unlock Contacts from P (M7-4)
  • Complete Missions M7-4-1 to M7-4-6. The last mission will reward you with the Brutal Accessory. 

How To Beat Wyerd

Defeat Wyerd - Brutal Accessory

Wyerd is the main boss of M7-4-6 and he can be very challenging to beat. Not only does this beast have immunity to magic, normal attacks only do small amounts of damage. This is because of its high defense. 

Now you could just keep chipping away at it or hope you get some decent DMW rolls. 

Another method would be to use “Darkness”, as this helps to reduce the defense so you can cause higher amounts of damage. 

Not only does this boss have high defense, its got some abilities that can cause massive damage. 

It can smash you with the side of its body that drops your HP right down or use its Gaia’s Wrath, which attacks you twice. 

Make sure you’ve got plenty of heals available. 

The downside with this method is you already need to be somewhat overpowered to get through the missions. Even more so if you’re on one of the lower chapters. 

Get Proficient With The Buster Sword

Crisis Core Buster Sword

If you don’t want to use an accessory to break the damage limit, you can use the Buster Sword. 

In Chapter 6 you unlock the Buster Sword and with this the ability to increase your proficiency with it. 

You can level this up by using the Battle Stance mode. 

Once you level this from 10-23% you break the damage limit. 

The downside to this is that you only break damage limit when you’re using Battle Stance and not through normal attacks. 

Use The Genji Gloves To Break Damage Limit

In Crisis Core the Genji accessories are some of the most powerful accessories in the game.

One of which is the Genji Gloves, this accessory will not only break the damage limit but also makes all your hits critical. 

It’s incredibly powerful and well worth getting. 

To get it, you’ll need to do the M9 missions. Go through all of these until you get to M9-6-4 and find the chest near the end that has the Genji Gloves in it. 

The mission is a 10 Star mission, so expect it to be quite difficult. 

Other Damage Breaking Accessories

There are a couple of other accessories that can break damage limit and allow you to do over 9999 damage in Crisis Core. 

These are more end game items, so chances are you’ll already have gotten one of the above items to do it. 

Divine Slayer

Crisis Core has a number of end-game bosses, one of which is Minerva. This superboss can be found on Mission 9-6-6. 

You get Divine Slayer as a reward for beating this boss and it’s the best accessory in the game. It not only breaks ALL stat limits, it also boosts your stats. 

If you’re planning on taking on Crisis Core hard mode, this is an accessory you’ll want. 

Heike Soul

Another accessory is the Heike Soul, this will break the amount of damage you can do, as well as give you some additional buffs. 

This is rewarded when you complete all of the side missions. 

Steps to Break Damage Limit

Now that you’re able to break the damage limit, you want to be able to actually do it. 

Materia Fusion and ATK Boosts

Materia Fusion

Materia Fusion is a great way of giving your attack stat a boost. 

The higher you get this the more damage your physical attacks will do. 

Pick a materia that you’ll use a lot for example you could use ATK++ and fuse this with Costly Punch to give Costly Punch more ATK. By fusing this with hero drink items you can bump the attack up even more. 

Use Costly Punch Materia

The best and most reliable way to break the damage limit is to use the Costly Punch Command by equipping the Costly Punch Materia.

This move bypasses all enemy defenses as the damage inflicted is considered non-physical and non-magic.

Because of how much damage you can output in a short amount of time with Costly Punch, it is considered the best Command Materia in the game.

Since using Costly Punch trades a portion of Zack’s HP for massive damage, be ready to heal with Curaga or healing items when your health falls too low.

Note that it is possible to further improve Costly Punch through Materia fusion if you want to max out Zack’s HP or Attack stat. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, how to break damage limit in Crisis Core Reunion. If your goal is to get 100% completion on the game, you will NEED to be able to get past the limit of 9999 damage. 

If you have the equipment and the stats, you can break the damage limit from as early as Chapter 4. 

For me I would recommend going after the Brutal accessory first of all. Once I have this I would then upgrade to the Genji Gloves. This will give you the additional bonus of getting critical hits. 

Once I have my ATK stats up, I’ll then go after the Divine Slayer. This will break ALL limits. 

Now that you have all of this, its time to get back into it on Hard Mode!

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