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Materia Fusion Guide: Your Key to Unlocking the Ultimate Power in Crisis Core

Ever wondered how to get access to the most powerful spells or boost your stats in Crisis Core? Look no further! 

Materia Fusion is your answer. 

In this guide, we’ll walk you through this fantastic system and teach you how to unlock it. Plus, you’ll find a complete list of all the Materia you can create!

What is Materia Fusion?

Materia Fusion

Materia Fusion is the process of combining two materia to create a brand-new one or an upgraded version. 

With this system, you can create unique combinations and boost your stats, depending on what you decide to make.

The first step is to level up your materia until it’s “Mastered.” 

A mastered materia is the strongest it can be. 

Fusing this with another materia can give you even better stats on your fused creation.

Example Time!

Suppose you combine an HP Up and another HP Up. In that case, you’ll get an HP Up+, giving you an even bigger HP boost.

Here’s another one: I love using the Jump materia. 

When I combine it with ATK UP++, the ATK stat bonus is transferred to the Jump. 

So, not only do I have the Jump ability, but I also get a nice boost to my ATK stat, which means I deal more damage.

Experimenting with different combinations can be super fun! 

Some combos can make your character incredibly powerful.

How to Fuse Materia: It’s All About SP

To fuse materia, you’ll need to spend SP (Soldier Points). 

You can earn SP by;

  • Defeating monsters
  • Breaking down materia for SP
  • Using limits, or performing summons.

The amount of SP required depends on what you’re fusing. 

The higher the level or stats, the more SP it’ll cost you.

How To Unlock Materia Fusion in Crisis Core?

Unlock Materia Fusion

Ready to unlock Materia Fusion in Crisis Core? 

Follow the main story, and by the start of Chapter 3, you’ll meet a Shinra Research employee outside the briefing room on the Soldier floor.

This helpful employee will give you the lowdown on the Materia Fusion mechanic and a quick tutorial to get you started. 

Once you’ve got the basics down, you’ll see the Materia Fusion option pop up in the menu. 

Easy, right?

Materia Fusion Recipes

Below you’ll find recipes to ALL Materia Fusion. 

Making it easier for you to find out how to create whatever Materia you want. 


  • DMW Materia is materia that can be gotten to increase chances of getting a certain DMW in battle
  • Mastered is when you fully level up a Materia

Magic Materia Fusion Recipes (Green Materia)

You’re sure to find Magic Materia (Green Materia) in abundance, as it’s the most common. 

It grants you access to spells like Fire, Ice, and Thunder, as well as defensive and healing spells such as Barrier and Cure. 

Simply equip Magic Materia through the Equipment menu and be prepared to spend some MP when casting these spells in battle!

Materia #1Materia #2Fused Materia
PoisonVIT UPEsuna
SilenceSPR UPDispel
FireHP UpBarrier
BlizzaraSPR UPMBarrier
Drain BladeMAG UPDrain
Osmose BladeMAG UPOsmose
Power OsmoseSPR UPOsmoga
Poison BladeMag UpPoison
Stop BladeMAG UPStop
FirePoisonDark Fire
BlizzardPoisonDark Blizzard
ThunderPoisonDark Thunder
FiraEsunaDark Fira
BlizaraSilenceDark Blizzara
ThundaraDispelDark Thundara
FiragaEsunaDark Firaga
BlizzagaEsunaDark Blizzaga
ThundagaEsunaDark Thundaga
Dark FireOctaslashHell Firaga
Dark BlizzardOctaslashHell Blizzaga
Dark ThunderOutclashHell Thundaga
Tri ThundagaLibraTri Thundaga
Tri Thundaga MLibraTri Fire
Tri Fire MLibraElectrocute
Electrocute MLibraFlare
Flare MLibraEnergy
Tri ThundagaOutclashUltima

Command Materia Fusion Recipes (Yellow Materia)

Command Materia (Yellow Materia) functions similarly to Magic Materia. 

When equipped, it allows you to use physical abilities instead of casting spells. 

Ready to spend some AP? 

Command Materia offers awesome actions like Steal, Jump, and Assault Twister. 

Plus, don’t miss out on Costly Punch, which helps you break the damage limit later in the game!

Materia #1Materia #2Fused Materia
LibraGraviga (M)Darkness
AP UpPower AttackJump
AP UpFiraga BladeHigh Jump
DashPoison TwisterPoison Aerial
Poison TwisterHigh JumpSilence Aerial
LibraSilence Aerial (M)Death Jump
AP UpVital SlashAssault Twister
OctaslashJumpAssault Twister+
LibraPoison TwisterPoison Twister
LibraPoison Aerial (M)Stop Twister
Poison TwisterAssault Twister+Death Twister
JumpGravityPower Attack
GravigaPower AttackVital Slash
JumpQuakeExploder Blade
Assault TwisterGraviga (M)Blast Wave
PoisonPower AttackPoison Blade
PoisonAssault TwisterSilence Blade
ATK UPStopStop Blade
DeathPower AttackDeath Blade
PoisonElemental StrikeDispel Blade
Power AttackFireFire Blade
Power AttackBlizzardBlizzard Blade
Power AttackThunderThunder Blade
JumpFiraFira Blade
JumpBlizzaraBlizzara Blade
JumpThundaraThundara Blade
ATK UPFiragaFiraga Blade
ATK UPBlizzagaBlizzaga Blade
ATK UPThundagaThundaga Blade
DrainAssault TwisterDrain Blade
ATK UPOsmogaPower Drain
ATK UPDraingaAerial Drain
ATK UPDrainOsmose Blade
ATK UP  DrainraPower Osmose
OctaslashStealGil Toss
LibraGoblin PunchGoblin Punch
DashGoblin PunchIron Fist
Libra (M)Iron Fist (M)Magical Punch
Libra (M)Magical Punch (M)Hammer Punch
OctaslashGoblin PunchCostly Punch

Special/Independent Materia Fusion Recipes (Purple Materia)

Special Materia, also known as Independent Materia in FF7, is incredibly useful.

Trust us, you’ll be fusing this Purple Materia a lot if you’re aiming for 100% completion and tackling hard mode.

It’s used to boost Zack’s stats, like increasing his attack power for more damage or giving him extra HP.

Materia #1Materia #2Fused Materia
LibraHP UpHP Up
DashHP UpHP Up+
OctaslashHP UpHP Up++
LibraMP UpMP Up
DashMP UpMP Up+
OctaslashMP UpMP Up++
LibraAP UpAP Up
DashAP UpAP Up+
OctaslashAP UpAP Up++
OctaslashATK UPATK UP++
OctaslashVIT UPVIT UP++
OctaslashMAG UPMAG UP++
OctaslashSPR UPSPR UP++
DashStealSmart Consumer

Support Materia Fusion Recipes (Blue Materia)

Now, Support Materia (Blue Materia) is often overlooked, but that’s a big mistake! 

Fusing Support Materia can help you shield yourself against specific elements or even add status effects to your attacks. 

So, go ahead and show Blue Materia some love – it’s time to give it the attention it deserves!

Materia #1Materia #2Fused Materia
Octaslash Poison TwisterStatus Strike
HP Up StopStatus Ward
FirAssault TwisterElemental Strike
VIT UPFiragaElemental Ward
LibraSP Turbo MagicSP Turbo Magic
ElectrocuteSP Turbo MagicSP Turbo Attack
FlareSP Turbo MagiSP Turbo
Energy SP Turbo MagicSP Barrier
OctaslashSP Turbo MagicSP Master

Fusion Tome: Materia Fusion With Items

Materia Fusion is already a fantastic way to create powerful Materia, but did you know you can take it up a notch by fusing items with Materia? 

Let’s dive into how it’s done!

Unlocking Item Fusion

To start fusing items with Materia, you’ll need to reach Chapter 5 when Zack falls into the Slums and encounters Aerith. 

This triggers a new mission: M7-2-1: Search and Destroy. 

No sweat, right? 

Complete this mission, and you’ll snag the Fusion Tome as a reward.

How To Add Items In Materia Fusion


Ready to level up your Materia Fusion game? Follow these steps:

  • Head to the Materia Fusion menu.
  • Add the two Materia you want to fuse, just like you normally would.
  • Look for the option to add an item below the Materia.
  • Browse your inventory to pick the item and quantity you want to use.

You might be tempted to use accessories, but trust us, items like Hero Drink, Zeio Nut, and Chocobo Feather are your best bets. 

Some stones require three of them to boost a stat, which works great for lower-level enhancements.

Decide on the item and quantity (e.g., adding 10 Chocobo Feathers for an even bigger HP% boost) and hit Fuse. 

Keep in mind, using high-level items will cost you more SP, so prepare for some SP grinding sessions.

A Word of Caution

Before you start using those stat-boosting items, remember to save the goodies like Hero Drink and Chocobo Feather for the Materia you’ll use in end-game content. 

These items can take time to grind, so use them wisely!

Best Materia Fusion Recipes

Materia Fusion in Crisis Core can be a game-changer, but with so many combinations, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. 

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with my top picks for the best Materia Fusion recipes! 

Hell FiragaFire + DWM MateriaShoots three fireballs + inflicts Poison, Silence, Stop, and Death (low chance)
Hell BlizzagaBlizzard + DWM MateriaDrops a block of ice that deals heavy damage + inflicts Poison, Silence, Stop, and Death (low chance)
QuakeDarkness + Libra
Deals damage to all enemies on the ground
Gil TossSteal + DWM MateriaDeals heavy damage at the cost of Gil
UltimaTri-Thundaga + DWM MateriaDeals non-elemental magic damage to all enemies
Costly PunchGoblin Punch + DWM MateriaIgnores enemy defense and deals a powerful blow at the expense of HP
ElectrocuteTri-Fire + LibraFires off four lightning bolts that cause huge damage and can hit multiple enemies.
Aerial DrainDrainga + ATK UpJump up and come crashing down. Causing large area damage plus healing due to the drain effect

If I was to focus on any of them it would be; 

Costly Punch – Trust me, this ability is a lifesaver! It’s helped me defeat some tough mini-bosses time and time again. 

Aerial Drain – Talk about a win-win! Deal massive damage and heal simultaneously, making you an unstoppable force. 

HP and ATK Up – Don’t forget to focus on these essential stats to ensure your survival and pack a punch in battle.

Once you know what your end-game materia will be, you can then start fusing them with Mastered HP++ and Mastered ATK UP. 

This will help you get to max HP and cause devastating damage. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see Materia Fusion in Crisis Core is very powerful. 

I only hope that this guide has helped to make it a little clearer and give you some ideas on what Materia you might want to create. 

I would certainly focus on the Costly Punch ability, this has saved me a number of times against some tough mini bosses. 

Another one I would recommend getting is Aerial Drain. Cause massive damage and get healed at the same time, what more could you want? 

Other than that, I’d focus on getting HP and ATK Up. 

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