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Unlock Crisis Core Magic Pot Summon

The magic pot is a very unique monster in any final fantasy, but in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII it’s technically not a monster.

You can get it as a summon. Summons work a little differently than other Final Fantasy games.

It uses a slot machine system known as the DMW.

The summons found in the DMW are split into two groups, Boss summons and Mascot summons. 

The Magic Pot is a Mascot summon, as you don’t need to fight it in order to get it. 

I’ve written this guide to not only explain what this summon is but to help you unlock the Magic Pot in Crisis Core. 

What Is the Magic Pot?


Magic Pot is basically an enemy you’ll come across during missions.

In Final Fantasy 7 you used to give it Elixirs and it’ll grant a nice chunk of exp.

Although as mentioned it’s slightly different in Crisis Core as it can become a summon and added to the DMW.

It can be a very helpful summon as when summoned it has an ability that gives you some pretty handy items. 

Not only that but you’re going to want to get this summon so you can get the Genji Armour Set.

This is NEEDED if you want to get 100% complete. 

Where To Find Crisis Core Magic Pot 

There are a number of summons and not all of them are easy to get and the Magic Pot can cause a lot of frustration. 

Maybe not as much as the Phoenix summon, since that is a missable one on the Nibelheim Wonders quest.

Or even as annoying as the Cactaur summon, where you have to find it through a number of different side missions. 

Although like I said The Magic Pot can be pretty annoying to unlock.

Quite simply because you could be waiting awhile before it even appears. 

You can unlock the Magic Pot in Crisis Core from as early as Chapter 2.

You’ll just need to get through some missions. 

First of all you need to defeat the Tonberry on mission 6-1-5. This will open up another mission (10-2-1). 

Now in order to get to the mission with the Magic Pot’s you need to clear 10-2-1 and 10-2-2. 

Do not start mission 10-2-3 just yet.

The thing with Magic Pots is that you can win the battle by following their instructions. It’ll basically ask you to use certain materia in a specific order, if you do it 4 times then it’ll be happy and leave.

Giving you the Magic Pot summon. 

The materia you need to use is; 

  • Fira
  • Jump
  • Gravity 
  • Assault Twister

The Magic Pot is a random encounter, so it can take some time for you to run into one. 

You may run into more Tonberry’s, if you do i’d recommend just running away from them. 

I’ve died so many times to them…

Crisis Core Magic Pot Missions & Locations


There are a number of missions that you’ll be able to encounter Magic Pots in Crisis Core.

Each time they’ll ask for you to perform different actions.

Each time, there’s a chance you’ll get a different reward. 

Below is the list of the missions you can find them and what spells/abilities you’ll need to do. 

Mission 10-2-3 “Master Tonberry”

As mentioned above, this mission can be accessed in chapter 2 and is the earliest you can find a Magic Pot. You need to perform Fira, Jump, Gravity and Assault Twister. 

Mission 2-2-6 “World of Monsters”

Luckily in this mission, the skills needed are pretty easy to get. Those are;

  • Blizzaga
  • Firaga
  • Thundaga
  • Gravity

Mission 2-5-4 “New Cavern Found”

Slightly more advanced in terms of skills, you need to be able to use the following; 

  • Ultima
  • Tri-Fire
  • Iron Fist
  • Electrocute

Mission 2-5-5 “Another Cavern”

This mission is the same as a New Cavern Found. You need to be able to use Ultima, Tri-Fire, Iron Fist and Electrocute

Mission 7-6-6 “The Determined Recruiter”

This mission is probably the hardest and requires some pretty high level skills.

Although at the same time the rewards are higher.

You do have the chance to get Genji Shield. Which is one of the most powerful accessories. 

You need to show off the following abilities; 

  • Gil Tss
  • Costly Punch
  • 99,999 Damage (No materia, hit damage)
  • Octaslash (Sephiroth Limit Break)
  • To unlock this mission, you must first defeat the optional Tonberry enemy 

Crisis Core Magic Pot Summon Ability

One question people ask is why should they even bother with getting the Magic Pot in Crisis Core?

The summon abilities it provides can be incredibly useful.

When summoned it can provide you with high level items.

The items get better the higher level it is. 

  • Level 1 – Libra, Gravija, Drain, Curaga
  • Level 2 – Iron Bangle, Carbon Bangle, Titanium Bangle, Platinum Bangle
  • Level 3 – Kaiser Knuckles, Shinra Beta+ Royal Crown, Crystal Orb
  • Level 4 – 5x Elixir, 10x Elixir, 1x Phoenix Down, 3x Phoenix Down
  • Level 5 – Ribbon, 1x Gold Rolling Pin, 3x Gold Rolling Pin, 5x Gold Rolling Pin

Final Thoughts

There you have it, Magic Pot in Crisis Core. Is it worth the effort to get?

That ultimately depends on how you want to play the game.

If your looking to just go through the story, finish and then move onto the next game, maybe it’s not worth it 


If you’re looking to complete the game and get 100% completion, then you’re going to have to get the Magic Pot summon. 

You cannot get 100% completion without 100% all summons and the gear is certainly going to help at the end game. 

To be fair, it’s not that hard to get the Crisis Core Magic Pot summon.

It’s just going to take a bit of luck avoiding them annoying Tonberry’s!

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