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Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Reunion Wutai’s Nemesis Trophy Guide | Wutai Spy Locations

From the start of Crisis Core, we are introduced to the war between Shinra and Wutai. 

Even though the war ends during the early stages of the game. 

There are still many missions to complete to prevent the Wutai forces. 

In Chapter 5 a quest will open up that can be easily missed. 

This quest involves Wutai Spies entering Midgar and you having to find them. 

In this guide, I’ll show you how to get started on this quest and where you need to go to find all of the Wutai Spies. 

Doing so and you’ll even get the Wutai’s Nemesis Trophy. 

Key Takeaways

  • Quest available in Chapter 5
  • Must complete by Chapter 7
  • Speak to each spy 3 times
  • Find the spies in order 
  • Spy #1 in LOVELESS Avenue 
  • Spy #2 in Sector 5 Slums Market
  • Spy #3 in Shinra Building
  • Spy #4 in Sector 8
  • Spy #5 in Exhibit Room in Shinra Building
  • Spy #6 in Slums Park

Where To Start The Wutai’s Nemesis Quest Line and How?

This quest is only available from Chapter 5, however it’s important that you complete it before the end of Chapter 7. You won’t be able to access it after Chapter 7, as you’ll be leaving Midgar. 

In this quest you have to find Wutai Spies that have hidden themselves in Midgar. You could try and follow the clues given to you, but I’ll also share the location of them in this guide. 

Chapter 5 is a really good time to complete this quest and others, as you have more freedom on where you can go. 

The train station is now available, which will take you back to the slums. 

This Specific quest is started in LOVELESS Avenue. You can get there by leaving the Shinra building and heading for the Fountain area. Then take the exit to Loveless Avenue. 

As soon as you get here, you’ll see a Soldier 2nd Class. Speak to him and he’ll explain the quest to you. 

Six Wutai Spies are hiding in normal clothes. They’ve managed to escape Shinra, so it’s up to you to find them. 

You need to find all six spies and speak to them 3 times before they’ll reveal that they’re a spy. 

It’s also important that you find the spies in the correct order.

The quest itself is very easy to complete. You don’t even need to fight anyone. 

All you need to do is travel to 6 different locations, the whole thing will take no more than 10 minutes. 

What Reward Do You Get For Completing Crisis Core Reunion Wutai Spy Quest

Wutais Nemesis Trophy

In terms of the reward, it’s well worth spending the 10 minutes to complete this quest. Even more so if you’re wanting to get 100% completion. 

After each of the spies you find, you’ll unlock a new mission. It gives you access to the M-4-3 missions. This’ll give you a bit of background on higher ranked members of Wutai. 

By completing these missions, you’ll also get some great rewards and get the address for The Happy Turtle shop.

One of the main rewards from this quest is the Walnut Wood. This is given to Zack by the Soldier 2nd class when all 6 spies have been found. 

The Walnut Wood is used to create another flower Wagon for Aerith. Which will also give you another trophy. 

The final reward for completing this quest is getting the Wutai’s Nemesis trophy. 

FF7 Crisis Core Reunion Wutai Spy Locations

Below you’ll find detailed steps on finding the location of each Wutai Spy. 

#1 Wutai Spy

Wutai Spy 1

The hint you get for finding this Wutai Spy is;

“We know that he’s hiding somewhere within Sector 8. If you find anyone suspicious there, please detain him.”

You’ll find him by heading up from the Soldier 2nd class and go left. He’s North-east of Loveless Avenue. 

You should see a cafe and a parked van that looks very much like the one in the exhibit room. 

The spy is walking up and down past the LOVELESS theater. He’ll be talking very nervously. 

Reward: Unlock mission M4-3-1: Defeat The Scout Units

#2 Wutai Spy

Wutai Spy 2

For the second Wutai spy, you’ll get the following hint. 

“This one got hold of a Shinra Army uniform, and had infiltrated the Shinra Building. We’ve been searching for him all over Sector 8, but there’s no sign of him.”

So we want to be looking for someone that is in a Shinra uniform, who is not in Sector 8. 

The place we want to go is the Sector 5 Slums Market. 

You want to leave the LOVELESS avenue and go to the train station. Go Sound and then East. 

Once you get to the station, continue walking up past the train and you’ll get to the market. 

You’ll see the Shinra soldier walking around. 

Reward: Unlock mission M4-3-2: Obliterate Advance Elements

#3 Wutai Spy

Wutai Spy 1

The hint for the next Wutai Spy is a little harder to understand;

“This spy managed to infiltrate the Soldier floor and take classified Shinra information. Judging from this brazen action, it’s possible he’s posing as an employee or associate.”

Now this tells us that he is probably in the Shinra building. 

Dressed as someone that works there. That helps, a lot of people are dressed as employees…

He’s not on the soldier floor either..

From Sector 5 Slums, head back to Sector 8. 

Make your way to the fountain and then back to the Shinra builder. 

Go up the first set of stairs. You’ll see a Shinra soldier standing on this floor. (He’ll also unlock a new mission

A man should walk off the lift. If not, walk around a bit until you hear the ding of the lift and he walks off. 

Go and talk to him 3 times and he’ll reveal himself. 

Reward: Unlock mission M4-3-3: Foes in the Wutai Base

#4 Wutai Spy

Wutai Spy 4

You thought the last clue was hard, I’d say that this one is even worse. 

You’re not going to know who this is, unless you’ve spent some time and spoken to every NPC. 

The clue is; 

“This next spy, according to reports, is possibly disguised and posing as a woman. They say that this one really has an appetite for money, but that’s not an awful lot to go on…” 

So looking at this clue, we’re looking for a female NPC that’s talking to a man and also comments about money. 

There’s one person that matches this in Sector 8. 

Leave the Shinra building and get to the fountain. 

Head for the exit that has the steps and at the top of the steps you’ll see a woman speaking to a man. 

Reward: Unlock mission M4-3-4: Mobile Units

#5 Wutai Spy

Wutai Spy 5

Now this next spy is fairly easy to find. The clue you’ll get is; 

“Intel says this particular spy is not from Wutai, so we surmise that it’s just someone with a grudge against the company. There’s reports that he is somehow tied to our space development program…”

Now, if you’ve been exploring you’ll know exactly where you can find something related to space. It’s a final fantasy game, you have to be exploring everything…

You want to make your way back to the Shinra building. 

Go straight up to reception and you’ll see a door on either side. 

This is the Exhibit room. 

One of the items on display is a rocket. In front of this is a man. 

Speak to him and he’ll eventually reveal who he really is. 

Reward: Unlock mission M4-3-5: The Enemy’s Stronghold

#6 Wutai Spy

Wutai Spy 6

You’re on the last Wutai Spy now and this one is really hard to find based on the clue below. 

“This last spy…has a grudge against a Soldier operative who fought heroically in Wutai. Most likely, this operative…is you, Zack”

As you can see, it doesn’t really give you much to go on. 

Leave the Shinra Building and make your way back to Slum Market. As a reminder you can get there by going to Sector 8 and then to the train station. 

Once at the Slums market, go left and leave the market. 

Turn right and you’ll find a wall with a large hole in it. 

Go through and you’ll find yourself at the park. 

Speak to the boy running around with a hat on. This is the last spy. 

Reward: Unlock mission M4-3-6: Stop the Assailants

There you have it, you should now have found all six Wutai spies. 

Now you will have the Walnut Wood,Wutai’s Nemesis Trophy and six new missions to have a go at.

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