Recent Diablo Immortal Articles

  • How To Find Adventure Journals in Diablo Immortal

    Fancy going on an adventure and unlocking some elite quests? Quest that will give you some great rewards?  If so, you’re going to need to find Adventure Journals. And they’re not so easy to find.  It is not possible to find Adventure Journals in Diablo Immortal until you reach level 60 and have progressed into … Read more

  • Aspirants Keys

    Have you been playing Diablo Immortal and noticed you’re getting Aspirant keys and wondered what they’re for? It took me ages to figure out what these keys were for.  Hopefully this guide will help you.  In Diablo Immortal, there are a number of ways to upgrade your character. One of those way’s is with Aspirant … Read more

  • Crusader Build Guide

    Are you looking for the best Diablo Immortal Crusader Build? You’ve come to the right place!  The great thing about the Crusader class in Diablo Immortal is that it’s good for tanking or supporting roles in the party.  It also makes for a great class whether you solo or like to party up.  Whether you’re … Read more