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Crusader Build – Best Skills, Gear, Gems & Attributes For Crusader Class

Are you looking for the best Diablo Immortal Crusader Build? You’ve come to the right place! 

The great thing about the Crusader class in Diablo Immortal is that it’s good for tanking or supporting roles in the party. 

It also makes for a great class whether you solo or like to party up. 

Whether you’re new or experienced, the Crusader class is a great choice. This is because it’s very versatile and I find it a lot of fun to play. 

No class is going to be strong from the beginning, so you’re going to want to find the best diablo immortal crusader build to get you leveled and geared up as quickly as possible. 

The aim of this guide is to help you learn how to build the best crusader build in Diablo Immortal. I’m going to share a couple of builds, one that is perfect for PVE and another that will help you defeat other players in PvP. 

You’ll find tips on the best skills, attributes, gear and gems. 

If you want your Crusader to do better in Diablo Immortal, then this guide is for you. 

Is the Crusader Class A Good Class For Me?

Ultimately it’s going to really depend on your play style and your experience with the Diablo series. 

The Crusader class is a great way of easing into the game and offers some great survivability. It does however have some unique skills to keep it entertaining. 

One of the things that I like about the Crusader is the range of skills available. You have up close attacks, as well as those that can be used from a distance. If you really want to crowd control, there are also a number of skills that rush into battle.

Whether you go for a full tank build or use DPS as a support, the crusader class gives you a number of choices. 

Remember just because it has a shield, doesn’t mean you have to tank. 

Best Diablo Immortal Crusader Attributes

When you first start playing, you don’t need to worry too much about attributes. This is simply because you’ll get new gear fairly quickly. 

Although as you level up, you’ll want to make sure that the gear you use has the attributes that benefit the Crusader. 

When you get a new piece of gear, you’ll see some basic stats. As well as some additional attribute bonuses. 

There are 5 different attributes; 

  • Strength
  • Vitality
  • Fortitude
  • Willpower
  • Intelligence

Now the above starts are the priority that you want to follow for the best diablo immortal Crusader build. 

So as a quick tip, look for gear that has strength, vitality and fortitude. With strength being the biggest priority. 

Primary Attributes: Strength Vs Intelligence 

There are two main stats, strength and intelligence. As a Crusader you should always focus on going after strength. 

This is because crusader is a melee class.

Strength is used to increase the damage of your crusader’s skills. 

Intelligence on the other hand is for the magic classes, so this attribute can be ignored.

Vitality & Fortitude 

The next attribute you want to try and build up is your character’s vitality and fortitude. 

Vitality is basically your life stat, it determines how much damage you’re going to be able to take. Whilst fortitude helps to increase your armor, so you take less damage. 

Since the Crusader class is fighting hand to hand and in many cases taking a lot of the damage. You want to make sure you have enough life to cope with the attacks, as well as the defense to reduce the amount of damage you take.

If you’re going for more of a support build then you might take strength over vitality and fortitude. I do however like to go for more of a hybrid build and have the DPS if needed but also be able to last in a fight. This is essential if you’re planning on doing a lot of soloing. 

Best Diablo Immortal Crusader Builds

Now the build you decide to have for your Crusader is going to depend on what you’ll be doing. Some things will be the same, however skills and gear might vary if you’re doing PVE vs doing PVP. 

Below you’ll find the best crusader builds for each. 

Since set items and gems are going to be the same for each build, I’ll go through these after the differences in the Crusader builds. 

Best Diablo Immortal Crusader PVE Build

If you’re looking to spend your time leveling up, raiding or doing rifts, this build is what you’re looking for. 

Whether you play in a group or solo, this build will give you the damage you want but also help keep you alive for longer.  

Crusader PVE Skill Selection

With PVE, you’re going to be taking on groups of enemies in one go. You therefore want skills that are going to take out as many mobs as possible, whilst also offering some form of crowd control. 

At the same time, you also want skills to provide some form of defense, which is why we have Punish as the primary skill. 

As the actual figures change as you level up and upgrade your character, I’ll be using X to represent the figure. 

Punish – Primary Skill

Strikes an enemy with damage that ranges from X to X. Character then gains Hardened Senses, which help to provide block change by X% for a X amount of seconds. 

Falling Sword

When you first use this skill it impales a holy sword. This deals X damage over so many seconds to all nearby enemies. If you then use it a 2nd time, you jump into the sky and crash down at the location of the sword. This again causes X damage to all those around the sword. 

Spinning Shield

This is a great skill to hit those targets a bit further away. I personally use it to target ranged mobs and it works great. It hurls a spinning shield and causes a certain amount of damage to all mobs in its way. On its return it then pulls the mobs towards you and deals extra damage. 


Consecration is a great skill to cause area damage to all enemies around you. It basically consecrates the ground and all enemies inside the circle are damaged by X amount for X seconds. 

Draw and Quarter

At first I didn’t like this skill but after using it a bit, it’s now my go to skill and I love it! You mount a horse and this stops all movement effects and even increases your own movement speed. It replaces your primary attack and causes damage to all surrounding mobs. As well as that it also chains 5 mobs to you and drags them around. 

This skill works great when you’ve used consecration and then grab 5 mobs and pull them back into the circle and cause mass damage. 

Crusader PVE Gear

Now we have the legendary gear for a Crusader PVE build. These pieces are all chosen in mind to cause as much damage to multiple mobs. Perfect for grabbing groups and destroying them quickly. This is why this build works so well in rifts and dungeons. 


Head: Many-Eyed Aegis

When you use consecration, it will move with you. This works very well with Draw and quarter as it can cause even more damage. 

Chest: Besieger

From time to time your Draw and Quarter will call down a Bombardment. This will cause X amount of damage to all nearby enemies. 

Shoulders: Sivket’s Advantage

This is a useful piece to have as it increases the duration of your Draw and Quarter, allowing you to cause even more destruction with your war horse. 

Legs: Bladed Jambeau

With this you do have to lose the ability for your Draw and Quarter to drag your enemies, however it’s worth it. Instead your horse becomes a fiery steed and as you move it burns the ground and the enemies around you. 

Main Hand: Tumult

This main hand weapon removes the 2nd movement attached to Falling Sword but instead when used it summons a storm of blades. This causes continued damage to all nearby enemies, well worth the swap. 

Off Hand: Pavise of Ten Wings

Instead of returning to you, when you do Spinning Shield it will continue to spiral around you. Causing damage to nearby enemies. 

Best Diablo Immortal Crusader PvP Build

PvP is very different to PVE, you’re generally fighting less opponents and it’s all about damage but also survivability. The Crusader is not the easiest build to create for PvP, however when done right it can dominate the battleground. 

Crusader PvP Skill Selection


Now even though I said you will be fighting less opponents, you need area damage. This is because in battlegrounds, teams will often stick together. One of the great things about the Crusader skills is the ability to stun your opponent. It’s always fun dealing tons of damage whilst they’re still stunned. 

Sacred Fire – Primary Skill

Who doesn’t love a sword ignited with fire? This skill will decimate your enemies in the battleground. It deals X to X damage to a single enemy, then it will deal a percentage of damage to all those in front of you. Perfect for attacking teams in one go. 

Spinning Shield

Spinning Shield is a very useful skill, which is why it’s also in the PVE build. This skill throws your shield and causes damage to all enemies that are in its path. The shield then returns to you and pulls all those enemies with it. This deals even more damage to them. 


This skill causes X amount of damage to opponents after X seconds as it builds up and causes a massive explosion. You can use it again to cause a little less damage. This is a good skill for causing damage to a team of opponents. 


Judgment is one of my favorite skills when it comes to the Crusader PvP build, it can cause so much destruction. It deals X amount of damage and then slows opponents down by a percentage over a period of time. After a little time there will be an explosion and all enemies nearby will suffer damage but also be stunned. Giving you time to attack and cause more damage. 

Holy Banner

Now this skill is a little different, as it does not directly cause damage to your opponent. Instead it helps to buff your allies. It works by placing a banner that for X amount of seconds will increase Critical Hit Chance. It does reduce damage but with the increased chance it can really help cause more damage overall. 

Crusader PvP Gear

As already mentioned, in battleground players stick together. The great thing about this gear build is that no matter how much they stick together, it can help destroy them. If you want to dominate Battlegrounds, spend the time to build this gear. 

PVP Crusader Build

Head: Arrowkeeper

Holy banner is a great buff for your allies, with this helmet the buff will move with you.

Chest: Iron Suzerain

You want to bring your enemies to your feet so you can destroy them. Condemn will now drag your enemies to you. 

Shoulders: Cradle Of Pebbles

Judgment is great, however this shoulder piece does change it slightly. Instead of causing the damage and slowed movement it now summons a Guardian of Justice to come and fight for you. Excellent choice for providing you with that extra support and additional damage. 

Legs: Permanent Reproach

Make your Condemn skill even more destructive by increasing the radius by X%. 

Main Hand: The Bristle

Give your sword even more fire with this main hand. This will cause Sacred Fire to damage all enemies in front of you by hurling waves of flame. 

Off Hand: Pouncing Shield

This is one of my favorite pieces of gear. Instead of your shield returning to you. When you use Spinning Shield it will bounce between several enemies, causing even more damage. Perfect for those pesky magic users that keep themselves at a distance.

Best Set Items for Crusader in Diablo Immortal

Now you’ve got your legendary items, you want to think about what set items you’re going to equip on your Crusader. These are dropped by the final boss in the dungeons, so these are for your max level. 

Which items you go for is going to depend on what crusader build you’re aiming for. 

Crusader Set: Grace of The Flagellant (PvP)

For PvP the set Grace of the Flagellant can be devastating to the opposing team. Simply because it continues to damage them and getting all 6 set pieces can really cause a lot of damage to a group of them. 

  • 2/6 Set Pieces – Continual damage, channeled damage and persistent ground damage is increased by X%
  • 4/6 Set Pieces – When you damage an enemy X times, you’ll do X additional damage. This one can be very powerful when the fight is fairly equal, just to give you that edge.
  • 6/6 Set Pieces – Time to cause complete destruction. Every time you deal damage there’s a % chance that lightning will strike and deal X damage to nearby enemies. This will then also stun them for a few seconds. Then you just have to watch them run in fear!
Set Item NameArmor SlotDungeon
Bloody HandHandsCavern of Echoes – H2+
Broken PalmFingerKikuras Rapids – H4+
Open GutWaistPit of Anguish – H1+
Severed ThumbFingerTemple of Namari – H4+
Slit ThroatNeckDestruction’s End – H2+
Torn SoleFeetMade King’s Breach – H1+

Crusader Set: Untouchable Mountebank (Tank)

If you’re going for a tanking play style, this set bonus would be perfect. It certainly makes higher challenge rifts that bit easier. Simply because it gives you extra tanking bonuses. 

  • 2/6 Set Pieces – When you take damage, there’s a percentage chance that you’ll get a shield that will absorb a % of damage equal to your max life. 
  • 4/6 Set Pieces – Your shield’s damage absorption is increased based on a percentage of your max life. It even buffs your movement, allowing you to move through enemies whilst the shield is active. 
  • 6/6 Set Pieces – When you have your shield, there’s a percentage chance that it will explode when it expires. This causes damage to nearby enemies equal to a % of your max health.
Set Item NameArmor SlotDungeon
Mountebank’s BravadoWaistMad King’s Breach – H1+
Mountebank’s FlourishNeckCavern of Echoes – H2+
Mountebank’s MarvelFingerKikuras Rapids – H4+
Mountebank’s MisdirectionFingerTemple of Namari – H4+
Mountebank’s ShirkingHandsPit of Anguish – H2+
Mountebank’s SlynessFeetForgotten Tower – H1+

Crusader Set: War Rags of Shal’baas (DPS)

If I’m going for a more DPS build for my Crusader in Diablo Immortal, this is the set I’ll try and get. This set is all about increasing damage as well as giving your character a good speed boost. 

  • 2/6 Set Pieces – Increases the damage your primary attack does by 15%
  • 4/6 Set Pieces – Overtime the primary attack gets a boost to attack speed. This stacks up to a maximum of 25%
  • 6/6 Set Pieces – Primary attack has a % chance to increase attack speed for 12 seconds.
Set Item NameArmor SlotDungeon
Burning Heart of Shal’baasNeckPit of Anguish – H2+
Resting Fangs of Shal’baasFingerTemple of Namari – H4+
Braided Serpent of Shal’baasFingerCavern of Echoes – H4+
Dozen Strikes of Shal’baasHandsMad King’s Breach – H2+
Storm-Tack of Shal’baasWaistForgotten Tower – H1+
Wind-trods of Shal’baasFeetTomb of Fahir – H1+

Crusader Draw and Quarter Set: Windloft Perfection (PvP & PvE)

Windloft Perfection is a very popular Crusader gear set in Diablo Immortal and you can see why. It gives some nice movement boosts but also helps to increase damage. Not only that but it also offers some damage immunity. This gear set is great for both PvP & PvE. 

  • 2/6 Set Pieces – When you’ve got 2 pieces equipped you gain the skill Thousand Winds. This increases your movement speed by 15%.
  • 4/6 Set Pieces – Whilst you have Thousand Winds active, your damage increases by a massive 20%
  • 6/6 Set Pieces – Become a nightmare for your opponents. When you have Thousand Winds active you gain a shield which makes you immune to damage 5 times.
Set Item NameArmor SlotDungeon
Wisdom’s EdgeNeckForgotten Tower – H2+
FairfleetFingerMag King’s Breach – H4+
FoulfleetFingerPit of Anguish – H4+
Hurtling SteelHandsTomb of Fahir – H2+
WhipcrackWaistDestruction’s End – H1+
Stump-StirFeetKikuras Rapids – H1+

Best Diablo Immortal Crusader Legendary Gems

To really give your Crusader stat bonuses in Diablo Immortal, you need to get legendary gems. These are harder to come by than the normal gems, but there are a few ways to get them. The most common being crafting or running Elder Rifts. 

There are 3 types of Legendary gems;

  • 1 Star Gems
  • 2 Star Gems
  • 5 Star Gems

The easiest to get are the 1 star, with 2 star gems being even better stat wise. The hardest to come across are the 5 star gems. These do give you some massive bonuses to your stats, so you should really aim to get as many as possible. 

Below, I’ll go through which Gems I recommend. Just because you may have some 2 or 5 star gems, you might not want to lose some of the benefits from lower starred gems. So you can mix and match. 

Crusader Build: 1 Star Legendary Gems

  • Berserker’s Eye – This gem will increase the amount of damage you do but also increases the damage you take.
  • Ca’arsen’s Invigoration – Give your primary attack an increase in speed.
  • Chained Death – Your attacks will increase damage by a percentage per target.
  • Defiant Soul – When you block an attack, you will deal a certain % of damage to nearby enemies.
  • Respite Stone – Decreases the amount of damage you take by a percentage of your life, when it’s below max.
  • The Black Rose – When you’re attacked, there is a chance that you’ll summon vines. These vines will stop the attacking enemies for so many seconds.  

Crusader Build: 2 Star Legendary Gems

  • Battleguard – Melee damage is reduced by a percentage from all enemies within a certain distance.
  • Fervent Fang – Every time a specific enemy takes damage, that same enemy will take an increased % of damage.
  • Lightning Core – As you use your Primary attacks and move around, you charge up with electricity. When charged you will deal more damage as you let out chain lightning through your primary attack. This will damage all nearby enemies.
  • Power and Command – This is actually 2 buffs in one “Power” and “Command”. They alternate every so many seconds. Power will increase the damage your Primary attack does. Command increases the damage of all your other skills.
  • The Hunger – Everytime you defeat an enemy, you’ll be healed a % of your base damage as well as your life.
  • Cutthroat’s – When attacking from behind you increase the chance of a Critical Hit. 

Crusader Build: 5 Star Legendary Gems

  • Blessing of the Worthy – When you take damage there’s a chance that you deal damage equal to a percentage of your max life on all nearby enemies
  • Blood-Soaked Jade – This gem increases all damage you deal by a certain percentage, as well as your movement speed. You also take less damage if your life is lower.
  • Phoenix Ashes – Just like when a phoenix rises from the ashes, this gem prevents fatal damage. It then gives you a shield for 6 seconds that absorbs damage.
  • Echoing Shade – Fancy some help in battle? When you attack, there’s a chance that they’ll summon a shadow clone for so many seconds.
  • Seeping Bile – This gives your attacks a chance to poison your enemies. What’s even better is if the victim dies it will pass the poison to nearby enemies.
  • Bottled Hope – Use a skill that gives a buff will increase damage done and movement speed by a certain percentage for so many seconds. 

Best Crusader Gems In Diablo Immortal 

It can be a little confusing to know which normal gems to go for when setting them into your Crusaders gear. It might vary depending on how you want to play, however below is usually what I go for. 

  • Red Gems – I will pick Tourmaline as this gives you the damage buff, which I personally feel is better than the life buff from Ruby.
  • Blue Gems – I like to go for Armor penetration instead of the armor buff, as I want to do more damage. I’ll therefore go for Sapphire instead of Aquamarine.
  • Yellow Gems – This is the only gem that it doesn’t really matter which you go for. 

There you have it, a complete guide on the best Diablo Immortal Crusader Build. I hope it’s been useful and answered a few questions. When I first started, I was really confused on how best to build my Crusader. 

If you have any questions or if you have a different crusader build, please do feel free to comment below. 

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