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Diablo Immortal Leveling Guide

Are you looking to level up as fast as possible in Diablo Immortal? 

Wanting to get access to end game content as quickly as possible?

This Diablo Immortal Guide will help you reach the Paragon levels as quickly as possible. 

In Diablo Immortal, levelling up is essential for progressing through the game and becoming a more powerful character. 

As you gain experience points (XP) by completing quests, defeating monsters, and completing other activities, your character’s level will increase.

Like other Diablo games, leveling in Diablo Immortal works a little differently compared to other RPG’s. 

After reaching level 60 in Diablo Immortal, players can continue to gain experience points and earn Paragon levels. 

Paragon levels are essentially an infinite leveling system that allows players to continue improving their character’s stats beyond level 60.

To level up, you need XP. This is going to come from killing monsters but also through other activities. 

In this guide I’m going to share some of my leveling tips, helping you get XP as quickly as possible and therefore help you level up fast. 

Diablo Immortal Leveling Tips

Before we get into the ways that you can level up fast in Diablo Immortal, I’ve got a few leveling tips. These will help to maximize the XP you can gain. 

  • The first thing you want to do is go to settings and turn on Auto-Loot. It’s not going to give you XP but it saves you time. You’re not going to be wasting time picking loot up, which means you can carry on with what you’re doing.

  • Don’t spend too much time on trash mobs, or skip the trash all together. Typically the XP you get from trash mobs is very small. You’ll get more XP finishing the quest/dungeon and starting another one.

  • If you want to maximize your time in rifts and dungeons but you don’t want to skip any mobs, get your crowd control skills up. This will mean you can do chain attacks and area of effect so you can attack massive amounts of enemies in one go. This also gives you additional XP when you get a massacre bonus.

  • Don’t waste time upgrading your gear. I know that sounds stupid but like with most RPG’s, you’re going to be getting better gear soon enough. This is less of an issue once you get end game gear. 

Level Up Through The Main Story In Diablo Immortal

If you’re looking to level up fast in Diablo Immortal, the first step is to hit level 60. 

You’re going to get a lot more XP from doing the main story quests than you are doing any side quests, rifts or dungeons. 

You’ll get XP from all of the monsters you kill but also from handing in the quests. 

Before you look into any other leveling methods, get your character first the story first. 

It’ll certainly get you through the lower levels pretty quickly. 

Focus On The Battle Pass

Battle Pass Diablo Immortal

Like with most mobile games now, Diablo Immortal comes with a Battle Pass. Which is not a bad thing if you’re looking to level up fast, as it can give you some serious XP. 

You can do some fast Diablo immortal Leveling with the Battle Pass, as you’ll be given certain activities, quests and challenges. 

By doing these you;ll earn Battle Points. 

As you earn Battle Points, your Battle Pass level will increase. Each time this happens, you;ll get a large amount of XP. 

Something that many people don’t know is that the XP you get from the Battle Pass does scale to your current level. 

So you want to keep all of your Battle Points until near the end of the season. 

That wany as you reach higher levels, you’ll get more XP from these Battle Points. 

The Codex

Codex in Diablo Immortal

The Codex is a useful resource at the lower levels to level fast in Diablo Immortal. 

The aim of it is to get you used to how to play the game by giving you certain tasks. 

By completing these you’ll get a nice amount of XP. The codex also works with the Battle Pass to help you through the levels. Ideal for getting even more Battle Points. 


Bounties levelling

For fast Diablo Immortal Levelling, you want to also look at quick quests to generate XP. This is where bounties come in. 

These are short quests that take very little time to complete but give a decent amount of XP. Not only that but you can get money and items from them. 

You can do a total of 8 bounties per day. Doing all of these each day, you can earn some decent XP. 

It’s even possible to complete bounties with your clan. This means you can share them, so they can be completed even quicker. 


Dungeons in Diablo Immortal to grind levels

Dungeons are a great way to grind XP and level up. I’ve grinded a lot of levels in dungeons whilst playing World of Warcraft and it works the same way. 

Although with Diablo Immortals the dungeons are really quick, so it’s a great way of leveling fast. 

Ideally you want to hit the higher dungeons as a group. You’re going to generate more XP in the harder dungeons.

You can solo the easier dungeons but these won’t give you as much XP. 

There are a total of 7 dungeons in Diablo Immortal; 

  • Mad King’s Breach
  • Forgotten Tower
  • Tomb of Fahir 
  • Kikuras Rapids
  • Destruction’s End
  • Cavern of Echoes 
  • Pit of Anguish

Grinding Elder Rifts

Elder Rifts are a little like Dungeons, but quicker. You can typically get them done in as a little as 5 minutes. 

Elder Rifts are a little different to dungeons. You need to defeat the Rift Guardian within a certain amount of time. 

By doing so, you get some decent rewards and a nice amount of XP. 

Not only that but there are some enemies that give extra XP by dropping an item called Experience Globes. You can spot these as they have a green skull on the mini map.

The Helliquary

What’s an online game without raids? Luckily the Helliquary is basically Diablo Immortals raids, 

Although most games are not unlocked till the end game, in Diablo Immortal you can get access to them at level 40ish. Depending on when you finish the main storyline. 

When you enter the Helliquary, you must fight a Wrathbone Demon. 

These are pretty tough challenges. Some can be done solo or as a Warband. 

Since they’re a raid, you can get some of the best gear from these. 

At the same time, they give some of the best XP as well. 

Level With The Bestiary

The final Diablo Immortal Leveling tip would be to complete the bestiary. I wouldn’t recommend just doing this as the XP gain is not as good as the above methods. 

You will however naturally complete it whilst doing those leveling activities. 

As you defeat monsters, they drop a Monstrous Essence. You can only collect 10 of these at a time. As soon as you have your 10, head to the Bestiary to unlock a page. This will reward you with gold, gear and some nice XP. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it, hopefully this Diablo Immortal Leveling Guide has helped. Just going through the main story and doing some Rifts should get you to level 60 pretty quickly. Once you reach the Paragon levels, you can start grinding out the dungeons, raids and even focusing on the Battle Pass. 

The great thing about Diablo Immortal is whether you plan solo or as a group, there are plenty of ways to maximise your XP gains and level up quickly.

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