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  • Crudités And Fish Sandwich Recipes

    In Disney Dreamlight Valley, we make friends with Mickey Mouse fairly early. Although he is pretty down in the dumps as Minnie is missing to the Forgotten.  In order to help find her, you do need to make crudités and fish sandwiches.  This is part of the “Missing Minnie” quests.  You’re going to want to … Read more

  • Goofy Character Guide – How To Unlock Goofy In Disney Dreamlight Valley

    Are you keen to unlock Goofy in Disney Dreamlight Valley so you can enjoy a Ah-Hyuck or hearing a Gawrsh as you fish something up or sell him something at his store? Luckily that’s what this guide is for! Follow these quick and simple steps to not only unlock him but increase your friendship level … Read more

  • Where to find the Royal Tools In Disney Dreamlight Valley

    One of the first and probably one of the most important quests to do in Disney Dreamlight Valley is finding the Royal tools. You’re going to need to find these Royal Tools if you want to fish, farm and mine. All 3 of which are very important for completing further lessons as well as making … Read more

  • Disney Dreamlight Valley Gems Guide

    Disney Dreamlight Valley Gems can be hard to come by. Not only that but when you find them, what are you meant to do with them?  When I first started playing, I was hoarding them. Being a typical RPG player, I was expecting to use them to upgrade an item. Nope!  It turns out that … Read more