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Crudités And Fish Sandwich Recipes

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, we make friends with Mickey Mouse fairly early. Although he is pretty down in the dumps as Minnie is missing to the Forgotten. 

In order to help find her, you do need to make crudités and fish sandwiches. 

This is part of the “Missing Minnie” quests. 

You’re going to want to learn the crudités and fish sandwiches recipes as it’ll help find Minnie Mouse, but that’s not all…

You want to increase your friendship with Mickey and this recipe will help do just that.  

By increasing your friendship level, you’ll be able to unlock additional quests and some extra upgrades. 

The aim of this article is to show you exactly how to make crudités and fish sandwiches in Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

It’s not clear what the recipes are and Mickey doesn’t give much information. 

Which is annoying, since you’re making it for him. 

So, get your chef hat on and let’s get cooking. 

How to make crudités in Disney Dreamlight Valley

One of the things that has caused some confusion is the recipe for crudités. 

Many have said they were looking for the recipe, which you don’t have to do. 

You can simply discover how to make them by just testing different ingredients. 

Luckily crudités are very easy to make and can be made very early in the game. 

But what exactly are crudités? A crudité is just a chopped vegetable. 

In order to make crudités in Disney Dreamlight Valley, just add a vegetable such as a carrot onto the stove. 

You can use different vegetables, I’d just use carrots as they’re easy to obtain. 

One thing you do need to make sure you do is make them one at a time. If you put 5 carrots into the pan, you’d still just get one crudité.

Since Mickey needs you to make 5, you’ll have to cook it 5 times. 

Crudités Ingrédients

Depending on what vegetable you use will determine whether or not you get crudités or grilled vegetables. 

A quick tip is that, a crudités is made from vegetables that can also be eaten raw. So if you want to make them, you want to use one of the following;

  • Carrot
  • Zucchini
  • Bell Pepper
  • Cucumber

How to make fish sandwiches in Disney Dreamlight Valley

I didn’t start this quest for a while as I spent time looking for the recipe. BIG mistake, as you can make it just by putting the ingredients together. 

Plus it’s a very easy recipe to make that only requires 2 ingredients. 

That’s right, all you need is fish and wheat. Just add them both together at the stove and you’ll make a Fish Sandwich in Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

Both ingredients are very easy to get and they can be gotten early in the game. Almost right away…

For fish you can use any type of fish. Simply get your rod and find the bubbles in one of the lakes. 

Wheat is very easy to get, simply grow some yourself with the seeds or check and see if Goofy has any for sale on his stall. 

For the quest, you’re going to need two fish sandwiches. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, how to make fish sandwiches and crudités in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Both of these are very easy to make and can be made very early in the game. 

As soon as you have these two items, you’re able to start your picnic with Mickey and be one step closer to finding Minni Mouse. 

Just remember to follow the recipes and only put in 1 item at a time.

If you use multiple vegetables or multiple fish, you’ll still get just the one item and you’ll waste all of those ingredients.

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