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Disney Dreamlight Valley Gems Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley Gems can be hard to come by. Not only that but when you find them, what are you meant to do with them? 

When I first started playing, I was hoarding them. Being a typical RPG player, I was expecting to use them to upgrade an item. Nope! 

It turns out that there are really only 2 main uses for gems, quests and star coins (…money basically)

Gems can be fairly hard to come by, unlike fish and vegetables. (seriously, I have far too many carrots, rocks and for some reason I carry a lot of soil around with me!)

The main reason you’re going to want to gather gems is for the amount of Star Coins you can sell them for. 

They range from 160 Star Coins all the way up to 2400 Star Coins for just 1 Gem. 

In this article i’m going to go through where to find Gems in Disney Dreamlight Valley as well as show you the amount of Star Coins you’ll get for them. 

Finding Gems in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Gems

Like with most games in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need to mine Gems out of a certain type of rock. 

If you look at cliff faces, you’ll notice black rocks. There are two types, those that are completely black and then those that have colored gems sticking out of them. 

The all black ones will more often than not give you coal but there is a chance that you’ll get a gem. 

Those that have the gems are guaranteed to give you a gem. The color of the gems sticking out of the rock show you the type of gem you’ll get. 

The most common type is a normal gem, although there is a chance that you’ll get a shiny version. The shiny gems will give you more Star Coins if you were to sell them. 

To get the gems, you need your Royal Pickaxe and chip away. If the rock has gems sticking out then it will take a few more times to break it.


Don’t forget to get one of your friends to have the mining trait. When you then plan to mine gems, get them to “Hang out” with you. 

This can give you a boost to the amount of gems you get, which means more Star Coins!

Where to find Disney Dreamlight Valley Gems

I’ve put together a table below, this shows all of the different Disney Dreamlight Valley gems. You can also see exactly which areas to find each gem and how much you can sell them for. 

Gems can be sold at Goofy’s stall.


As gems can be hard to come by, it’s always worth saving a couple of each type in storage. There are some missions that require gems, saving them will help to hand the mission in quicker.

GemLocationSale Price
AmethystForgotten Lands & Frosted Heights500 Star Coins
Shiny AmethystForgotten Lands & Frosted Heights2000 Star Coins
AquamarineDazzle Beach & Forest of Valor250 Star Coins
Shiny AquamarineDazzle Beach & Forest of Valor1000 Star Coins
CitrineSunlit Plateau & Glade of Trust380 Star Coins
Shiny CitrineSunlit Plateau & Glade of Trust1500 Star Coins
DiamondForgotten Lands600 Star Coins
Shiny DiamondForgotten Lands2400 Star Coins
EmeraldForest of Valor & Glade of Trust325 Star Coins
Shiny EmeraldForest of Valor & Glade of Trust1300 Star Coins
GarnetPeaceful Meadow & Plaza160 Star Coins
Shiny GarnetPeaceful Meadow & Plaza640 Star Coins
PeridotDazzle Beach & Peaceful Meadow200 Star Coins
Shiny PeridotDazzle Beach & Peaceful Meadow800 Star Coins
TopazPlaza240 Star Coins
Shiny TopazPlaza960 Star Coins
TourmalineFrosted Heights & Sunlit Plateau420 Star Coins
Shiny TourmalineFrosted Heights & Sunlit Plateau1600 Star Coin

Final Thoughts – Key Takeaways

So there you have it, now you should know where to find all the gems in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Its well worth getting gems as soon as you get the pickaxe. You’re going to need the Star Coins!

Before you get into more advanced recipes and things you can craft, Star Coins are in short supply. Your going to need them to unlock essential upgrades to help you progress and other Disney character houses.

Every time you come across a black rock, mine it for the gems and then sell them.

The lowest value gems are Garnets and the most valuable ones are Diamond. Regardless which ones are available, you want to mine them and hope for a shiny version for that extra Star Coins.

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