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Goofy Character Guide – How To Unlock Goofy In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Are you keen to unlock Goofy in Disney Dreamlight Valley so you can enjoy a Ah-Hyuck or hearing a Gawrsh as you fish something up or sell him something at his store? Luckily that’s what this guide is for!

Follow these quick and simple steps to not only unlock him but increase your friendship level with him. 

Most of the characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley need you to do quests and/or unlock new areas in order to unlock them There are also some that are available at the start of the game that just need a little help. 

Luckily Goofy is in the Valley at the start of the game, except you cannot get to him right away. 

How To Get Goofy In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Goofy Character Guide

It’s going to be fairly straight forward to getting Goofy in Disney Dreamlight Valley. In fact the story is not going to progress until you have rescued him. 

Unfortunately for Goofy, the Forgetting has affected him. Hence why you need to help him out, so you can help him remember. 

At the start of the game, you need to find the Four Royal Tools. One of those is the Fishing Rod, which you’ll get as a reward for completing the quest Fishing Expedition. This also happens to be the quest that unlocks Goofy. Two birds with one stone, right?! 

  • You need to head to Peaceful Meadows, however you cannot get there unless you have the Pickaxe. This is because the path into the Meadows is blocked by rocks that you need to break. 
  • Once you’re there, head south and you’ll come across a pond.
  • You should see a fishing rod just lying on the side of the pond.
  • Pick this up and take it over to Goofy’s house. You won’t miss it, as it’s in the middle of the area. You’ll probably need to clear some thorns to get inside.
  • Inside you’ll see Goofy looking pretty sad, one of the reasons is because he’s lost his fishing rod. Hand the one over that you found and he’ll give you the Royal Fishing Rod. (Not sure why he wouldn’t want to have just used that one!)

Now, you’ll need to go outside and do a little fishing tutorial. At first it takes a bit of getting the hand off, as you need to line the circle up with the ripple. It does take a bit of practice. 

You may spot different ripples of different colors, this shows how easy or hard that area is to fish. However the harder areas are going to give better rewards, IE more valuable fish. 

So you’ve now learnt how to fish and shown Goofy that you can do it. It’s not, however, he still needs your help with something…

  • Goofy has started his own business, selling items in his stall. The problem is, the stall is broken. Luckily Scrooge McDuck can fix it. He’ll even fix it for free for Goofy, since he respects business owners. (Although upgrading it will cost you)
  • Once it’s fixed, speak to Goofy and he will have been unlocked. Now you need to work on building up your friendship with him. This will allow you to unlock some decent rewards. 

Goofy’s Quests

Goofy has some fun quests to do as you progress through your friendship with him.

They’re certainly worth doing

In fact one of them will help you find the location of Ariel.

His quests are;

Fishing Expedition

As already mentioned, this is the first quest that you do for Goofy. You basically have to learn how to fish.

Go to a body of water and follow the instructions on how to fish. No matter what you catch, whether its seaweed or a fish Goofy will be more than happy.

The next step of this quest is to sell the fish at Goofy’s stall, the problem is its damaged.

We need Mr Scrooge to come and repair it.

Click on the sign and Scrooge will appear and offer to fix it this once for free. Once he’s done that, speak to Goofy again and he’ll give you some seeds as a reward.

A Warm Welcome

A warm welcome is a very quick and easy quest that involves cooking Goofy a nice meal. When you speak to him, he’ll ask you to get him 3 Basil and 3 Oregano.

Now if like me you’ve been picking up everything in sight, you might already have them.

If not, you can find Oregano in the Plaza and go to the Meadow for the Basil.

Speak to Goofy and then head to your house so that you can cook on the stove.

Make sure you speak to Goofy first, I went and cooked something without speaking to him and it didn’t count towards the quest!

Once in your house, make any meal that has Basil and Oregano in them and then speak to Goofy.

Photographic Memory

Its time to get your inner photographer ready, as Goofy wants you to get your camera out and snap some pictures. First of all, he’ll want you to take a picture of;

  • An Apple Tree – This is in the Plaza (one next to your house)
  • A Raspberry Bush – These are in the Plaza and The Peaceful Meadows
  • A Banana Tree – Find these in the Peaceful Meadows and Dazzle Beach

Once you have these, head back to Goofy and he’ll send you out to get some animal photos.

So head back out and get a photo of;

  • A Squirrel – Plenty of them running around the Plaza
  • A Rabbit – Find them in the Meadows. Often near Merlins house

Again head back to Goofy and next he’ll as you to take some pictures of some flowers.

  • Red Daisy – Find them in Peaceful Meadows
  • Green Rising Penstemon – Also in the Peaceful Meadows
  • White and Pink Falling Penstemon – Find them in the Plaza
  • Dandelion – Again in the Plaza

Once you have these, head back to Goofy. Luckily thats all the pictures you need to take for now!

The Mysterious Wreck

This quest has a few steps to it.

First of all you need to find a paddle in the sand. This is found on Dazzle Beach. You need to head past Goofy’s stall on the beach and find the island that has a shadow-covered pillar. Go to the far side of that island and you should see it in the sand.

Take it to Goofy and he will say that he can fix the raft, but you’ll then need to get him the following;

  • 30x Hardwood
  • 7x Rope
  • 25x Clay
  • 10x Iron Ingots

Take these back to Goofy and he’ll tell you to go to a crafting station to create a Raft Repair Kit.

Once done, lead Goofy down to the raft on Dazzle Beach and use the repair kit on it. The quest will complete once you speak to Goofy.

Doing this quest will allow you to get the quest to unlock Ariel

Dinner With a Friend

Fancy doing a little bit of cooking again? Goofy wants you to cook him and Mickey a nice dinner.

I know, your doing all of this work to be his friend and he’ll rather have dinner with someone else.

A bit rude, right?

He wants you to make 2x Bouillabaisse. For this you’ll need the following ingredients;

  • 2x Shrimps
  • 2x Clams
  • 2x Scallops
  • 2x Tomatoes
  • 2x Random Vegetable

All of these can be found on Dazzle Beach

Head to your stove and select Bouillabaisse and drop in one each of the above ingredients. Repeat until you have two and then give them to Goofy to finish the quest.

Photo Ferver

As we know from the previous quest, Goofy loves a good photo. So its time to get the camera out again and go and snap some pictures for him. You’ll need to take a picture of the following places

  • The Swamp’s Giant Willow Tree
  • The Plateau’s Elephant Graveyard
  • Scrooge’s Store
  • Remy’s Restaurant
  • Dream Castle

Go back to Goofy and then he’ll want you to take a picture of;

  • Pillar of Friendship
  • Pillar of Power
  • Pillar of Courage
  • Pillar of Trust

Finally return to Goofy and he will ask for a picture of you and him together. Just make sure your wearing a hat when you take this one.

Scrapbook Blitz

This is the final quest that Goofy has for you. By now you’ll be level 10 friendship, so you’ll be pretty good friends.

As such he wants you to take pictures of some of your other friends in the village.

First of all he wants you to take a picture of Donald and Mickey. You can then take a picture of any other 4 villagers.

Go back to Goofy and he’ll give you a pedestal that has the finish scrapbook on it. Place this in the village and get ready for a picture of you and some of the other villages stood by it.

Once this is done, you’ll get the final reward from Goofy which is his green hat.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Goofy Friendship Level Rewards

Now that you’ve unlocked Goofy in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ve now got to build up your friendship with him. This is going to help you unlock additional quests from him but also items. 

Initially you’ll need to speak to him daily and give him items in order to get his friendship to at least level 2. 

At level 2 you’re able to assign them a task. When they join you and you do that assigned task, you get bonus friendship with them. 

For example you could assign him fishing, everytime you fish he’ll get extra friendship points. If you want to build up your friendship with Goofy as quickly as possible, you might want to assign him Gardening. 

The reason behind this is because Gardening is one of the easiest to level friends with. You can plant as much as you want and harvest it quicker than, say, fishing. 

As well as additional quests, you’ll also unlock the following rewards from Goofy.

Friendship LevelReward
Friendship Level OneUnlocks Goofy
Friendship Level TwoUnlock Sunglasses
Friendship Level ThreeDesign Motif
Friendship Level Four500 Star Coins
Friendship Level FiveHouse Decor (Fireplace)
Friendship Level SixDesign Motif
Friendship Level Seven1,000 Star Coins
Friendship Level EightHouse Decor (Drawers)
Friendship Level NineDesign Motif
Friendship Level TenClothing (Green Hat)

Final Thoughts

Gawrsh, there you have it. How to unlock Goofy in Disney Dreamlight Valley. As you can see it’s not too hard at all. In fact you’re going to have to unlock him anyway to progress through the story. 

Although hopefully you can see why its worthwhile building up your friendship level and unlocking some of the friendship rewards he has to offer. 

I mean let’s face it, who wouldn’t want a poster of Goofy in their house?!?

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