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Chapter 2 – Fateful Encounters Walkthrough

Chapter 2 takes place straight after the explosion of the Mako 1 reactor. It’s one of the shortest chapters in FF7 Remake and also one of the easiest. Initially you find your way through the city after the bombing, avoiding Shinra soldiers and bumping into a very important character. 

Below I’ll guide you through the Chapter 2 Fateful Encounters step by step. Making sure you don’t miss anything and giving you tips on defeating certain enemies. 

Main Objectives

The main objective is to get onto the train and back to the Avalanche base. To do that however you need to do certain things. I’ll go into more detail shortly, but the main objectives of chapter 2 are;

  • Use the Escape Route
  • Reach the Sector 8 Station
  • Follow Him
  • Taking a Detour
  • Evade Pursuers
  • Flight through the City
  • Climb to the Roof
  • Break the Blockade
  • Last Train

Chapter 2 – Fateful Encounters Walkthrough

Use the Escape Route

You cannot go the wrong way. Simply follow Barrett and the rest of Avalanche. As you go through the passageway, you’ll listen to some conversations about the bombing. 

As you go through the passageway, you’ll need to turn right. Before you do, go under the alcove and you’ll come across a chest. 

This chest contains two potions

The group will stop at a doorway. Jessie will open this up using a little explosion. (Luckily, this one was a little explosion.)

Follow everyone through the door and this will start the next cutscene. 

Reach the Sector 8 Station

A bit of a cutscene will play, showing the devastation of the explosion and some conversation between Barrett and Avalanche. 

As soon as the conversion is done, head to the right and open the chest. Inside you’ll find an Ether. 

Go up the stairs and Barrett will be standing talking, explaining that they need to split up and make their way to the train. 

Follow Barrett and once you get to the bottom of the stairs Jessie will stop you. 

She’ll hand you some Healing Materia. This will come in VERY handy.

If you selected 20 minutes on the timer then she’ll also give you 2 Hi-Potions and 1 Ether. 

Don’t continue on the path right away. Go left and across the street and you’ll come across a chest that contains 50 gil.

Continue back on the path following Jessie and you’ll continue up some stairs. 

At the top of the stairs if you go left, you’ll find a chest that contains 2 Grenades. 

Keep following the platform and as you come up to some ladders the ground will give way and you’ll fall down. 

Walk up the round and as you do, you’ll go under what looks like a freeway which will come crashing down. 

There’ll be a short cutscene as you see Cloud looking into the fire, this will trigger a flashback. 

As Cloud turns round he almost bumps into the same man that was in the flashback. 

Follow Him

If you’ve played Final Fantasy 7 or read anything about it then you’ll know straight away who the man is…

Walk forward to follow him around the corner of the building. Keep following him and he’ll turn right down an alleyway. 

He’ll be standing there as though he is waiting for you. As you turn, he’ll continue walking and turn to the left. 

Walk up the steps and as you do he’ll walk out in front of you. 

You’ll go through a quick yet slightly confusing conversion. (The “Runaway Cloud” line just reminded me of The Lion King!)

Continue to the street by walking forward through the Alley. 

When you get onto the street there’ll be a lot of people. Continue through the crowd and on the left there’ll be an alley to go down. 

Follow the path until you see the steps leading up the fire escape. Go up there and get onto the roof of the building. 

Walk along the top of the roof and just before going down the ladder on the other side, open the chest to the right. Here you’ll get 3 potions. 

Once at the bottom, you’ll need to turn right and go down the street. There are cars in the way so it’s the only way you can do. 

You’ll find a cross road, you cannot go to the left as there are some Shinra soldiers blocking the way. Continue by turning left and walking forwards. 

Taking a Detour

As you continue to walk forwards, you’ll see a flower girl in distress. In fact it looks like she’s fighting off invisible enemies…

Septhiroth will suddenly appear, he’ll have a brief conversion and then he’ll vanish. As he does, the flower girl will start speaking to you. 

She’ll offer you a flower as a gift for helping her. 

Select “How Much”

She will give it for free. 

After a bit of conversation the monsters will come back but this time Cloud is able to see them. As they surround them both, Shinra guards will show up. The flower girl runs away and the monsters follow her. Leaving you to deal with the soldiers. 

Evade Pursuers

Cloud will draw his sword and leave you to get rid of the soldiers. The fight itself is fairly easy, you just have to watch out as there are 5 of them. 

Once you’ve gotten rid of them you want to go back to where the flower girl was and the soldiers at that cross road. 

You’ll fight 2 soldiers and a dog, but again they’re pretty easy. 

NOTE: Dont forget to pick up the HP Up materia

You now want to go back on yourself again and head to where you saw the flower girl. You’ll be able to go down the alleyway next to the loveless theater. This is where she ran off before. 

Don’t forget to smash the Shinra boxes and up the little steps is a chest that contains a hi-potion. 

Come back out of the way you came, you wont be able to go forward as there is a gate. So you need to find another way to the station. 

Once you head straight out of the alley way, you’ll come across three more soldiers. 

NOTE: Next to the car is a deadly dodge materia. Make sure you pick it up. 

To the left of here is a dead end but you’ll want to come down here to break the boxes and open the chest as you’ll get yourself a Pair of Power Wristbands. 

They are protected by a Shinra soldier and two dogs. The soldier can be killed pretty quickly. The dogs are tougher, try and get them staggered. 

Flight through the City

Turn back out of here and turn to the left and head towards the fountain. 

Around the fountain you’ll find a couple of soldiers and a dog. (I like to get rid of the soldiers first)

You’ll hear talk on the radio and you may notice in the background more soldiers appearing. 

There’s three of them and to be honest, they can be dispatched off pretty quickly and easily. 

A couple of shock troopers will drop from the helicopter. These are a little tougher and can evade your attacks. Magic helps or just hammering away at them until they become staggered. 

Because this fight takes a little bit longer, it gives Shinra a chance to send reinforcements. You’ll get attacked by some more Security Officers. 

Once you’ve got rid of those, Cloud will mention about getting on the rooftops. 

To the left of the 8th street cafe, you’ll see some ladders. 

Before going up the ladders, make sure you go to the Alleyway on the left as this does have some Shinra boxes to smash. 

To the right of the ladder is a chest that contains 2 Grenades. 

Climb to the Roof

Climb up the 3 ladders, as you do you’ll get shot at. Once you reach the top continue forward and go down the ladder. 


Just before you go down the 2nd ladder, there’s a chest in front of you. Inside you’ll find the Iron Bangle. This is really useful as it will open up an extra materia slot. 

Once it’s equipped, head down the next two ladders. 

Head out into the street and you’ll come against 3 enemies. One of which is a Riot Trooper. 

NOTE: Riot Trooper

These guys are pretty hard to hit with your sword, due to the riot shield. They’re however very easy to beat with fire. 

Continue forward and you’ll notice a truck on the right. Behind here is a couple of security offices. Get rid of these and then destroy the Shinra crates.

As you go forward the street will bend. To the side road on the left you’ll see a couple more security offices and some crates to destroy. These enemies are pretty easy.

Go further forward and you’ll be attacked by two Grenadiers. Once these are defeated a couple of Riot Troopers will come. Again just destroy these with fire magic and they’ll be defeated pretty quickly. 

A Grenadier will come down some stairs and throw grenades at you. Defeat them and then walk up the steps that it came down.

Follow it around till you see a cafe with outdoor seating. The chest is against the wall between the seats. It contains Ether. 

Come back down the steps and continue forwards to fight against 2 Grenadiers and a Riot Trooper. 

Before you continue, go up the stairs on the right to destroy 6 Shinra boxes. 

Break the Blockade

Continue along the road and you’ll cross a bridge. As soon as you do, you’ll get attacked by a Riot Trooper and Two Dogs. Get the Trooper out the way with fire magic and then attack the dogs with focused thrust until you can stagger them. 

In between the cars on the right are a few Shinra boxes. 

NOTE: Make Sure Fire Is Equipped

You’re going to be coming against a decent amount of Riot Troopers and a tough enemy, so make sure you have Fire materia equipped. 

Get back onto the main road and smash the crates on the right.

As you walk forward a quick cutscene will appear, as you get ambushed by a number of Shinra Troops. 

The group in front of you is fairly easy. Its made up of 3 Security Offices, 2 Grenadiers and 1 Riot Trooper. Simply attack them with your sword until you can cast fire on the Riot trooper to get rid of it. 

Now you need to turn around and take on the 2nd group. This group is mostly security officers, so they can be dealt with pretty quickly. 

There is however the Huntsman. This guy is tougher than the Riot Trooper and can even stun you if you get too close. He’s not too difficult, it just takes a lot longer to beat him. Keep well back and continue to cast fire, if he gets too close go for Focused Thrust to get him staggered and then go all out on him. 

Once he’s beaten even more Shinra Troops will appear, however you wont need to defeat them as Cloud jumps onto the passing train. 

Last Train

Avalanche are discussing whether or not Cloud survived when he comes jumping into the train. There’ll be a little conversion and then you get control again. 

You’ll need to walk through a small gap. Make sure you grab the chest around the other side of this gap as it contains 100 gil. 

Continue into the next section of the train and you can decide to have a chat with Wedge, Biggs and Jessie. 

Once you head into the next train, Barrett will start an argument with some Shinra employees. Have a chat with him after the Shinra Employees leave and then head to the end of the carriage to talk to Jessie. 

This will start the final cutscene of Chapter 2. 


  • Security Officer
  • Grenadier
  • Guard Dog
  • Shock Trooper
  • Riot Trooper
  • The Huntsman (Chapter 2 Boss) 


Potion x2Sector 8 Sewers
Healing MateriaSector 8 Business District
Grenade x3Sector 8 Business District
50 GilSector 8 Business District
Hi-Potion x1 Loveless Street
Deadly Dodge MateriaLoveless Street
HP Up Materia Loveless Street
Power Wristguards Loveless Street
Iron Bangle Loveless Street
Grenade x2Loveless Street
EtherSector 8 Residential Area
100 gilLast Train
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