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Chapter 3 – Home Sweet Home

Chapter 3 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake starts with the train from Sector 1 pulling into the station. In this chapter, we need to return to the Avalanche base and get paid for the work we’ve just done. 

In this guide, we’ll go through Chapter 3, otherwise known as “Home Sweet Home”. You’ll find step by step instructions. 

Main Objectives

There are 3 main objectives to Chapter 3. The first is getting back to base and getting a debrief of the mission. After that we’ll have a tour of the town by Tifa as well as help her with some work, which gives us a chance to have a tour of the town. The final objective is to help people in town, doing all of these will result in a bonus item being given. The main objectives in Chapter 3 are;

  • Return to Base
  • Noisy Neighbors
  • Life in the Slums
  • A Job for the Neighborhood Watch
  • Problem Solving
  • A Job Well Done
  • Shinra Reacts
  • Talking Strategy
  • Ominous Shadows
  • The Jessie Job

Chapter 3 – Home Sweet Home Walkthrough

Return to Base

The chapter starts with Avalanche and Cloud getting off the train. After a short bit of dialogue, you need to head into town. 

Just follow the objective on the map, as you cannot go anywhere else at this point. 

There’s some conversations that you can overhear as you walk by, but don’t worry about exploring as there are no items to pick up. 

Head straight for the 7th Heaven when you get into town. 

You’ll see Marlene and Tifa say on the steps. As soon as you get close to them, it’ll cut to some dialogue. 

Follow them inside and go over and speak to both Tifa and Barret. 

Seventh Heave Slums

Once you’ve spoken to them you want to speak to Marlene, who seems a little scared of Cloud. 

Tifa will ask you to come outside and speak to her. 

Music Discs – Music Discs are collectible items that you can find throughout the game. Collecting these allows you to play some of your favorite FF7 music

Music Disc – 3. Tifa’s Theme. Before you head outside, go over to the Jukebox. When you interact with it, you’ll get the music disc for Tifa’s Theme.

When you go outside, Tifa will have some great news. 

She’s managed to get you an apartment.

Follow her to the apartment and head inside. After asking for your pay for so long for the job, you finally get it. 

Although Tifa only gives you 500 gil. 

A cutscene will play, with Cloud suddenly waking up to a noise next door.  

Noisy Neighbors

Cloud wants to check that his Neighbor is okay. Head outside and go to the room next door. 

Here you’ll find a man in a cloak, lying on the floor mumbling. 

Tifa comes running in and tells Cloud that this is Marco. Before walking back to his room Cloud notices the number 49 tattooed on his arm. 

Once you wake up, exit the apartment. 

Life in the Slums

You need to meet Tifa at 7th Heaven to get the remaining money that’s owed to you. 

Before you head down the stairs, turn left and go round the side of the building. You’ll see some stairs that go up. 

Climb up onto the roof of the apartments. 

You’ll find a chest, inside is a Phoenix Down.

Once you go back downstairs to the ground floor, you’ll meet Marle. 

Marle is your landlady and you’ll go through a little bit of dialogue with her. 

You can now head to 7th Heaven, but don’t go just yet. 

The first thing you want to do is explore the slums, as there are some chests to get. You might find some of these during the main quest line but it’s worth getting them now. It also helps you get a bit more familiar with the town. 

First of all you want to head down to the Beginners Hall, it’s south of that area. You’ll see a ladder, go up and on the 2nd floor there’s a chest that contains an Ether


There are 2 Adrenaline’s in a chest at the centre of the town. You’ll find a tunnel with some cats nearby. 


Head towards 7th Heaven and to the right side of it, you’ll find a chest that’s got 2 Hi-Potions in it. 


Behind 7th Heaven, there’s an abandoned area that’s got a chest with 3 Grenades. 

FInally towards the Northeast of the map, you’ll hear some music playing. Find the man standing next to the radio. Interact with it and you’ll get the music disc “Hip Hop De Chocobo”

FF7 Remake Hip Hop de Chocobo
FF7 Remake Hip Hop de Chocobo  location

Once you’ve got all of the items, head to 7th Heaven. Funny enough she’ll now take you around the town, even though you’ve just been to all of these places. 

However, you’ll be going to help her collect money for changing filters. She wants Cloud to go with her as muscle to get the money. The money will be for Cloud anyway to pay for the last job he did for Avalanche. 

When you get to the item store, you can buy some items. The only one I would recommend getting is the music disc, “The Prelude”. 

Trophy: Music Collector (Bronze) – Collect 3 Music Discs

You could get some Materia that you don’t have yet, but to be honest you’ll probably get these soon enough just from playing. 

Next follow Tifa to Marle near the apartments. There’ll be a bit of dialogue between Cloud, Tifa and Marle. 

Afterwards you’ll need to head to the weapon shop. After some dialogue, all of the filters have been changed and Tifa has gotten all the money she needed to collect. 

Tifa is really impressed with the help that Cloud gave and suggests he joins the Neighbourhood Watch. 

By doing so he can help others and build up a reputation with people. 

Follow Tifa upstairs and you’ll run into Wedge and Biggs, who happen to be a part of the Neighborhood Watch. 

Before you start helping out, Biggs is going to run you through a tutorial on how to mod your weapons. 

Modding your weapons is done to make them even stronger in battle. You upgrade your weapons using SP and spending them on mods. When you get SP, you can use the same amount of SP on ALL of your weapons

A Job for the Neighborhood Watch

Once you’ve finished the Modding tutorial, there’ll be a bit of dialogue and then Tifa will join the party as a controllable character. 

New Party Member – Tifa is a close-ranged character that does combo based attacks. Abilities start as Unbridled strength and Divekick. She has a unique ability known as Whirling Uppercut. If you use Unbridled Strength then this makes it even stronger. 

Tifa also has a new Materia equipped called Chakra. It’s a healing materia that heals the user based on how much damage they take. Perfect if you’re looking to save on mana.

Head west from the Beginner’s Hall. You want to head up towards the apartments but keep to the left. You’ll find a path that leads up to a fenced area. 

Enter the Scrap Boulevard.

You’ll notice a tunnel on the right, head through here and get the Ice Materia. You want to get this first as the enemies in this zone are weak to ice. 

Continue around the zone and you’ll fight 4 groups of enemies. Towards the north of the zone you’ll find a chest that has 2 antidotes. 

In this zone you’ll come across Gorgers. These are fairly easy but they do have more HP. They do have a poison attack and “feast” which binds you. 

An Ice attack would kill these in pretty much one shot. 

Another enemy you’ll come across is the Wererat. These are a little tougher but still fairly easy to beat. 

You do need to keep an eye on the “Call to Arms” ability. This can call more Wererats to come and help them.

Once all 4 groups have been defeated, head back to Biggs and Wedge. 

Now that you’ve defeated these enemies, the owner of the weapon shop will sell items to you. You can find a couple of decent accessories. 

You’ll even get given a new sword. The guy literally just hands you a new giant sword. 

The sword you get is the Iron Blade Sword, which opens up the Triple Slash ability. 

Problem Solving

Head west towards Scrap Boulevard again and you’ll meet Wymer. He will tell you about side quests. 

Once you’ve spoken to him, a dialogue will start with the person next to Wymer. This will start you on the quest for Chadley. 

Now you need to do at least one side quest to continue the main quest or you can do all 6 side quests. I would 100% recommend you complete ALL of the side quests. 

Doing so will open up an extra scene with Tifa which will give you an extra item. 

NOTE: Whilst doing the side quests and going through Sector 7, you might see a group of people together and Tifa will wonder what’s going on. Make sure you IGNORE this. 

If you investigate then it will continue with the main quest. Only go here once your finished with the side quests

Lets get on with the side quests;

Chadley’s Report

Chadley is next to Wymer near Scrap Boulevard. He’ll give you a new Materia called “Assess Materia” He wants you to use this Materia on enemies to learn more about them. It’s basically the remakes version of “Scan” from the original FF7. 

By doing these missions for Chadley, you unlock new Materia. 

Simply go into the Scrap Boulevard and use Assess on a Wererat and a Gorger. You do this in combat and use the Assess ability. 

As soon as you’re done, return to Chadley. 


  • 500 Gil
  • You can now buy Auto-Cure Materia 

Rat Problem

Rat problem

Head back over to the item store and the vendor will have a quest for you. There are some Doomrats that need sorting, as they are affecting his business. 

Head towards 7th heaven and west towards the apartments. You’ll spot some steps in the middle of the stalls that will take you to a tunnel. Crawl through the opening and you’ll find a plot of land with some Wererats jumping around. 

We visited this place earlier for the Grenades. 

Defeat the Wererats as quickly as possible. They do have an ability to call more Wererats to come and help them. 

Once you’ve killed them, head back to the item store.

He’ll tell you that you just killed Wererats, whereas he needs you to kill Doomrats. 

Head back through the tunnel and you’ll find 3 Doomrats. Fight these and then return to the item shop to hand the quest in. 


  • Hi-Potion x5
  • Can Buy Cleansing Materia 

On The Prowl

On the Prowl

This quest will become available once you’ve completed the Rat Problem quest. 

Go and speak to Wymer again and he’ll ask you to go to the Scrapyard Boulevard and defeat a Wraith Hound. 

Go through the Zone and as soon as you find it you’ll go into a fight. Now this monster is pretty tough. 

Make sure to use “Assess”

This will reveal that it does have a weakness to Ice 

Once you’ve dealt a certain amount of damage, the Wraith Hound will run away. 

Make your way towards the entrance and Wymer will shout you over. Advising you that the hound has gone further in. 

Continue through the now opened section and look for the Wraith Hound. 

Once you find it, you’ll go into a fight again. It’s worth noting that the Wraith Hound is a lot tougher this time. 

Since it is a bit harder, you want to focus on getting it to stagger as quickly as possible. Use a combination of Ice, along with Tifa’s abilities. 

Once staggered it should be pretty easy to defeat. Return to Wymer when you’ve killed it for your reward. 


  • Elixir

(I know, it seems like a small reward for a tough monster!)

Nuisance In The Factory

Nuisance In The Factory

Head back to the tunnel where we had to fight the Doomrats. 

Instead of going through the open space, head right and at the end you’ll find the Junk Dealer. 

He wants you to go to the Talagger Factory and get rid of some Drakes that are causing problems. 

Head east past Seventh Heaven, as though you were heading to the train station.

On the right hand side there’s a gate with two Shinra guards. On the opposite side, you’ll see Narjin standing on guard. 

Speak to him and he’ll get you into the factory. 

As soon as you enter the warehouse, you want to turn left and you’ll come across a chest with 2x Antidotes. Go back the way you came and go through the other entry and you’ll come across four Gorgers. 

Get rid of these and continue left, you’ll soon enter another building with another 4 Gorgers. 

You should see a door with a lever next to it. This will open up the area, walk down and you’ll see a bench.

Don’t forget to pick up the Fire Materia. 

You want to double back on yourself and once inside again, go to the path on the right. 

Here you’ll come across The Lesser Drakes.

These guys are fairly easy but can be annoying, since they’re flying up high. If you handed in one of the battle insights, you may have the wind materia. This can be handy as they’re weak against wind. 

You can also hit them with magic and this will cause them to come down to the ground. Allowing you to devastate them with your attacks. 

Remember to also use Assess on them. 

Once the Lesser Drakes have been killed, exit the warehouse from the newly opened gate. You’ll come across another Lesser Drake. 

There’s x2 Sedatives behind the gate that can be opened up with the lever. 

Now that you’ve done the quest, head back to the Junk Dealer. 


  • 500 Gil

Just Flew In From The Graveyard

Just Flew In From The Graveyard

Don’t think you’re done with the Talaggar Factory, there’s another reason to venture into it. By completing Nuisance In The Factory quest above, you’ve unlocked this next one. 

Opposite the factory entrance, you’ll remember the two Shinra soldiers. They’re now having an argument with a woman called Gwen. 

There’s a Cerulean Drake and the Shinra guards won’t do anything about it. She therefore asks you to help. 

The first thing you need to do is find the Security Key. Even though it’s found in one of the Shinra Crates, it’s really easy to find. 

Head back to where the bench and the fire materia was. Left of the entrance

Just after the entrance to this section, you’ll see some Shinra Crates. Break these and one of them will have the key. 

Now remember where you fought those 2 Lesser Drakes, you need to head back there. There was another door that was locked before, now you can use the key you’ve just found. 

Walk through and you’ll see the Cerulean Drake flying around. 

Now as a boss it isn’t that hard, just requires a bit of time and a lot of movement. Keep away from its Frigid Breath attack. Don’t stay too close for too long as it may use its Icy Aura which can be very harmful. 

Continue to hit it with your normal attacks and/or magic. Again if you have Wind Materia, that’ll make the fight a bit easier. 


  • Star Bracelet 

Lost Friends

Just Flew In From The Graveyard

Now it’s time to complete the final side quest, and it’s a pretty easy one. Go and find Betty, she needs help finding three cats that are her friends. 

  • The first can be found just in front of 7th Heaven, next to the table. 
  • The second is towards the east of 7th Heaven. You’ll find it sitting near a building with a Berby’s sign. 
  • Finally the third is in the tunnel near the weapon shop. The same place we found the Adrenaline and a large amount of cats. 

Trophy: Gotta Start Somewhere: Complete a quest.

What to do next

Before heading to the next main story quest, there’s a few things you want to do first;

Bonus Scene With Tifa


If you completed all 6 side quests, this will unlock a new scene. Once you get to Stargazer Height, Tiffa will have a chat with Marle.

You then need to head upstairs to your room and change the filters that you and Tifa brought round earlier.

When done, head over to Tifa’s house and help her. Finally return back to Marle and she’ll give you the item Crescent Moon Charm.

There’ll be a choice on what dress Tifa should wear. The answer does impact what dress she wears later in the game.

AnswerType of Dress
Something MaturePurple Dress
Something….Sporty?Chinese Style Dress
Something Exotic?Japanese Style Dress

Barrets Music

Next up, you want to head down towards the station again. There is an item shop here that sells Barret’s Theme Music Disc.

Monsters Killed Total

Finally next to Chadley is a woman standing in front of a sign with large numbers. You want to fight monsters in the scrapyard until this shows 50 or over. (As you kill monsters this number will increase)

At 50, you’ll get the MP Up Materia.

A Job Well Done

Once you’re happy, go to 7th Heaven and join the crowd. A scene will start where Shinra soldiers are capturing someone called Johnny. As soon as he is taken away, Tifa says that you should follow, as Johnny may know who Avalanche are. 

Shinra Reacts

Job Well done/Shinra Reacts

Follow the Shinra soldiers with Tifa and you’ll come across a fence. A quick dialogue will take place and you should then be able to go through the gate.

Continue forward until you get to some blue containers, another dialogue between Johnny and the Shinra soldiers will happen. 

Feel free to check out the items in the vending machine, although it’s doubtful you’ll need any of these. 

Make your way into the final area and this will start some more dialogue. 

After the talking, you’ll get thrown straight into a fight. Make sure you use Assess on all enemies. 

In this fight, you’ll be going against Security Officers, Guard Dogs and an Elite Security Officer. All of which are pretty easy to beat. 

Once you’ve beaten them, a final conversation with Johnny will take place and then you’ll need to head to 7th Heaven. 

Talking Strategy

Once back at 7th Heaven, Tifa will make you a drink. Soon after she has to head downstairs to discuss strategy for the next mission. Even though Cloud is an experienced soldier operative, he’s not welcome to the meeting. 

You’re left upstairs to twiddle your fingers until the meeting is over. 

Although you can enjoy a nice game of darts. 

Head over to the junkbox and next to this is a dart board. If you manage to get the score down to 0 in less than 8 shots, you’ll get a trophy. 

It takes a little practice but if you try and get bullseye’s and then the final dart, you should be able to do it in 6 darts.


Trophy: Trophy: Heavenly Dart Player: Rise to the top of the Seventh Heaven darts leaderboard.

When you are done, head back to the bar and Avalanche will finish their meeting. You’re out of work now, speak to each team member and then leave to head back to the apartments. 

Ominous Shadows

When you leave 7th Heaven, you’ll see a group of 4 men standing talking and asking for someone with a gun on their arm. 

They ask Cloud if he’s seen anyone matching that description, to which he replies “It depends”. 

Follow the hoodlums to the same place you fought the Doomrats. 

Once you get there, you’ll need to defeat all 4 of them. They’re super easy to beat. 

The only annoying thing about them is that they do tend to heal themselves. Make sure you Assess them to learn that their weakness is fire. 

Although I spammed triple slash and it cut through them all pretty quickly. Any that you do stagger, go in punisher mode and destroy them. 

Once done, head back to the apartments and you’ll see Jessie waiting for you. After a bit of conversation she’ll give you the Ifrit Materia


The Jessie Job

Simply exit Cloud’s room and a conversation will start with Jessie. This marks the end of Chapter 3. 

Trophy: Mercenary Endeavours: Complete Chapter 3

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