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FFXIV how to make a free company

FFXIV or Final Fantasy XIV is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that offers hours of entertainment, treasures, and exciting experiences in its vast world.

In this article, we will discuss “ffxiv how to make a free company” in detail and include all the necessary keywords to form the perfect guide.

Free Companies in FFXIV are groups of players who gather together to form a virtual social community. Free Companies play a vital role in the FFXIV game, and they serve more than just an emblematic purpose. As you progress into the game’s various main story quests and questline, you may encounter several Free Companies. Now, it’s time to create your Free Company!

How to Create a Free Company


To create a free company in FFXIV, there are a couple of requirements. First of all, before you can even think about starting an FC you need to be Level 25 and have got into a Grand Company.

You get into a GC by following the main story questline.

As long as you you’ve done the above you can create a free company.

To do so, you need to;

  • Get a Petition. You can get these from the administrator of the Grand Company your a member of. They can be found in the main city of that GC.
  • Pick a name for your Free Company. You can pick anything from 3-20 characters
  • Select a tag for your Free Company. The Tag is what is going to be displayed next to the members name.
  • 3 Players need to sign the petition
  • Pay the registration fee, which is 15,000 Gil.

Once you’ve done the above, you are the proud leader of your own FC.

Joining a Free Company

Its incredibly easy to join a Free Company.

You need to be on the same server as the FC you want to join. A FC will ether invite you to join them or you can use the menu to apply for a Free Company.

There are no level requirements to join a Free Company. Although you cannot join one on a free trial.

How to Recruit Free Company Members

It’s vital to have an excellent core member base to succeed in FFXIV. Making friends might come naturally, but in an MMORPG, it may not always be the case. You must advertise your Free Company name in ways that align with your FC’s goals and achievements.

  1. Expanding your search window Before creating a Free Company, you must search for like-minded individuals who share the same goals as your group through shout chats or posting ads on social networking websites.
  2. Providing a fun atmospheric Free Company Creating events, completing missions together, and supporting one another in achieving their goals is a formula for the perfect social environment.
  3. Advertising on social media or FC websites Nowadays, many FCs advertise their existence on various social media websites and even on official and unofficial websites dedicated to Final Fantasy XIV’s FC’s.

Managing a Free Company


It’s time to document a list concerning management within your Free Company. FC’s house will also serve as an alternate place for crafters and good food effects.

  1. Managing Free Company actions To run smoothly, a Free Company needs coordination and management of Free Company Actions.

    The system grants various benefits to Free Company players, such as an increase in EXP, increased item drops, and quicker teleports to specific locations.
  2. The Free Company chest The company chest is vital and likely the most frequently used tool for managing your Free Company’s possessions.

    Usage rights and permissions should be given to members cautiously to prevent any misconduct by Free company members.

Free Companies and Social aspects of FFXIV

Many Free Companies come together to create a better gaming experience, a sense of camaraderie in completing quests or coming up with new advantages for their members.

Some FCs organize events and tournaments, while others focus on end-game content like joining raid groups and competing for access to the best rewards.

Successful Free Companies inspire other players to get involved in events, missions, and get-togethers, thereby fostering a positive gaming experience.

Free Companies and Other Players

Free Companies should not limit one’s interactions within the game, as there are many other players to be found and interact with on the same server.

Despite having the restriction to one free company tag a server, which has its limitations, it is still possible to enjoy the game to its fullest by joining other players in Free Companies, participating in treasure hunts side quests and seasonal events, forming linkshells, or befriending party members.

Customizing Your Free Company Crest


Customizing your own Free Company and Crest can make your experience all the more personalized and visually appealing.

Once you reach the level of Second Lieutenant in your chosen Grand Company, you can purchase a “Crest Expansion” for 10,000 Company Seals.

The Crest Expansion allows founding members of Free Companies to use up to three additional layers of shapes and symbols to create an even more customizable emblem.

Why not have an FC that reflects not only the community’s identity but also the members’ individual personalities!

Obtaining a Free Company House

FC Housing or free company housing is an amazing experience in FFXIV that enables Free Companies to partake in making their own virtual home.

Once you’ve managed to obtain a Free Company House, other members too can access their home for items and general usage.

With prices to pay for the land ranging from millions of Gil, Free Company Houses are expensive to obtain, but they’re more than worth the price for the experience it provides.

Free Company Actions


Considering Free Company is a social community, there exist “Free Company Actions” that help to enhance the members’ experience.

There are over 150 Free Company Actions that leaders can customize ranging from “Increase EXP earned” to “Teleportation fee reduction.”

These benefits motivate FC members to participate, and progression through FFXIV, which is quite satisfying.

Grand Company Adventurer Squadrons and Mercenary Groups

Grand Company Adventurer Squadrons are small groups of players that accompany you on various missions.

Although players encounter them later in the game, the “party limits” of the Adventurer Squadrons are just enough to get your taste buds wet.

Like Free Companies, with three signatures of grand companies and three signatures of Adventurer Squadrons, players can develop and manage their Squadron to create its identity and participate in high-level dungeons and quests.

Mercenary groups are an alternative to Free Companies and Adventurer Squadrons, catering three players to a specific purpose.

These deal with high-level endgame content, and while not everyone is a fan of them, they provide a different kind of gameplay experience for players.

Final Thoughts

Starting a Free Company in FFXIV can be an enriching experience that allows you to create a social community within the game’s world.

Through successful recruiting tactics, managing Free Company actions and using useful tools such as the Free Company chest, you can foster a dynamic and thriving environment that will keep your new members both engaged and content.

Joining a Grand Company affiliation can also bring more benefits to your existing Free Company too.

With this guide, you can start and manage your own Free Company in FFXIV efficiently.

Remember that the ultimate goal is to have fun with friends, share rewards, and support each other in achieving their goals.


How do I customize my Free Company Crest?

Once you reach the level of Second Lieutenant in your chosen Grand Company, you can purchase a “Crest Expansion” for 10,000 Company Seals.

The Crest Expansion allows Free Companies to use up to three additional layers of shapes and symbols to offer better crest customization and update their company crest and chest emblem according to their preference.

How do I obtain a Free Company house within FFXIV?

Obtaining a Free Company House requires a significant amount of gil as you will need to purchase land first.

Once you have secured the land and paid the necessary fees, you can start decorating your land acquisition your new Free Company House as it serves as a base of operations for your Free Company.

What are Free Company Actions, and how do I use them?

Free Company Actions and inactive company actions are essential for enhancing the members’ in-game experience, and they can be customized according to your preferences.

Once your Free Company has reached Rank 6, enabling Free Company Actions will require usage of Company Credits.

These actions provide various benefits to the free company players’ chests, including increased EXP, item drops, reduced teleportation fees, and much more.

Can I participate in seasonal events with my Free Company?

Yes! Seasonal events provide an excellent opportunity for members of a Free Company to come together, complete challenges, and earn rewards.

Can members of different Grand Companies be a part of the same Free Company?

Yes! Members from different Grand Companies can join the same same company petition a Free Company, although they might miss out on the benefits that come with being affiliated with their Grand while forming a free Company.

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