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How To Get Chocobo FFXIV – Unlock Mount & Battle Companion

There are many different mounts in FFXIV but it’s a Final Fantasy game, so of course you want to get a chocobo mount. Plus you can then make it a battle chocobo companion and get even more baggage space. 

Final Fantasy XIV has a decent travel system with the Aetheryte network. Let’s face it though, the best way of exploring this amazing world is on the back of your mount. 

In this Chocobo guide, I’m going to go through how you can unlock your chocobo mount. 

What the requirements are and what you need to do to complete the My Little Chocobo quest. 

Next I’ll go through the My Feisty Little Chocobo quest line. Which will turn your chocobo into a battle chocobo. 

How to Unlock Chocobo Mount

In FFXIV, you’ll unlock the ability to ride your own mounts at around level 20. This will unlock a quest that will not only allow you to mount up but will give you your first mount, the Chocobo. 

Requirements For Getting My Little Chocobo Quest

My Little Chocobo Quest

In order to get the chocobo mount and unlock the “My Little Chocobo” quest, there are a couple of prerequisite;

  • First of all you must be at least level 20
  • Completed the main story quest “Hero In The Making”
  • You should have picked your Grand Company

It’s worth noting that the location of where you’ll get the My Little Chocobo quest, does vary depending on what GC (Grand Company) you’ve joined; 

If you’re a member of Maelstrom then you should head to Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks. You can get the quest from R’ashaht Rhiki. (X:13.1, Y:12.8)

The Immortal Flames chocobo quest can be found at the Steps of Nald in Ul’dah. You want to find Swift. (X:8.4, Y:8.9)

Finally If you’ve joined the Twin Adders, you want to speak to Vorsaile Heuloix in New Gridania. (X:9.7, Y:11.1)

You should unlock the My Little Chocobo quest line, simply by following the main story. Its something you can do as soon as you join a GC. So if you don’t unlock it, head to one of the above locations. 

Completing My Little Chocobo Quest

Chocobo Issuance

Now that you’ve joined a GC and unlocked the quest, you’ll be told you need to get Chocobo Issuance. 

In order to get this, you need to have 200 company seals. (Which is basically currency for buying things from the Grand Company vendor.

Luckily 200 seals is not much at all and you can get it pretty quickly. 

One of the easiest ways of getting company seals is by completing FATES. These are going to give you both seals and EXP, so if you see one don’t ignore it. 

The amount of seals you get from the FATE’s does depend on the level. 

Another great way of getting seals is by completing Grand Company Leves. At level 20, there are 4 Leves available. Each one giving you about 138 seals, so you’ll only need to do 2 to unlock your chocobo. 

The location for these are;

  • The Maelstrom – Moraby Drydocks in Lower La Noscea
  • The Twin Adder – Hawthorne Hut in The East Shroud
  • The Immortal Flames – Camp Drybone in Eastern Thanalan

Once you’ve gotten the 200 Grand Company seals, head to the Grand Company Quartermaster and buy the Chocobo Issuance. 

Now that you have the Chocobo Issuance, head to the Chocobo stable. 

Hand it over to the stablemaster and you’ll get a Chocobo Whistle. 

Congrats, you now have your very own chocobo. Give your chocobo a name. 

You can now mount it and get exploring. 

Chocobo Mount

Unlock FFXIV Battle Chocobo

What could make your Chocobo mount even better? How about it being able to support you in battle? 

This battle chocobo or Companion can even give you additional storage space. 

When you hit level 30, you are given a quest called “My Feisty Little Chocobo”. Not only will this open up the Companion system but even allow you to get new armor for your Chocobo. 

My Feisty Little Chocobo Quest

My Feisty Little Chocobo Quest

To unlock My Feisty Little Chocobo, you need to have completed the following requirements

  • Hit level 30
  • Already completed My Little Chocobo (Which you would have done at 20 to unlock the mount)

Once you’ve completed the quest, you’re going to summon your Battle Chocobo a little differently than you did when you were just using it as a mount. 

You need to use an item called Gysahl Greens. (if your a fan of Final Fantasy titles, you’ll have come across these a lot)

These can be found fairly easily from a vender in each of the main questing hubs and they’re not that expensive. 

How To Summon Chocobo in FFXIV

In order to summon your chocobo to mount and ride in FFXIV, you simply open up the mount guide in the menu and select the chocobo and select summon. You can also add it to your action bar. 

You need to make sure you’ve used the Chocobo Whistle before you can summon it. 

Now when it comes to learning how to summon battle chocobos, it’s a little bit different. 

You need to use a Gysahl Green, this will summon them and last a certain amount of time. If they die, withdraw or the Gyashl Green is eaten then they’ll go. 

You’ll need to use another Green to summon them again. 

Once you summon your battle chocobo, you can then give it a role. This can be attacker, defender or even healer. 

Leveling Up Your Battle/Companion Chocobo

Did you know that your Battle Chocobo can get stronger and level up? You just need to focus on grinding them. 

By doing so, they don’t just get stronger but you’ll also unlock new skills. 

Just like with your own character, different activities are going to help you level up faster. 

The best way of leveling them up is through weekly challenge logs. Doing the two “Bosom Buddy” challenges is going to give you an insane amount of EXP. 

Often when I want to level up my character, ill just spend time doing FATE’s or killing mobs. You could do this with your chocobo but it is a slower way. 

Have them out with you when you fight to soak up that extra EXP, but don’t just try and grind mobs to level your companion. 

FFXIV Battle Chocobo Skills – Healer, DPS or Tank?

As you level up your chocobo, you’ll get skill points to spend on your chocobo’s skills. 

The question that many people have is should they focus on healing, DPS or develop a tanking chocobo. 

Now it’s going to depend on your play style and what your main job is. As a solo DPS, I could always do with the extra heals. 

A bit of extra DPS might be nice for certain situations, but ultimately I would do more damage if I’m able to stay alive for longer. 

I would therefore focus most of my efforts on getting healing from my Chocobo companion. 

I might then add some points into DPS and then only use the Tank for the extra stats. Most comments in the community seem to agree that a tanking chocobo is useless. 

Follow my advice and get that healing! 

Final Thoughts

There you have it, a complete FFXIV chocobo guide. 

Its really easy to get your chocobo, as long as you follow the “My Little Chocobo” quest. Which should come at level 20 and when you join a grand company. 

The 200 seals might take a little bit of grinding but you can probably get it done in 10 minutes or so. 

Once you hit level 30 and you see the quest “My Feisty Little Chocobo”, go get it completed and get your Battle Chocobo. Those extra heals will certainly help in some tough combat situations. 

Not only that but the extra baggage space you get is super useful. 

Hopefully now you know exactly how to get your Chocobo mount and then how to turn it into a fighting companion.

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