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Fortnite Vaults – Locations and How To Open Them

As soon as you land, you want to be able to get kitted out as quickly as possible with good loot. You need to land near one of the many Fortnite Vaults. 

These were originally added in Chapter 2 Season 2, however in Chapter 3 they work very differently. Back in Chapter 2 you needed to get yourself a key card by beating a boss. 

This card would then open the vaults. 

It’s gotten even simpler to open vaults in Fortnite. All you need to do is stand in front of the vault with the right amount of players. 

The problem is; 

  • Where are the vaults in Fortnite?
  • How do you open them?
  • And, how can you open the vaults if you play solo? 

In this article I’m going to show you exactly where each vault is on the Fortnite map. I’m also going to show you how to open them, whether you’re in a team or on your own.

So grab yourself an apple, banana, corn or coconut and let’s get on with it. 

Vault Locations In Fortnite

If you don’t want to read this entire article, I’ve included a map below to show the 7 locations of the vaults on the Fortnite map. 

The great thing about these locations is no matter where the bus starts, you should be fairly close to a Vault. 

Be warned other players will be heading for them as well. 

Vault locations on Fortnite Map

The Vault locations in fortnite are; 

  • Camp Cuddle Vault location
  • Condo Canyon Vault location
  • Coney Crossroads Vault location
  • Daily Bugle Vault location
  • Greasy Grove Vault location (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)
  • Logjam Lumberyard Vault location
  • Sanctuary Vault location

How To Open Vaults In Fortnite

Opening a vault in Fortnite is actually very simple. As mentioned, in Season 2 you needed to defeat a boss to get them to drop a key card. 

In Chapter 3 it’s a lot simpler. 

All you need is another player…

Good luck if you’re looking for a player in Solo mode to come and open it with you. I can guarantee you get killed the second they see you. 

It’s much easier in Duos, Trio or in Squad mode. Simply because you’re all going to want to get into the vault and share the loot. 

When you get to the vault location, you’ll notice there’s a keypad and this shows how many players need to be in front of the vault for it to open. 

Just get you and the other player(s) to stand in front of the vault and the door will slowly open and reveal the loot inside.

How To Open Vaults in Fortnite In Solo Mode

I know what you’re thinking….How to open vaults in fortnite when im playing solo mode!

You still need two people to open the values, even when playing solo. The vault can however be tricked. 

There are some NPCs that you can hire, if you’re near one of those then hire them and bring them back to the vault and it’ll open up.  

What do you do when you’re not near one of these NPCs or you don’t want to waste the gold?

Don’t worry, it’s very easy to open the vaults in Fortnite even in solo mode. 

All you need to find is a wolf or a boar…

Tame one of these animals by jumping on them and ride them back to the vault. Whilst on the animal stand in front of the vault doors and it’ll recognise the wolf or boar as another character and the vault will open….Simple right! 

The problem I always find is wolves and boars are everywhere…Until I actually need one and then I can never find them!

Just remember, if you’re going to the vault alone be careful of other players sneaking up behind you. The vault doors do tend to take awhile to open. 

What’s inside the Fortnite Vaults?

You want to get to a vault as soon as you land so you can get the loot and kit yourself up as quickly as possible. 

Usually in the vaults you’ll find 3 chests, these usually contain rare weapons but you might pull an epic or legendary. You’ll then get the usual items such as gold and shields. 

As well as the chests you’ll also notice a portable toilet that you usually hide in. This will be a teleport to take you to an area just outside of the vault. 

Fortnite Vault Locations 

Now you’re probably wondering where are the vaults in Fortnite?

I’m going to go through each area in detail below. They are not at the main POI’s, however they are pretty close. 

Camp Cuddle Vault location

In Camp Cuddle there is one of the Seven Outposts. This is located North-West of the camp, you just need to cross the bridge that’s nearby. 

You’ll notice a building to the south that is only one storey. Enter this building and go down the stairs and you’ll come to the value.

Condo Canyon / Chonker’s Speedway Vault location

This vault is in between Condo Canyon and Chonker’s Speedway. If you come in from Condo Canyon, head south over the bridge and you should spot the outpost. 

From Chonker’s Speedway, you want to go directly east. It’s not too far from the bottom right of the island. 

It’s a single circular building, head down the stairs.

It’s one of my favorites to go to. Simply because there is so much loot around the area as well. 

Be warned though, this does tend to be a popular spot. I’d recommend getting to one of the main POI’s and get some basic loot before hitting the vault. 

Coney Crossroads Vault location

If you land near Coney Crossroads and then head west you should come across a lake. Look for one of the outpost buildings and you should be able to find it. 

Daily Bugle / Lazy Lagoon Vault location

If you go north-east of The Daily Bungle, or as it’s now known as the Lazy Lagoon. You’ll come across a Seven Outpost. 

Head across the road and closer to the coastline of the top right of the island. 

At the outpost you want the small building to the north. The vault is located down the stairs. 

Greasy Grove Vault location – This Fortnite Vaults is No Longer Available

This is my 2nd go to vault, although it is often quite a popular drop. From Greasy Grove your want to head south west. It’s at the top of some cliffs. 

You’ll find a double building with an archway. Head into the building on your left looking out at the hills and downstairs is the vault. 

Logjam Lumberyard Vault location

North-West of Logjam Lumberyard in the top left of the map is the Seven Outpost. It’s up in the mountains, so can be easily missed. 

Once there, you’ll see a single story section of the building. The vault is located there and like the other vaults, down the stairs. 

Sanctuary Vault location

The final Seven Outpost and Fortnite Vault is located on one of the islands south of the giant Foundation Statue. 

It’s pretty easy to find as there is only one building on this small island and the vault is downstairs. 

This Vault is a bit harder to open on solo mode due to the lack of wolves and boars. Plus it’s a very popular landing destination for other players. I’d recommend getting yourself some gear before attempting this vault. 

There you have the Fortnite Vault locations and also how to open them, whether you’re in a group or playing solo. 

Hopefully this article has helped, don’t forget to check out some of the other Fortnite articles.

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