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Palia Romance Guide

If you’re a fan of cozy games like Palia, you’ll know that they have some way of building relationships with NPC’s. Many of them involve building friendships but these can even develop into a romance. 

Palia is no different and even adds a little extra, making it worthwhile to spend the time building those relationships.

By romancing NPC’s in Palia, you’ll learn more about their backstory and discover more about their personality. 

You’ll even unlock quests with them, which gives you access to new items. 

The aim of this guide is to introduce you to the different characters that you can romance in Palia, how to unlock the ability to romance them and how to unlock rewards for romancing them.

Key Takeaways

  • In Palia, romancing NPCs reveals their backstories and unlocks quests leading to new items.
  • To unlock romance, players need to reach level three of friendship, achieved by daily interactions, gifting, and quest completions.
  • 24 NPCs exist in the game, with 10 currently romanceable, including a recent addition named Hodari.
  • After initiating romance, it can be deepened by flirting, gifting specific items, and completing romance quests.
  • Players can obtain a “romance pin” from romanced characters, equipping them reveals new dialogues, but only two can be worn at once.

How To Unlock Romance In Palia?

Before you can unlock romance options with any of the NPCs, you need to reach level three of friendship first. In order to do this you need to make sure you speak to them at least once a day, give them items they like and learn what their 4 weekly wants are and give them to them. 

NPS will also give you quests or start a quest with them by finding certain items. Completing these will also increase your friendship. 

To start romancing them, you need to give them either a box of chocolates or a Heartdrop lily. 

This will kick start a romance with them. 

Heartdrop lilly is a pretty rare plant that’s found in Bahari Bay.

The box of chocolates are a lot easier to get as you just need to buy them from Zeki’s General Store. 

Getting To Level 3 Friendship

As mentioned in order to unlock the romance option, you need to hit a friendship level of 3. 

There are 3 things you can do to increase your friendship with each NPC. 

Have a Chat

Just like in real life, how are you going to build a friendship without talking? 

So to start off, you want to speak to the NPC once every in-game day. (Thats 1 real world hour)

Talking to them once an hour will help to get those levels up quickly. 

Giving Gifts

Who doesn’t love a good gift and let’s face it, it’s a great way to someone’s heart. As long as you give them something they like…

Each character has items they like and weekly wants. If you give them their favorite items and find the things they want, you’ll really speed up the friendship process. 

Remember, you can only give them gifts once every real world day. 

Completing Quests

As you spend time in Palia and level up your skills, you’ll come across items that start a quest. Completing these quests will help you gain reputation and increase your friendship level. 

Who Can You Romance In Palia?

There’re 24 NPC’s in the game and you can romance 10 of them at the point of writing this. 

As of Palia 0.170 patch, you can also romance Hodari. This makes it 10, as previously there were only 9. 

Hodari is a little different as you do need to complete the last quest for Temple of the Waves and be at least level 4 friendship with Najuma. 

The ten NPC Romance options are;

  • Hodari
  • Hassian
  • Jel
  • Reth
  • Einar
  • Tish
  • Nai’o
  • Tamala
  • Jina
  • Kenyatta

I would expect that the devs will open up more romance options in the future. 

How To Increase Romance With A Character

Once you’ve started romancing a character, there are 3 ways to increase your romance level. 

  • Flirting 
  • Gifting Chocolate or Heartdrop Lily 
  • Completing Romance Quests

Once you’ve gone past being friends and you’re trying to romance a character, a new dialogue option will show called flirting. 

You can flirt with that specific NPC once per day. This is the same as chatting with them. 

You want to try and flirt with them every day to level up your romance quicker. 

Even when romancing you can still give them gifts. You want to try and give them a box of chocolates or Heartdrop Lily. These items will increase your romance level. 

Once you hit romance level two, you’ll unlock romance quests from that character. Make sure to do these as they can really help increase your romance level. 

How To Obtain A Character’s Romance Pin

Once you’ve romanced a character your get a picture for your house but you also get a romance pin. 

These pins can be equipped in the same way as a bubbler or a pet is equipped. This is done through the character window. 

You can only equip two pins at a time. 

The benefit of equipping a pin is that it unlocks new dialogue from other villages.

Can you get them all? 


Can You Romance Other Players?

At the moment you cannot, however there have been a lot of requests for this feature. This would make sense, since it is a multiplayer game. 

Imagine being able to select 1 or 2 players that you play a lot with. Once you’ve romance with them, you then share items, able to build a plot together etc. 

It does certainly sound interesting. 

Can You Get Married In Palia?

No, at the moment you cannot get married in Palia. This may change in the future but there has not been any hints to say that it will. 

It might be harder to do this, since unlike other cozy games it is an online multiplayer game. 

Can You Romance More Than One Person At A Time?

Yes, you can romance as many characters as you want at the same time. It’ll take time, so its worth working on them one at a time. 

As mentioned you can only wear two romance pins at a time.

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