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Dragonflight Zones

Dragonflight Zones

Dragonflight is the newest World of Warcraft expansion and with it comes new zones. With previous expansions we’ve seen new worlds such as Burning Crusade, Draenor and Shadowlands.  There were even new continents discovered with Wrath of the Lich King and Mists of Pandaria.  Now with the introduction of Dragonflight, we have a new island … Read more
WoW Trading post Guide

WoW Trading Post Guide

A new point of interest has been discovered in Azeroth, the Trading Post. Here you can get cosmetic rewards, pets and even mounts. Even items that have appeared in the WoW Store!  This Trading Post Guide is going to go into detail on what it is and how it works. Learn how you can get … Read more
WoW Character Lookup

wow character lookup

Are you looking to do a WoW Character lookup? It used to be really easy to do. There was the WoW Armory Tool. Any player could search any WoW player and get info on that character as well as see a 3d render of it.  The WoW Armory Tool was however removed many years ago.  … Read more
World of Warcraft Expansions In Order

World of Warcraft Expansions In Order

World of Warcraft is one of the oldest and most successful MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) games. I believe this is down to two key reasons, the first is the lore.  The history of the game and the backstory of its characters is massive. There is so much depth and detail to the world of Azeroth.  … Read more
World of warcraft books in reading order

Warcraft Books In Order

World of Warcraft came out back in 2004, however the first Warcraft game was released in 1994. It was one of my go to games that I played with my brother. You can imagine that a game that has existed for over 30 years, will have a lot of history and stories. This is one … Read more
Best Hunter Pets

Best Hunter Pets In WoW

There are many different types of pets that can be tamed in the world of Azeroth, but some stand out as being better than others for hunters. In this article, we will take a look at the best hunter pets in WoW, and why they make such good companions on the battlefield. The best Hunter … Read more
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