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Dragonflight Zones

Dragonflight is the newest World of Warcraft expansion and with it comes new zones. With previous expansions we’ve seen new worlds such as Burning Crusade, Draenor and Shadowlands. 

There were even new continents discovered with Wrath of the Lich King and Mists of Pandaria. 

Now with the introduction of Dragonflight, we have a new island to explore known as the Dragon Isle’s. 

The Dragon Isles is massive, with a new starting zone and 4 new leveling zones. In these zones you’ll learn more about the incredible story behind the dragons, the primalists and how to help the aspects recover their power. 

Below, we’re going to go into more detail on the different Dragonflight Zones

Dragonflight Zone Progression

Initially going through the different Dragonflight zones is fairly linear. 

You’ll start at Waking Shores, progress through to Ohn’Ahran Plains. Next you’ll travel through to the Azure Span and end the main questline in Thaldrazus. 

Each zone in Dragonflight has factions to grind rep for as well as dungeons and raids. 

Once you’ve completed the main story with one character, it opens up the adventure guide. This allows you to level up alts in the Dragonflight zones in any order you want. 

Forbidden Reach

Forbidden Reach map

The first of the Dragonflight zones we are venturing into is the Forbidden Reach. Although only if you roll a Dracthyr. And why wouldn’t you?!?

The Dracthyrs is a new race to join the world of Azeroth and is also the race to the new hero class The Evoker. 

Forbidden Reach was originally created by Neltharion who was the Black Dragonflight aspect and later became Deathwing. 

Here he would train his ultimate soldiers for battle.

When you roll a Dracthyr, you’ll find yourself level 58 and awakening from a deep sleep on the Dragon Isles/ Forbidden Reach is a small island just North of the main Dragon Isle Zones. 

Like all starter zones, its been specifically designed to help fresh Dracthyr characters learn how to play the race and the new class. This race has unique abilities such as being able to jump from cliffs and glide. 

You’ll run through a bit of storyline to help other Dracthyr waking up, as well as trying to help prevent the Primalists from becoming free. 

Once you’ve gone through the start up quests, you’ll pick whether you want to be on the side of the Alliance for the Horde and find yourself back at their capital cities in Azeroth. 

Not to return to the Forbidden Reach again…Well not until patch 10.7 anyway…

Waking Shores

Waking Shores map

We’ve again answered the call to help an ally and we find ourselves on a boat, heading for the Dragon Isles. 

The first Dragonflight Zones we encounter with our level 60 character is the Waking Shores. 

Here you’ll help Wrathion and the Black dragonflight and Alexstrasza and the Red dragonflight. 

A good amount of quests for the Red Dragonflight is trying to find and save the dragon eggs, preventing them from being corrupted by the Primalists. 

Whilst helping Wrathion clear out the Obsidian Citadel, so he can take control of the Black dragonflights fortress. 

The Waking Shores has a nice mixture of terrains, introducing players to the Dragon Isles. It has high cliffs to fly from and explore the land, as well as fire areas very similar to Firelands.

Here you can build a reputation with two factions. The first being the Dragonscale Expedition, who are a combination of the Alliance’s Explorer’s League and the Horde’s Reliquary. The next is showing support for who would take the throne of the Obsidian Citadel. 

The Waking Shores Dungeons & Raids

The Waking Shores features the first two dungeons in the Dragonflight Zones, with the first being accessible fairly early on. 

Ruby Life Pools

The Ruby Life Pools is where all dragonflights place their eggs to grow. The eggs are however at risk of being stolen and corrupted by Raszageth and the Primalists. You and your fellow heroes have been tasked with going into the Ruby Life Pools to drive out the Primalists and protect the eggs.

There are a total of 3 bosses in this dungeon. 


The Djaradin are a race of elemental half giants and enemies of the Dragons. When they awoke, they ventured into Neltharus and claimed control of it and the Obsidian Citadel. Wrathion has asked for our help to venture in and clear out the Djaradin, so the Black Dragonflight can reclaim their rightful home. 

Neltharus has 4 bosses you need to defeat to complete the dungeon. 

Ohn’Ahran Plains

Ohn'Ahran Plains map

Out of the new Dragonflight Zones, my least favorite was the Ohn’Ahran Plains. The quest line and zone is not bad, I just tend to stay more in the other zones. 

Now even though it’s called plains and a good percentage of it is plain lands, there are still a lot of other areas. For example it does have hills, cliffs and even forest areas.

The main faction in this zone is the Maruuk and by doing quests for them, you’ll earn a reputation. 

Within the Maruuk, there are different tribes. Most of which follow and support the green dragonflight. There is however one tribe that has joined with the Primalists. 

The zone is a nice area to practice your dragon riding as its very open, however I always struggle to get my Vigor regenerated as there are not really any valleys to dip down into. 

Dungeons & Raids

In the Dragonflight Zone of Ohn’Ahran Plains, there is only one dungeon. There are a mixed views on it, as it is a fun dungeon but in my experience it’s a pretty time consuming dungeon. 

Nokhud Offensive

Nokhud Offensive is a unique dungeon as its set in Ohn’ahran Plains and you can travel through it freely on the back of your dragon. Although you cannot venture into any other dragonflight zones whilst in the dungeon. 

The big main difference is that there is a large thunderstorm covering the entire zone. 

The best thing to do is to travel to different areas of the map using dragon riding. Although there will be some sections that you’re not able to fly through. 

There are a total of 4 bosses in this dungeon, although you will need to clear a decent amount of trash and these bosses are pretty spread out. 

Azure Span

Azure Span Map

The dragonflight zones are big but Azure Span is one of the biggest zones ever created in World of Warcraft. It’s also a lot of fun as well!

Azure Span reminded me a lot of Northrend, when you first get off the boat. It’s mostly covered in snow but there are also areas of grassland, filled with forests. 

I often find myself gliding through the Azure Span, although a few times finding myself strangered in the snow waiting to recover some vigor. You need a lot of height to get up to Thaldraszus. 

The Azure Span is home to the blue dragonflight and as such many of the quests in this zone are aimed at helping Kalecgos and even Khadgar, since its a very magic based zone. 

You’ll also find yourself grinding reputation for the Tuskarr, helping them with fishing and cooking up some great soups. 

We also find some familiar looking enemies such as the Brackenhide, who look very familiar to Gnolls.

Dungeons & Raids

There are two dungeons in the Azure Span, one focused around holding back the Brackenhide and the other helping the blue dragonflight in the Azure Vault.

Brackenhide Hollow

Who doesn’t love a bit of gnoll bashing?

As an Alliance player, you’d often find yourself fighting Gnolls in the early levels. It’s quite satisfying seeing them again and causing some distruction to their plans. 

It seems that the Gnolls have taken home in the Dragon Isles. They can be found at Brackenhide Hollow, which is in the Azure Span. You first start to explore the Gnoll problem due to decay seeping out of the Hollow and slowly destroying life around Azure Span. 

You travel into Brackenhide Hollow to find the source of the Decay and put a stop to the leader of the Brackenhide. 

The Azure Vault

The second dungeon is the Azure Vault, which was created Millennia ago by Malygos, the original aspect of the Blue dragonflight. 

He created this vault to store any magical artifacts he found in Azeroth. All of which were cataloged by Sindragosa. 

Since the fall of Malygos and the loss of the Dragon Isles, the Azure Vault has been deserted. In this time its become vulnerable to being attacked by the Primalists. Although there is also danger from within the vault as well. 

You have been asked by Kalecgos to venture into the vaults and secure it. In your path are 4 bosses and a lot of trash. There are however some great treasures to be had. 


Thaldraszus map

The last of the Dragonflight Zones is Thaldraszus. This zone is my favorite of the entire Dragonflight expansion. 

It has so much to offer with amazing views, incredible structures and epic questlines. 

Thaldraszus is the main zone for the dragonflights, where all five of them reside in the main city of Valdrakken. 

Its also where you’ll find the bronze dragonflight, making sure that the sands of time are flowing correctly.

Much of the expansion’s end-game and storyline will happen in and around Thaldraszus. 

As already mentioned Valdrakken is the main city hub. Here you’ll be able to access your professions, crafting orders, dragon riding trainer, dailies, and weeklies. 

If you do raids, PvP or Mythics+ then you’ll also find the vault. Giving you access to some potentially epic gear. 

Valdrakken map

Dungeons & Raids

There are two dungeons in Thaldraszus and is also the home of the first raid Vault of the Incarnates.

Algeth’ar Academy

The Algeth’ar Academy was built many years ago to help teach dragon kind. When the Dragon Isles went dormant, so did the Academy. 

Now that the Dragon Isles are awake again, Algeth’ar Academy has opened its doors again. Although this time not just to dragons but to all kinds of races. 

Can headteacher Doragosa clear the grounds to make it safe again or are our heroes going to need to do something else to get the Academy running once more. 

Halls of Infusion

The Halls of Infusion are found deep beneath Tyrhold. It is here that Keeper Tyr channeled the waters to help feed and protect the Life Pools. Now there is a threat to the Halls…

The Isles have woken up and with that the Primalists. One thing the Primalists want is to take control of the Halls of Infusion. But for what purpose? 

Do they want the power for themselves, some lost secret? Or do they want to destroy it, which in turn could destroy the Life Pools and the new dragon eggs. 

Vault of the Incarnates

The first raid of the Dragonflight Expansion is the Vault of the Incarnates. It features 8 bosses in total, some with very new and unique battle dynamics. 

It is here that we must go after Raszageth in an attempt to stop her from freeing her siblings. If they get free then they will set forth to remove everything the Titans have done. 

Now it is down to you and other champions of Azeroth to put a stop to this threat. 

The Return To The Forbidden Reach

We mentioned before that The Forbidden Reach was the starting zone for the new race, but we will be making a return at max level. If you try and access it prior to Patch 10.7, you’ll instantly die. 

However we will be returning and being able to access new content, attempting to stop the Primalists from causing even more chaos. 

Get ready to return and experience a whole new set of quests, treasures, bosses and much much more. 

Final Thoughts

There we have it, all of the new Dragonflight Zones. This expansion has been one of the biggest we’ve seen in many years. Not only did we get a new race and class, there have been many new features such as crafting orders, profession overhaul, dragon riding, the trading post and that’s just to name a few. 

One of the things that impressed me the most is the zones. They are huge and there are so many little places to explore and uncover. No doubt everyone will have a specific zone that they prefer and some that they would ideally stay away from.

One thing is clear, if this is the direction Blizzard are going for future expansions, I cannot wait to see what’s to come! 

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