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wow character lookup

Are you looking to do a WoW Character lookup? It used to be really easy to do. There was the WoW Armory Tool. Any player could search any WoW player and get info on that character as well as see a 3d render of it. 

The WoW Armory Tool was however removed many years ago. 

It is however still possible to do a WoW Character Lookup…

There is a character search function on the official World of Warcraft website. 

But, why would you want to look up a WoW character? 

  • Quickly & Easily check your gear
  • Find out what achievements you need
  • Check your collections quickly 
  • Look at other players gear setup
  • Vet potential guild members

In this guide, I’m going to show you exactly how to use it and why you’d want to. 

How To Do A WoW Character Lookup

When you want to look up your own WoW character or someone else’s, it’s incredibly easy to do. 

Go to this page: 

Once here, you want to enter the characters full name. 

It’s important that you enter their complete character’s name and not just a part of it, or else it wont bring up any results. 

Once you search, you’ll be given the results of all characters with that name on every server. If it’s a popular name, you might find that you’ll get a lot of results. It’s worth knowing what server they’re on as well. 

Initially you’ll see the characters name, level, class and what server they’re on. You can also see what faction they’re in based on whether the profile background is red or blue. 

Once you’ve found the character you’re looking for, click on it to get more detailed information. 

What Information Can You Get From A WoW Character Lookup?

So many people don’t take advantage of the WoW Character lookup and that’s a big mistake! It provides you with some really interesting and useful info. 

This info can really help improve your characters, when used correctly. 

Now the first section of the WoW character info that you’ll see is; 

  • Faction
  • Characters name
  • iLvL
  • Mythic Progress
  • Level
  • Race
  • Class
  • Guild
  • Server

Gear Information


Below the initial information, you can then see all of the gear that’s equipped as well as see an up to date image of what the character looks like. Great if a transmog set really stands out.

Below the name of each gear, you can see the iLvL of that gear and if you hover over it you can see more details on that specific piece of gear. 

Character Stats

After the gear, you’ll then see a breakdown of the characters stats such as health, strength etc. You’re also able to see the different class specifications and what the current spec is. 

Clicking on the specification brings up a breakdown of the abilities that you can then hover over to get more details. 

Below the spec you can then see a breakdown of game progress. This includes Mythic dungeon activity, raid progression and then PvP results. 



By clicking on the achievements tab just below the character lookup details, you’ll see all characters progression with achievements. 

It’s split into different categories which you can then click through to see more details on and see what achievements have been completed or not. 

This is a quick and easy way to see what achievements still need to be done, without messing about going through the in-game screens. 



Next to achievements you can look at collections. This is where you can see the WoW Characters pets or mounts that they’ve found. 

It is split into sub categories of pets and mounts. You’re also able to see basic info on the pets such as level, health etc. 

The only downside to this is that you cannot click on a mount and it gives you a little more details on where you can get it from. 

It is however great to get a quick snapshot as to what you still need to collect. 

Dungeon & Raid Progression

The next tab allows you to see more detail on dungeon and raid progression. It shows you all raids all the way to classic. One thing I really like is it shows how far you’ve completed it in LFR, Normal, Heroic or Mythic. 

Great if like me you like to go back and solo any raids that you’ve not done yet. 

It’s just a shame you cannot see which dungeons from previous expansions have been completed. 

Player vs Player

The second to last tab on the World of Warcraft character lookup is how the player is doing in PvP (Player vs Player). 

It gives a break down on honor level, # of kills, arena progress and how many games they’ve played in battlegrounds and how many wins. 

Now I haven’t done too much PvP, In dragonflight I intend to do a lot more. 


The last tab will show you the character’s reputation with different factions. I find this really useful as there are many rep grinds that I didn’t finish in previous expansions. This will help me find which ones I still need to do. 

Why Look Up A Character In World of Warcraft?

Now an important question is why would you want to use the WoW character lookup? 

To be honest the first reason for me is just the ease of it. I’m a bit of an achievement hunter and try to build up my collection of mounts. 

The problem is, the in-game menu is not the easiest to browse. Plus it’s a pain opening it up whilst you’re playing. 

Having your character on the lookup makes it so much easier to see what achievements you need to get or which mounts you might be after. 

Now you could also use it to stroke your ego…

For example if you want to show off a certain bit of gear you can link to it. 

Improve Your Character With WoW Character Lookup

One of the best reasons to use the WoW Character Lookup is to check out other players and their gear. 

If you’re going about your business and you see another player running through mobs like their nothing or dominating PvP. You can look up their character and see what gear they have, what spec their running. 

This can then give you ideas on how you can improve your own character’s gear or rotation. 

I’ve also used it a couple of times when I’ve seen someone riding an epic mount that I wanted to find out what it was. Once I knew what it was, I could then use something like WoWhead to find out how to get it. 

Look Up Potential Guild Recruits

If you’re running a guild that is focusing on dungeons, raiding or PvP. You might be a little more selective on what members join. 

The Character Lookup for World of Warcraft is therefore a great tool for you to check out their current gear and previous progression. 

It at least gives you a little bit more of an idea on if they would be a good fit for your guild or not. 

Final Thoughts

The WoW Character Lookup tool is something that many players simply don’t use. It can not only save you time but can be used to help make your character much stronger. 

There are times that I’ll use it at least once a day. Whether that’s checking what achievement I want to work on next or checking to see what gear another player has. 

Give it a go and see what you think…

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