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WoW Trading Post Guide

A new point of interest has been discovered in Azeroth, the Trading Post. Here you can get cosmetic rewards, pets and even mounts. Even items that have appeared in the WoW Store! 

This Trading Post Guide is going to go into detail on what it is and how it works. Learn how you can get Trader’s Tender, the locations of the trading post and what you can get. 

So pull up a chair and let’s get on with it…

What Is The Trading Post?

When a new feature comes to World of Warcraft, it causes a great amount of excitement. As soon as Trading posts was launched, it was jam packed full of players. 

Some are calling it the battle pass for WoW, but it really isn’t. 

You see a battle pass provides progression, the trading post does not allow you to progress further into the game. It doesn’t give you experience or rep or even gold. 

It’s simply a way for you to complete challenges to earn Trader’s Tender, which can then be used to purchase items. 

These items do not make you play the game any better. They’re simply cosmetics, pets and the odd mount. 

Each month the store will update its stock, allowing you to spend your Trader’s Tender on another item the following month. 

One of the great things about the Trader’s Post is that all items will stay in the seller’s rotation, so even if you miss an item there’s a good chance it’ll be back in the store in the future. 

I’ll go into more detail on the challenges etc to earn yourself Trader’s Tender. Personally i’ll be saving up as much as possible, you never know what rare mounts might make an appearance. 

When Did The Trading Post Launch? 

The Trading Post launched during the Dragonflight expansion. It was first introduced in Azeroth on the 1st of February 2023. It’s only just launched when I wrote this section, it’ll be interesting reading this section back in a few months/years to see how this feature has developed. 

Where Is The Trading Post?

Interestingly even though the trading post was launched during the Dragonflight expansion, it was not on the Dragon Isles. 

This to me indicates that its a long term feature, so even with upcoming expansions the trading post will still be refreshed with new items. 

Not only that but Blizzard probably wanted a reason for players to head back to the main cities. 

There are a total of two trading posts, at the point of writing this article anyway…

Alliance Trading Post


If you’re Alliance, then you’ll find your Trading post in Stormwind. Its located just to the entrance of the Stockades. If you don’t know where that is, can you even call yourself an Alliance member?!

Horde Trading Post


As you would expect, the trading post for the Horde can be found in Orgrimmar. You’ll see it to the left of Grommash Hold entrance.

How Does The Trading Post Work? 

The Trading Post is very simple. You get and earn a currency known as Trader’s Tender. This is then spent at the Trading Post on cosmetics, pets and mounts. (Nothing that impacts progression). Its almost like a login bonus that you see in other games as well as a battle pass as it gives you activities/tasks to complete. 

How Do You Earn Trading Post Currency?

Players can earn a total of 1000 Trader’s Tender per month. There is a one time bonus of an additional 1000 Trader’s Tender due to owning the Dragonflight expansion and completing the Trading Post intro quest. 

The first 500 Trader’s Tender is given to you once a month by logging in. To get this, you do need to go to the Traders Post and click on the chest. 

If you load up your Adventures Guide, you’ll notice a new tab called Travellers Log. Here you’ll see activities to complete to earn an additional 500 Trader’s Tender. 

NOTE: It’s worth noting that the tender is account bound. So you cannot get any more on any of your alts. 

Complete The Travellers Log To Earn Trader’s Tender

Travelers Log

At the start of each month a set of objectives or activities will be given to you. By completing these you’ll fill up the bar and as this fills you ‘’’ll be given Trader’s Tender. Once its full, you’ll have received a total of 500 Trader’s Tender as well as an additional reward. 

February’s reward is the Ash’adar, Harbinger of Dawn mount. Which looks incredible.

The tasks needed to be completed do vary in toughness. For example simple ones such as /love certain people, resurrecting players, fishing with friends and even defeating a certain number of raid bosses. 

Monthly Item Changes

Don’t like or need the items at the Trading Post? Or perhaps you’ve already brought the ones you like. Don’t worry, these items will change every month. Each month, you’ll get the chance to purchase a new 15 items. 

It is however on a rotation. So if you do miss a specific item, it should make its way back into the Trading Post. It is however not known how many items are in the rotation, so we cannot yet predict how long it’ll take for items to return. 

Freeze An Item

Imagine there being an item at the Trading Post that you NEED, but you just don’t have the Trader’s Tender. 

There is a feature where you can put one item per month into the freeze slot and this item will roll over to the next month. You can then earn the 1000 Trader’s Tender the following month and purchase that item after. 

Trading Post Activities

/hug a Dead Player50
Complete 10 Dungeons200
Complete 15 Mythic+ Dungeons200
Complete 15 World Quests150
Complete 5 Dungeons in a Cross-Faction Group150
Complete 5 Mythic+ Dungeons200
Complete a PvP World Quest in the Dragon Isles100
Complete Grand Hunts with the Maruuk Centaur150
Complete Group Dragon Riding Races150
Complete the Optional Waking Shores Storylines200
Complete the Siege on Dragonbane Keep50
Complete Weekly Gathering Quests100
Darkmoon Faire: Set Out a Big Berry Pie50
Defeat 25 Raid Bosses250
Defeat a Dragon Isles World Boss100
Defeat Dragon Isles Master Tamers With Dragonkin Pets200
Defeat Special Creatures During Primalist Storms100
Earn 5,000 gold from auctions in the Auction House100
Earn 7500 Honor200
Earn Reputation Throughout the Dragon Isles150
Eat a Chocolate Cake Slice, Lovely Cake Slice, and Berry Pie Slice50
Fish Up Items in the Dragon Isles100
Fulfill Public Crafting Orders100
Harpoon a Fish with a Friend50
Harpoon a Lunker with 5 Friends50
Hatching of the Hippogryphs: Get a Hatchling to Perch on You150
Hatching of the Hippogryphs: Obtain and use a Spectral Feather150
Imbibe Zanzil’s Slow Poison50
Kill 10 Dragonflight Raid Bosses200
Loot War Supply Chests in the Dragon Isles100
Love is in the Air: Complete “Bonbon Blitz”150
Love is in the Air: Have a Romantic Picnic in the Ohn’ahran Plains150
Love is in the Air: Kill Apothecary Hummel150
Love is in the Air: Present a Lovely Charm Bracelet150
Love is in the Air: Use Peddlefeet’s Hearthstone in the Dragon Isles150
Participate in the Tuskarr Community Feast50
Resurrect Players50
Show Some Love to Fallen Dragons50
Show Some Love to the Dragon Aspects50
Show Some Love to the Trading Post50
Use Happy Pet Snacks100
Use the Buddy System While Climbing50
Win 10 Non-Skirmish Arena Matches200
Win 15 Pet Battles200
Win 5 Battlegrounds200

What Can You get From The Trading Post

Celestial Steed900Mount
Fury of the Firelord750Cosmetic Mace
Garrlok750Battle Pet
Ensemble: Swashbuckling Buccaneer’s Slops650Appearance
Shattered Voidspire500Cosmetic Staff
Operative’s Bandolier250Cosmetic Back
Infiltrator’s Bandolier250Cosmetic Back
Shard of Frozen Secrets200Cosmetic Dagger
Azure Scalesworn Longbow200Cosmetic Bow
Rosy Corsage100Cosmetic Wrist
Ensemble: Vegabond’s Rosy Threads100Cosmetic Cloak
Squire’s Warhammer100Cosmetic Mac
Ensemble: Wanderer’s Rosy Trappings100Cosmetic Cloak
Fetid Bouguet100Cosmetic Off-Hand
Iridescent Warcloak75Cosmetic Cloak

Can You Refund Items From The Trading Post?

Let’s face it, sometimes you have buyer’s remorse. If you do buy something and decide you wish to refund it, you have 2 hours to return the item and get a refund. 


The Trading Post is a great feature that’s been added to World of Warcraft. A nice and fun way of getting some great items, plus those extra rewards for completing a certain amount of activities. 

One of the great things about the Trading Post is that the activities don’t really take too much time or effort. In fact most can be done whilst going through your usual gameplay. 

Personally I’m looking forward to what items we might see in the store in the coming months. 

I do hope this guide has helped shed a little light on the trading post.

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