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Deceive Inc Review

Have you ever dreamed of being a spy? Well now you can. The problem is, there are 11 other spies all after the same item. Are you able to keep yourself hidden, long enough to unlock the vault? Or do you have the skill to defeat them in a shoot-out? With Deceive Inc, you cannot trust anyone (or any plant pot) 

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Your Objective

Deceive Inc is a stealth FPS that’s multiply and cartoony in style. It reminds me very much of the art style of Fortnite. 

Your objective is to disguise yourself as NPC’s and steal the item that is locked in a vault.

In order to gain access to the vault you must first unlock the three locks.

These are spread out throughout the map in different locations. 

Throughout the maps, you’ll find “intel”.

These are used to unlock certain doors, safes and can even be spent on healing or ammo. 

The more intel available to be picked up, the longer it takes.

For example you can get 1 intel from a phone fairly quickly.

But getting 4 intel from a computer takes a lot longer. You don’t want to take too long in the open or you might get spotted. 

Through the map, you’ll come across coloured coded areas that should only be accessed by certain NPC’s. These are;

  • Green (Staff) – 1 star
  • Blue (Guards) – 2 star
  • Purple (Researchers) – 3 star
  • Gold (VIP) – 4 star

You’ll also see NPCs that are color coded, as mentioned above you have staff, guards, researchers and VIP. 

Each of these have a star, which represents their level.

So a guard is fine to enter a green zone but you’d never normally see a green staff member in a blue zone. 

Now in order to get into these zones you can spend intel to unlock that specific door.

Deceive INC Image 1

This is not ideal as it’ll take time to find all the intel needed to unlock the many doors you’ll go in. 

Another way of doing it is by finding specific key cards.

These are again color coded, so a green keycard will allow you into green zones. 

The three vault locks are always found in a purple zone, and to get there you’ll need to go through a blue zone. 

The final vault to steal the item is located in a gold VIP zone and to get to that you need to go through a blue zone and then a purple zone. 

So be prepared to spend a lot of intel and change your disguise often.

Crack The Safes

Whilst exploring the map, you’ll come across different saves. 

You’ll find white ones in normal areas, and then colored safes in their zones. 

For example green safes in green zones. 

Inside each safe is a field upgrade. These allow you to get buffs such as increased health, quicker hacking speeds and even increased intel capacity. 

You can select which upgrade you’ll get before starting a mission. 

By spending some time playing early games and collecting these, you can really give your spy an edge.

Watch Out For Other Spies

Deceive INC 2

All sounds pretty easy right? Nope! 

You’re not the only spy looking to open the vault.

In a solo game, there’ll be another 11 players all trying to win the game by completing the objective. 

So not only do you have to keep yourself hidden and get to the objectives.

You also need to sniff out any other spies and kill them. (You don’t have to kill them but it certainly makes it less competitive to the vaults)

The great thing about Deceive Inc is that even though its still fairly new, you have a great selection of spies to choose from.

Each one has their own weapons and abilities. 

You can decide to go for a spy that focuses on close up combat, or one that prefers to keep a distance. Each one will dramatically change how you’d play the game. 

As I said they do also have their own abilities.

For example one can just vanish in order to get away from other spies.

Squire for example has a great ability that highlights where to find intel and keycards. 

Each spy has their own unique personality and it’s well worth trying each one and find the one that you do prefer.

When you first play Deceive Inc, you only get access to 3 of the spies.

You can however unlock the other spies by spending currency that you’ll get from playing the game.

One thing that’s great is that these spies are not hidden behind a paywall.  

Game Modes

At the point of writing this there are two game modes; 

  • Solo
  • Teams (3 Spies per team) 

In solo, you’re obviously going to be on your own going against 11 other spies to get to the objective. 

If you want something a little more fast paced then you could do a team game.

This is where you’ll join 2 other players and have to work together to complete the objective or defeat the other spies. 

This does add a whole new dynamic to the game as you cannot just target an enemy spy, as they could very well have two teammates around them.

Resulting in a big shoot out. 

The great thing about teams is if you or one of your teammates do get knocked out, they can come and revive you. 

Any chance of Duos?

A feature that many people are asking for is Duo’s. Even though I do play either by myself or join a random team, duos could be fun. 

It would be interesting if they have other game modes planned for the future.

For example an assassination mode might be quite interesting and fun to play. Where you have to locate and assassinate specific NPC’s.

Graphics & Audio


One of the things that sets Deceive Inc apart is the graphics.

It uses bright and vibrant colors, reminding you very much of the 70’s. 

As I mentioned it uses cartoony graphics that are very similar to Fortnite and it works very well. 

The style just fits the vibe of the game. 

You can easily spot citizens, staff and guards. 

It’d be interesting if there was a chance for some form of collabs in the future, as the skins is one reason why Fortnite is still so popular.

In terms of the audio, the background music is great.

It suits the game really well.

There are some great sound effects when certain things happen such as a vault opening or an alert when an innocent bystander gets killed. 

The Maps

At the point of writing this review there are 4 different maps in Deceive Inc. 

  • Silver Reef
  • Hard Sell
  • Diamond Spire
  • Fragrant Shore 

Each of them are very unique and pretty big.

The first thing you want to do is get familiar with the different maps, this is going to increase your chance of winning. 

The developers did say they are currently working on a new map, so hopefully we’ll have even more to choose from. 

What I Like

  • Large Maps with plenty of detail 
  • Variety of spy gadgets to test different play styles
  • Nice selection of spies
  • Fun stealth mechanics
  • Unique multiplayer game

What I Don’t Like

  • Health doesnt last long
  • Few lag issues
  • More interactions with NPC’s

Final Thoughts

There are very few games that really grip me from the start but Deceive Inc is one of them. It’s just a fun game that has a challenge to it and just makes you want to continue playing to get that win. 

It can feel a little repetitive after a while as there are only 4 maps, but you do continue finding new areas that I’ve not seen before. 

As the game has just launched, I’m really excited to see what is to come in the future.

My hope is that the player base continues to grow, so the game can get even better. 

The fact that its launched on so many platforms is great and crossplay allows you to play with people no matter what system they use. 

Overall a great game with some little quirks that need polishing. 

Now I’m not a big FPS player but I really enjoyed this. 

So even if you don’t like FPS games, give it a go. 


How Easy Is Deceive Inc?

Its going to take a little bit of time to get used to it. There are mechanics that are unique, such as figuring out how to blend in as a citizen, getting to vault locations and understanding the difference between the different spies. 

There is however a tutorial you can run through and a training level. I’d just get into a few solo games and just keep practicing. The more you play, the better you’ll get.

How Much Does Deceive Inc Cost?

You can get the standard version of the game for $20. There are no monthly fees at the point of writing this.

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