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There are only a few MMO’s on the market that are really popular. One of which is The Elder Scrolls Online. Even though it launched back in 2014, its still pulling in a lot of players on a daily basis. 

One of the reasons why is because its so accessible. Its one of the only MMO games that’s available on so many different systems, such as;

  • PC
  • Xbox One / Series X
  • PS4/5

With it being on so many platforms, it does make people ask “Is ESO Cross platform?

It’s not a simple answer as it is and it isn’t. I’ll go into more detail below on ESO Cross Play. 

Key Takeaways

  • ESO is NOT Cross Platform
  • ESO is Cross Generation, so PS4 players can play with PS5 players and the same with Xbox players.
  • There are no plans for ESO to be cross platform in the future

Is ESO Cross-Platform in 2022?

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The answer is yes and no. It’s not cross-platform, however it is cross generation..

So if you’re playing on a PC, you will not see any players that are on console and the same the other way round. 

However because it’s cross generation, if you’re an Xbox player then you will be playing with other players on another Xbox IE Xbox One, Series X and Series S. 

The same if you play on playstation, you will see people on both the PS4 and the PS5. 

So whether or not you can say ESO is cross platform or not is up for some debate. As long as you play on the same generation of console as your friends, then you can join them. 

Can You Play ESO Cross Platform on PC and Xbox?

Unfortunately no, even though both are made by Microsoft its not cross platform. If you’re playing on PC and your friends are on Xbox you will not be able to play with them. ESO is not cross platform between the two. If you wanted to play on both PC and Xbox, you would also need to get a separate account. 

Can You Play Elder Scrolls Online Cross Platform With A PC and Playstation? 

No, like with the Xbox its not possible to play ESO cross platform between PC and either PS4 or PS5. You would need to be on the same system as you friends if you were to play with others. 

They’re standalone servers, so you’d also need to have a separate account for each system. This can certainly make it more expensive if you’re looking to play on multiple devices. Plus the pain of having to grind up additional characters depending on the system you were using. 

Is ESO Cross-Platform Stadia and PC?

Yes, using Stadia and PC are cross platform. Therefore you would be able to play with your friends across stadia or PC. 

UPDATE: It does seem that Stadia is shutting down in January 2023, at this point it would not be possible to play ESO on it. Hopefully it’ll be added to GeForce Now in the future. 

Can You Play ESO Cross Platform Between Xbox and Playstation?

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You would think it would be easy enough to do but no, Elder Scrolls Online is not cross platform between Xbox and Playstation. If your friend is a Xbox player and your playstation, you won’t be on the same servers. 

Is Elder Scrolls Online Cross-Platform PS4 and PS5?

Yes, you’ll be glad to hear that you can play ESO together whether you’re on a PS4 or a PS5. This is because it’s cross generation, so even though its a different console it’s the same generation of console so you can cross play between the two. 

Ideal for those that want to play with friends but are struggling to find a PS5 or just don’t want to upgrade from their PS4. 

Is ESO Cross-Platform Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S?

Yes, no matter which Xbox you have you’ll be able to join your friends in ESO. As mentioned above, this is because it’s cross generational. So you’re able to play it on the same generation of console. 

Will The Next-Gen Update Impact ESO Cross-Play?

One of the great things about The Elder Scrolls Online is how accessible it is. No matter what system you use, you’ll be able to enjoy the game. 

Prior to June 8th 2022, the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S version of ESO was backward compatible. They did however update the graphics of the game after this date to look better on next gen consoles. 

So next gen updates have impacted the backwards capability but you’re still able to play with your friends if they’re using the same generation of consoles. 

As mentioned before anyone on playstation consoles can play with each other. The same is for Xbox players. However, Playstation and Xbox players are not able to play together. 

Is Cross-Play In Development For The Elder Scrolls Online?

The Elder Scrolls Online

It seems there are no plans for cross play in ESO and to be honest I don’t think there ever will. Zenimax Online Studios are going to be focusing more of their development time on bringing out new expansions. 

It’s also worth noting that cross-play will potentially impact on sales as people do tend to buy ESO on multiple systems so they can play with friends. 

It’s also very unlikely to happen due to the impact it would have in-game. For instance, the economy within the game would break, due to the sudden increase in players on the server and/or increase in sellers etc. 

Let alone how much strain it would have on game servers. 


Is ESO Cross-Progression?

No, cross progression is not possible in The Elder Scrolls Online. This is basically where you have a character on say PC and then have the game on PS4 and wish to play the same character. This is not possible as each system uses different servers. You’d have to create a new character. 

Can ESO Be Played Offline?

No, Elder Scrolls Online is as the name explains, an online game only. Therefore it cannot be played offline. 

Can I Play ESO With Friends?

Yes, of course. If you can, then I’d recommend it as it offers so much more to explore the world with friends. It’s worth noting though, you can only play with friends if they use the same platform as you. 

Final Thoughts

So to the question “is ESO Cross Platform?”The answer is no, I’m afraid. The Elder Scrolls Online is not a cross play game. This means that people who are playing on different platforms (PC, Playstation, Xbox) cannot interact with each other in the game.

This is a shame as many new MMO games are Cross-Platform and this does certainly make it easier for people to enjoy the game with their friends.

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