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Sneak Energy Review

Sneak Energy Review: At a Glance


I’ve been on a mission to find an energy drink that will give me that energy boost and help increase my concentration and focus. Although I’ve not wanted to suffer from the jitters or a sudden energy crash, I think I’ve found that in Sneak Energy. It also helps that its not too expensive and it tastes AMAZING!. 

So an energy drink that will help give me that caffiene fix but also help me focus on getting through a raid, mythic dungeon or focusing on getting that win in Fortnite. Is Sneak Energy the drink to help do this? 

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What is Sneak Energy?

Sneak Energy was originally created to help gamers not only get that needed energy boost but also help enhance their gaming performance. Perfect for those like me that wanted that caffeine boost without having to drink cups and cups of coffee. 

Sneak Energy have a large range of flavors for you to enjoy. You can try any flavor your want with their starter packs or custom packs, where you can mix and match flavours you think you’d prefer. 

You dont have to just have an energy drink, they also offer a range of Hydration drinks. So you can get that sustained energy boost without caffeine. 

One of the reasons why I started drinking powdered energy drinks is because I was looking to get a clean energy boost. 

I wanted to find a nice tasty, but sugar-free energy drink. I also get bored, so I wanted to try a company that provides a wide variety of flavours. 

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Who is Sneak For?

Sneak is going to be for anyone that wants that little extra energy or a boost to their focus and concentration. Due to the caffiene content, it should only be consumed by adults. 

You’ll benefit from Sneak no matter if your working throughout the day or planning a late night gaming session. I have a couple a day, the first will be late morning to help me get through the day at work. I’ll then have another later afternoon/early evening to help me with focusing on my gaming. 

Perfect for anyone that needs that bit of energy but wants a clean boost. Its suger-free and low in calories. 

My Sneak Energy Order

My Sneak Order

I’ve made a few orders now with Sneak Energy but my most recent order was the biggest. Its worth noting that this review is based on my own thoughts, I was NOT sent any products to write this review. I paid for them as I generally enjoy drinking Sneak Energy. 

My last order was for; 

  • 1x Tub of Tropikilla
  • 5x Electric Mango Taster Sachet
  • 5x Rhubarb & Custard Taster Sachet
  • 5x PURPLE STORM Taster Sachet
  • 5x Blizzard Ice Taster Sachet
  • 3x RASPBERRY LEMONADE Taster Sachet
  • 3x Grape Crush Taster Sachet
  • 3x Sour Apple Taster Sachet 
  • 5x Free Random Taster Sachet 

As you can see, I had a nice selecion. I wanted to try and test out as many different flavours as possible. So I certainly feel that I’ll be able to give my honest Sneak Energy review overall and not just on a specific flavour. 

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First Impressions of Sneak Energy

My first impression was before I even got started with sneak and purchases a tub. I was first impressed with the look of it, it just looks stylish. The logo looks cool and I love the rabbit character. 

Now as I mentioned, I’ve had a number of energy drinks over the years. Not just your energy cans like Monster but a number of powder drinks such as Sneak and Gfuel.

The Sneak tubs just feel like better quality. Sounds strange but they just seemed so much easier to put the lid back on. I know that sounds daft but some drinks, it seems like it takes ages just to be able to fasten the lid back on. 

I like the fact that the powder matches the flavour. The Electric Mango powder is yellow like a mango and not just a generic white artificial powder like other companies. 

In fact Sneak Energy doesnt contain any artificial colorings or flavourings. 

The Sneak Flavours & Taste Test

So what did I think about the flavours that I tried? 

Purple Storm – 9/10

You can usually have an idea on what something will taste like by the name. Not with Purple Storm. 

You’d assume its going to be some form of berry or red grape, turns out it’s so much better! 

I have to say, this is probably one of my favourite flavours. 

I mixed it with about 500ml of water, probably more than I should have but I like the drink to last longer. It smelt a bit like blackcurrants and reminded me of Ribena crossed with Vimto. 

The flavour is very much like Vimto, which I love. It has that fruity taste which is sweet bit not too sweet. 

I love the fact that its not overly sweet and it doesnt have a artificial or medicine taste. 

This is one of those flavours, i’ll be having again and again. 

Tropikilla – 8/10

Sneak Tropikilla

When its winter, what could I possibly drink to make me feel like I was sat on a beach. Yep Tropikilla! I could imagine myself sat round the pool drinking this, I wonder if I could get away with popping a little Vodka or Rum in it. 

Adding water turned the drink yellow and could smell the pineapple. 

Tasting it, you could taste the pineapple with a slight flavour of Mango. Its a good job I liked it, as I had an entire tub of it. 

I found it to be very refreshing and the flavour didnt linger in the mouth too long. 

If you like any kind of tropical drink, then I’m sure you’ll like this one. Its certainly going to be on my shopping list again. 

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Raspberry Lemonade – 9/10

Raspberry Lemonade is another winner for me from Sneak. 

I’m a big fan of Raspberries but the nice thing about this drink is that its not overpowering and not too sweet. 

When I first took a drink, I got the lemonade flavour. You can taste the lemon but its not too tart. As soon as you taste the lemon, you then get the flavour of raspberries and it just ads that bit of sweetness. 

If your not a fan of lemons then I’d suggest avoiding this one. Its not too sour, so dont let this put you off. 

I mixed it with about 500ml of water and again, loved the taste. 

Neon Punch – 7/10

With a name like Neon Punch, you might be a bit unsure on what the flavour is. Its a combination of Apple, Pear and Kiwi. Which is a combination that does work well together. 

Dont let the name but you off, its not overpowering. Its not too sour or too sweet, its very well balanced. 

The first mouthful you get an apple taste, which then gets a little sweeter due to the pear. Overall a nice flavour. I couldnt score it too high as I only had the one sachet, so I dont think I can give it a true score until I’ve tried more of it. 

Does Sneak Energy Work? Did It Give Me More Energy?

Lets face it, the reason I have drinks like this is because I want an energy drink to keep me energized throughout the day or through my gaming sessions. 

I work throughout the day, family time in evening and then some gaming at night. Usually getting around 5 hours sleep per day. So I need that energy and alertness, without the crash. 

I’ll stream around 12-1pm for a couple of hours. So I’ll usually have my energy drink during the stream or just at the start. 

Before I started using Sneak Energy, i’d struggle to concentrate on my work in the afternoon and come 4 O’clock I would start feeling really tired. Theres been times that I’d just fall a sleep sat up right at my desk. 

This changed when I started drinking Sneak. 

At first I didnt think it did anything as I was expecting a sudden rush of energy, or thought i’d be buzzing. 

However it was not until a few days after using it that I noticed, I was no longer feeling tired in the afternoon. Infact I felt awake throughout the day and evening. 

My gaming performance and concentration at work also improved. I was able to concentrate on my work tasks and get things done quicker than would normally take me much more focus to do before. 

I also liked the fact that, come when I wanted to go to bed. I was able to easily, I was not wired. Its like I was able to sleep easily, even though I didnt feel too tired. 

I’ve also never experienced an energy crash, like I have with energy drinks from the shop. 

No matter whether I used their energy drink or hydrate drink, I still felt just as alert and energized. 

Now it is worth noting that having a good sleep schedule is important to see the effects of caffeine. If you’re tired then caffeine may not be as effective. Its also noting that different people have different tolerances. 

Is Sneak Worth The Hype? What Does It Cost?

I do think that Sneak is worth it and it’ll continue to be my go to energy drink. The flavours are some of the best I’ve tried, with no powdery after taste. 

Not only that but I feel the effects from it fairly quickly. These effects even seem to last a good 6 hours and I dont feel tired afterwards. 

In terms of cost, they do seem to be pretty comparable to other energy drinks on the market. Although at roughly $1 per serving, they’re cheaper than canned energy drinks from the store. 

I like the fact that you can buy tasting packs to find the flavours your like. You can also buy small tubs at 150g or large tubs at 400g. This making it suitable for all budgets. 

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How Much Caffiene is in Sneak Energy Drinks?

A simgle serving of Sneak Energy contains 150mg of caffiene. This improves your performance without giving you the jitters or adverse effects. 

You’re able to safetly have a couple of servings and caffiene from other drinks, without having any issues. Again though, this would depend on your tollerance. 

If we compare the caffiene content in Sneak Energy with other drinks, you’ll see that it gives you much more caffiene. 

Monster drinks contains roughly 86.4mg of caffiene, Red Bull contains 110mg, depending on can size. Gfuel would be most comparable to Sneak Energy and that contains roughly 140mg of caffiene.  

What Are the Ingredients in Sneak Energy?

When it comes to a good energy formula, you want something thats got the right ingredients in it without unwanted fillers. As im looking to manage my weight, I want an energy drink that has zero sugar and as few calories as possible. 

I stay away from proprietary blends as they tend to hide the ingredients, I want to know what im drinking. 

Its also important to make sure that it contains a high enough dosage of the ingredients, therefore irt actually gives you the results it claims. 

Sneak contains;

  • Caffeine: 150mg
  • Vitamin B12: 500% DV
  • Vitamin B complex: 50% DV
  • Vitamin C: 100% DV
  • Taurine: 1250mg
  • L-Tyrosine: 1500mg
  • Panax Ginseng: 400mg
  • L-Carnitine: 100mg
  • L-Choline: 1250mg

If your looking for an energy drink thats vegan friendly, low in calories and healthier than other drinks on the market, give Sneak a try. 

How To Use Sneak Energy

Sneak market their drinks towards gamers, but its going to help give you more energy and improve performance whether its for gaming, work or gym workouts. 

I personally use it to help with those gaming sessions but to also help boost my focus and concentration at work during the day. 

All you need to do is get one scoop of powder and add this to the shaker with around 400-500 ml of water. You can alter the amount depending on how diluted you want the flavour to be. 

Try and go for cold water, its going to make it even more refreshing. 

I try to make it last but to be honest, I like the taste that much that I struggle not to just down it in one go. 

The great thing about Sneak is that you can mix it with other drinks if you want. Or why not try mixing flavours to make your own unusual but tasty combinations. 

Benefits of Drinking Sneak

No doubt if you’ve tried other energy drinks, you’ll be familiar with some of the benefits. Sneak gives you that clean energy boost, but thats not all. 

Since it contains a number of vitamins and minerals, you’ll also notice that you can focus on tasks better, sharpened sense and better reaction times. This is ideal if your trying to complete a raid or get that Victory Royale. 

No Suger

One of the biggest benefits is the fact that Sneak is suger-free., this is a big plus for me. 

The benefit of it being suger free is that you dont get that unwanted suger crash a few hours after drinking it. Not only that but without the sugar, it dramatically reduces the calorie count and makes it much healthier. 

With Sneak, I dont have to worry about it adding to my weight. 

No Jitter Side Effects

We often drink energy drinks to give us more focus and concentration when gaming. Getting the jitters is not going to help with reactions.

This is often why people try not to drink too much coffee. 

Since Sneak contains L-Theanine, this helps to reduce the jitters. It does this by preventing the negative effects of Caffeine, although you’ll still see the benefits. 

Increased Dopamine, Better Mood

We all like that extra energy boost and improve focused. Did you know that some energy drinks can actually help improve your mood? 

Sneak contains L-tyrosine, which helps the body produce more dopamine. This is known to help make you feel happy. 

Final Verdict

There we have it, my Sneak Energy Review. As mentioned, out of the different drinks I’ve tried it is honestly the best. Why should you trust this review? Because I actually drink Sneak. 

I’ve found that most of the flavours are great. There are some that I dont really like much and probably wouldnt try again, although this is the same for any company. Even those that I didnt like, it was just because of my personal taste, the consistency of the drink was still great. 

Plus the energy boost and concentration benefits was still just as good.

I just find them very convenient and helped gives the boost you need, without it being crazy expensive. 

The packaging looks great and I love the fact that you can get different packets, allowing you to try different ones. 

Even after using Sneak now for over 4 months, my body isnt getting used to the additional caffiene. Im still seeing the boost I had from the first sip. 

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