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Best Fortnite Skins

If you’re looking for the best Fortnite skins, you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to go through some of our favorites. 

One of the fun parts of Fortnite is waiting in the lobby. I love wandering around and looking at the different skins players have. I also don’t mind getting killed by someone that has one of the best fortnite skins or one that I’ve not seen before. 

New skins are released on a fairly regular basis, and older ones are available again through the Fortnite shop. 

You can also get new skins from challenges or earning XP.

The great thing about Fortnite skins is the mixture of skins available. They have some excellent originals such as Jonsey, Peely and even the Beef Boss Skin. (That’s right, a burger character!?!)

As well as originals, they’ve also done some amazing crossovers. Imagine landing down as Darth Vadar, Batman or even Spiderman. (There are some amazing Marvel and other superhero skins). 

So, let’s see which are the best Fortnite skins, so you can show off when you win a Victory Royale. 

Its worth noting, these are the ones that we think are best. Let us know in the comments which Fortnite Skin you think is the best. 

What Is The Best Skin In Fortnite?

There are so many skins available in Fortnite, how is it possible to list which is the best. There are a total of 1381 skins at the point of writing this. 

I’ll go into a complete list of the best Fortnite skins in my opinion, however below are the top 5 that other players feel are the best. (Based on FB and YouTube comments).

  • Midas
  • Calamity 
  • Drift
  • Meowcels
  • Spiderman

Fortnite Best Skins

1. Black Knight Skin

Introduced: Chapter 1, Season 2

If you’ve got the Black Knight skin then you are not only incredibly lucky but is a good sign that you’ve been playing Fortnite for a long time. The Black Knight skin is very old, as it was released towards the end of 2017. 

Not only is it very old and therefore rare, it was only ever released in the Season 2 Battle Pass. Its therefore never been in the item shop and there’s a good chance that it never will be. 

Black Knight was a part of the Fort Knights set (See what they did there with the name?!) 

It featured other knight skins, along with a range of other cosmetics. This is one set that i’d love to be able to get access to. 

2. Midas Skin 

Introduced: Chapter 2, Season 2

Midas is one of those really sought after skins in Fortnite, and to be honest not one of my favorites. I do get the appeal, as he does look like a typical Bond style character. Perfect for a Battle Royal. 

The Midas skin was available in the chapter 2, season 2 battle pass, so its doubtful it will be back. There have however been some variations available in future seasons.

The skin initially has the hands in gold but does also come in variations of it covered in gold. This is based on the skin being the namesake of an ancient king said to have the ability to turn anything he touched into gold.   

3. Peely Skin 

Introduced: Chapter 1, Season 8

The Peely skin does have a split opinion. Some players love it and think he’s one of the best, whereas others cannot stand him.

Peely has become a bit of a mascot for Fortnite and its nice to have a bit of fun with some of the characters. There’s been some different variations of Peely over the years but the original is still a fan favorite.

It’s not a skin I’d personally wear much…Let’s face it, it’s going to be pretty hard hiding from other players when you’re a bright yellow walking banana. 

4. Spiderman Fortnite Skin 

Spiderman Fortnite Skin

Introduced: Chapter 3, Season 1

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man came swinging into Fortnite in Chapter 3. It was very sought after and even came with web shooters so you could swing yourself around the map. 

There are 3 variations of the Spider-Man Fortnite Skin and each has different styles as well. You could get the Tom Holland’s No Way Home version of Spiderman, as well as the original Spider-Man and even Zero point armored version. 

The Fortnite Spiderman Skin can usually be found on the item shop and due to its popularity, I expect it to return. Hopefully we’ll see a Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield versions. 

I’d also love to see the Iron Man Spiderman suit join the Fortnite lineup. 

5. Harley Quinn Skin 

Harley Quin Skin

Introduced: Chapter 2, Season 1

I don’t think I’ve been in a match without seeing at least 1 Harley Quinn skin. It’s no surprise, as she is a fan favorite in the recent films. 

The skin can be bought from the item shop, when it does come around. 

There are actually 3 variations of the Fortnite Harley Quinn Skin. The first is inspired by Suicide Squad. The second is from the Birds of Prey Movies. 

The 3rd is a skin called “Always Fantabulous” and it can only be unlocked by completing challenges. 

6. Galaxy Skin 


Introduced: Chapter 1, Season 5

Fortnite dont just collaborate with other games and movies. They’ve even collaborated with Samsung when they launched the Galaxy Note 9 or Galaxy Tab S4.

This Galaxy skin was given to those that bought either device. This created a massive demand for the phone or tablet. 

I’m sorry to say that this skin is no longer available and was last seen back in 2020 (At the point of writing this anyway!

There is an alternative though….

The Galaxy Scout is a female version that has been in the ingame shop fairly recently. In fact its been at least once a month this year. 

I don’t know if I’d spend 2000 V Bucks on it, but it does look very nice! 

7. Marshmello Skin 

Marshmello Skin

Introduced: Chapter 1, Season 7

More recently we had the Ariana Grande live event, however back in 2019 there was the live concert featuring DJ Marshmello. 

There were more than 10 million players that joined in on the event and this opened up him getting his own skin. 

It appeared a few times on the item shop since then, the last being May 2022. There are a couple of variations in the Melloverse set, including Marsha and MARSHINOBI. 

8. Lynx Skin 

Lynx Skin

Introduced: Chapter 1, Season 7 

Lynx is a skin that many players I’ve spoken to would love, however it’s no longer attainable. It was from the Battle pass in chapter 1, season 7.

It looks a bit like a robotic Cat Woman suit. Its a very rare skin as I’ve never seen anyone wearing it. 

One of the things I love about this skin is the variety in colors and styles. It starts off as a normal character and then gradually becomes more cat-like with more pieces of equipment added. There are then 4 different color styles that you can choose from.

9. Raven Skin 

Raven Skin

Introduced: Chapter 1, Season 3

The Raven skin has been around since 2018, but it still remains one of the most popular Fortnite skins. 

This legendary skin can often be found in the item shop, in fact its been in over 46 times since it was released. With a cost of 2000 VBucks. 

It’s part of the Nevermore set and actually features some nice extras such as gliders, backbling and even contrails.

There’s also a female version known as RAVAGE, which looks pretty epic. 

10. Darth Vader Fortnite Skin 

Darth Vader Fortnite Skin

Introduced: Chapter 3, Season 3

The Darth Vader Fortnite Skin has arrived on the island and at the point of writing this is still available. (Although you can only get it from the Battle Pass). 

This is the perfect skin for any fan of Star Wars and It does look nice. It’s not a skin I would use but I’ll get it as it’s doubtful it will ever be in the item shop. (This version anyway..)

The only downside is that you don’t get a lightsaber as the pickaxe. Although during Season 3 of Chapter 3, you can fight Darth Vader in-game in order to get the Lightsaber weapon, which is pretty cool. 

It’s a fairly unique weapon, as it can deflect bullets as well as provide melee attacks. 

The only emote I would want if using this skin is “Whos Your Daddy?”, I can just imagine using this after each kill. 

11. Arcane Jinx Fortnite Skin 

Arcane Jinx Fortnite Skin

Introduced: Chapter 2, Season 8

I was obsessed with Arcane when it first came out, I binge watched it. I’m still playing Enemy from Imagine Dragons on a nearly daily basis, the theme tune is amazing. 

This Jinx skin is one that I will certainly buy when it next becomes available, even if I wont play it often. I think the design and style just fits with the Fortnite world. 

The skin is available in the item shop and costs1500 V Bucks. It was available for 3 months when it was first seen in November 2021 and has not returned since February 2022. 

Hopefully when Arcane Season 2 is released, we’ll see a return of Jinx in Fortnite. 

12. The Mandalorian Skin

The Mandalorian

Introduced: Chapter 2, Season 5

Mando has joined Fortnite, although his Beskar armor won’t stop you getting shot at. The Mandalorian Fortnite Skin looks great. There’s so much detail, you can see why it’s so popular. 

Although since it was part of the Chapter 2, Season 4 Battle Pass, It’s unlikely to hit the item shop anytime soon.

13. Deadpool Skin

Fortnite Skin Deadpool

Introduced: Chapter 2, Season 2

Who doesn’t love the foul mouthed Merc? 

It’s a clear fan favorite as it’s one of the most popular Fortnite Skins. Unfortunately its no longer available as it was part of the Chapter 2, Season 2 battle pass. Although there have been a couple of variations such as Cuddlepool and Ravenpool. These have found their way onto the shop. 

I’m pretty confident that if they put DeadPool in the item shop, many people would be throwing their VBucks at it!

14. Batman Skin

Batman Skin

Introduced: Chapter 1, Season X

If your a fan of the caped crusader then your in luck, he is a firm favourite on the Fortnite island. In fact there are 3 Batman Fortnite skins, 4 if you count the Batman who laughs. (A bit of a cross over between Batman and The joker)

The first Batman Skin appeared in Season X of Chapter 1. This was available as the Batman Caped Crusader Pack, which cost $15.99. Its only ever been available once. 

Next we had Batman Zero in Chapter 2, Season 6. This was available in the shop for 1500 V Bucks, its appeared fairly often since then. The last time since writing this was July 2022.  

Finally we have Armored Batman Zero, which came out in Chapter 2, Season 7. This again costs 1500 V Bucks and was last seen July 2022.

If you don’t have a Batman Skin in Fortnite but want one, keep an eye on the shop. I expect it will be back again very soon.  

15. Calamity Skin 

Calamity Skin

Introduced in: Chapter 1, Season 6

Now if you’re a fan of Westerns, then you’d love this Fortnite skin. Initially it looks like a basic skin, however its an evolvable skin. 

As you level up, it looks even better. Eventually having a cool Cowboy/girl hat and even a long trench coat. 

There were then challenges that could be completed to give the skin a different color glow. 

The only downside is that since this was a battle pass skin, it’s doubtful we’ll see it again. 

16. Superman Fortnite 

Superman Fortnite Skin

Introduced: Chapter 2, Season 7

It only makes sense when aliens are invading Fortnite island, who should be there to help? 

Yep, the Man of Steel himself. Superman! 

The Fortnite Superman Skin was pretty cool and unique. It had a feature where you could start the game as Clark Kent and then turn into Superman as you’re playing. 

During season 7, there were certainly a lot of player’s using the Superman skin. I was certainly one of them! 

It even had a Shadow style, which looked very cool

17. The Reaper / John Wick Fornite Skin 

John Wick Skin in Fortnite

Introduced: Chapter 1, Season 3

There’s not many skins that make me run away as soon as I see them, but this is one of them. First of all the Reaper is inspired by the character John Wick, a hired gun that no one wants to cross. 

The 2nd reason is that it was available in Chapter 1, Season 3. So there’s a good chance the people rocking this skin are very good at Fortnite. (And I’m just…okay!)

The John Wick Fortnite Skin was only available in the Battlepass of season 3. Even though people have begged for it, it’s never gone into the item shop. 

With a new John Wick planned for release in 2023…could there be an opportunity to revive this skin? It’s not one I’ll be using but if I can get it, I will! 

18. Doctor Strange Skin 

Doctor Strange Skin

Introduced: Chapter 3, Season 2

The Doctor Strange Fortnite Skin is a part of the Marvel series and was unlocked through the Battle Pass of Chapter 3, season 2. This was around the same time that the new movie was released. 

In order to unlock it, you needed to get to the last page of the Battle Pass. It’s actually one that I see a lot in battles and one that I’ll usually try and avoid if I see them.

Even though it did come with a number of variations, I only ever see the original being played. 

Since it was the reward to the Battle Pass, it’s doubtful it will ever appear in the store.

19. The Flash Fortnite Skin

The Flash Skin

Introduced in: Chapter 2, Season 5

Imagine running that fast into the speed force that you end up on the Fortnite map. Now you can get the Flash skin in fortnite and pretend that your the scarlet speedster. 

The set comes with a pretty cool emote and also has an impressive back bling. My only issue with the back bling is that it could probably be spotted pretty easily. 

The Flash has made a couple of appearances and can be purchased in the item store for only 1500 V Bucks. 

Personally if your a fan of the Flash like me, its well worth the V Bucks. 

20. Joker Skin

The Joker Skin

Introduced: Chapter 2, Season 4

We’ve got the dark crusader in our list, so we cannot really miss out his arch nemesis the Joker! 

Even though there are more Marvel characters, DC characters have made an appearance. Including the laughing clown himself. 

The only way to get the Joker was through buying the Last Laugh bundle The bundle cost $29.99 and has yet to make a return. Perhaps something for the future? 

21. Fable Skin 

Fable Skin

Introduced: Chapter 1, Season 6

The Fable skin is an old one and one that I don’t have, since it was a Battlepass reward back in Season 6 of Chapter 1. 

This is a very simple skin but to be honest I think thats one of the reasons why I like it. Its been well designed and as a fan of fantasy/medieval, this style fits really well. 

Fable is a Red Riding Hood inspired skin with pigtails and the typical red hood. I dont however think she’ll be scared of any wolves in the forest, since she has two wolf tails attached to her belt. 

22. Castor Skin

Castor Skin

Introduced in: Chapter 1, Season 6

Now its doubtful you’ll see Castor on any Best Fortnite Skins lists other than this one. Why?

It gets an honorable mention as its the one I personally use and think it looks pretty awesome. 

I’m big into fantasy/RPG and just feel that this skin really suits that look, plus I think the detail on the skin is pretty awesome. 

The skin itself is pretty common and is often found in the item shop at around 1500 V Bucks. 

It comes with a pretty neat looking back bling and also has 3 additional variations. 

Perhaps in reality not one of the best Fortnite skins but I think it looks pretty epic.

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