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How to Escape the depths as Barret in final fantasy 7 rebirth Chapter 3

Been stuck in the Mythril mines wondering how to escape the depths?

Who doesnt like wondering around a mythril mine for hours looking for the way out? Me, thats who! 

The problem is, thats exactly what happened. I’m embarrased to say, It took me a long time to get Barret and Red XIII out. 

I’ve written this quick guide for you, so you dont have to blunder around getting attacked by Flans. 

How To Escape The Depths – Quick Takeaway

If you’re in a hurry, here is how you escape the depths of the Mythril Mine in Chapter 3 of FF7 Rebirth. Check out below for a more detailed guide and video. 

  • Head towards the large tree roots at the back of the mine. 
  • Climb up the tree. 
  • The path splits, head right for items or up to continue to the exit
  • When you’re at the top, Barret can shoot the rocks to clear a path
  • Behind the rocks opposite the path up is a rock wall. Its next to a large amount of Mythril
  • Use this path to climb up

It all starts after the fight between Elena and Rude from the Turks. After a pretty decent fight theres and explosion, with Barret and Red XIII falling to the depths of the Mythril Mine. Left alone, you need to get them back up to the rest of the party, which is easier said than done. 

Its not a hard area, the monsters are pretty straight forward. You can literally one shot the flans with fire. 

The issue is finding the path to escape, as the exit is pretty well hidden. 

NOTE: Make sure you check your gear and equip materia as you’ll have a few monster fights and a boss fight against the Mythril Golem. As a tip, i’d suggest equipping Fire and Lightening.

FF7 Rebirth Escaping the Depths Guide

Since we’re now controlling Barret, you get a new ability. You can use his Gattling Gun to destory certain rocks, which will come in handy soon. 

As well as that you can destory Mythril, this will often give you some resources. So make sure you destory as many of them as possible. 

You’ll start off in a room that has a resting bench, make sure to use this. To the right of this is the path that has a couple of new enermies, the Flan.

The quickest way of killing these is by using Fire. You can pretty much one-shot them! 

Continue forward and there’ll be a conversation between Barret and Red XIII on how to escape. It’ll show a tree like area on the rocks. Head Northeast on the map and you should reach it.


Here you’ll find yellow painted rocks that you can climb up. 

Near the top, you’ll notice that the path splits, to the right are some items. 

Head upward and you’ll reach the upper platform.

Now this is the section that many people end up getting lost…I certainly did!

You’ll be able to destory rocks and Mythril with Barrets gun. There’s one large rock next to the large mythril deposit, its on the right side of the platform.

how to escape the depths ff7 rebirth

Behind this large rock is a wall that be climbed, now its not as easy to spot as the previous wall. Which is exactly why I walked past it twice….

Climb up there and you’ll be able to continue with the rest of Chapter 3 of FF7 Rebirth. 

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