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Chapter 1: The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1

In this part of the FF7 Remake Walkthrough, were going to be covering Chapter 1 The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1.

If you’ve played the original, you will spot some similarities. It has however been expanded on and some bits are much harder.

I’ll share step by step what you need to, including boss tips, enemies you’ll face and how to find all the chests.

Let’s get going into Mako Reactor 1.

Main Objectives

Below are a list of the main objectives to Chapter 1. Below is a quick summary of what the objective is, below i’ll go into step by step details.

  • Enter the Reactor Grounds
  • Infiltrate the Reactor
  • Breach Security
  • Utility Access
  • Reach Mako Storage
  • Set the Charge
  • Escape the Reactor

Chapter 1: The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1 Walkthrough

After the cutscene, you’ll be in control of Cloud. Walk forward and you’ll be approached by 2 security guards.

These are pretty easy and will be defeated easily with your standard attack.

In front of you is a brick hallway on the left, walk through this.

Jessie and Wedge will run past you, leaving you to defeat 2 security guards at the turnstile.

At this point, you’ll go through a quick tutorial on ATB. Basically as you attack enemies with your standard attack, your ATB bar charges up.

This allows you to use different functions such as abilities, spells and items.

Once you defeat these enemies, Cloud will jump over the turnstile.

Enter the Reactor Grounds

FF7 Remake chapter 1  - Enter the Reactor Grounds

After jumping the turnstile, you’ll be attacked by 3 enemies. Two of these enemies will com down the stairs, whereas one will come up from behind you.

Now it’s time to learn how to block and dodge attacks.

Once you’ve taken down the enemies, head up the stairs that the two guards came down. At the top of the stairs, you’ll find a chest with 2 potions.

Follow the left wall of the stairs, you’ll find some junk. This is a moveable barricade. On the other side, there is a chest that contains 2 Grenades.

As well as chests, you’ll also come across Shinra boxes.

These boxes are breakable and can be spotted as they have the Shinra logo on them. You should always break these as they often contain potions to heal, Mako Shards to restore MP and Moogle Medals. (These can be traded in later in the game)

Go through the archway and on the left you’ll see some of the Shinra boxes.

Turn around and you’ll see Wedge and Barret stood talking, there should be a shinra box to smash on the way to them.

As you get close to Wedge, Barret will walk off and a conversation between Jessie and Biggs will start. (Basically introducing Cloud and the fact that he used to be in SOLIDER)

After a quick conversation with Wedge, walk up to Barret and another conversation will start.

The door into the Make Reactor will open up.

Infiltrate the Reactor

FF7 Remake chapter 1  - Infiltrate the Reactor

Go down the steps and you’ll get a quick tutorial window pop up and explain how to lock onto targets. This will then start a fight between a security officer and a Guard Dog, these are stronger and quicker than the officer.

TIP: Use Fire against the Guard Dog, this will help to stagger them. This causes them to be stunned so you can continue your attacks and defeat them quickly

Continue through the doors and Wedge will tell you to use the elevator up. Before you do, there are a collection of Shinra boxes in front of you.

Go to the lift and interact with it to get it to move upwards.

Continue to the right and go down the stairs. The team will break through the door and start to move through. Before you can go, you’ll need to defeat some more enemies.

This time you’ll have to face 2 security guards and 1 guard.

Focus on the guard dog and then take the guards out.

Clear the room of the Shinra boxes and head through the gap in the fence.

Continue around, until you get to another set of stairs going down.

When you go down, you’ll be attacked by two security guards. Remember to block or dodge any attacks.

Open the chest near the door to get 2 potions.

Continue through the door and pull the lever, this will open the next set of doors.

Follow Barret, Wedge and Jessie into the inside of the reactor.

Breach Security

FF7 Remake chapter 1  - Breach Security

After a quick conversation with Barret, go to Biggs and he’ll open the doors.

As he does, you’ll walk into a room with 4 security guards that you need to defeat.

This is a good time to test using Clouds Punisher Mode. This basically more of an attack focused mode and causes more damage.

Once these have been defeated, speak to Jessie and she’ll open the door.

Walk through and open the chest to get a Phoenix down and clear the Shinra boxes.

Press the button for the lift next to Barret and this will trigger a conversation with Jessie. A cutscene featuring a younger Tifa will start.

Once you walk into the lift another cutscene will start. This is basically a conversation between Heidegger and President Shinra. Introducing you to Avalanche, which is the name of the group your apart of.

We then switch back to Barret, where he shouts and screams a lot about Mako and where it comes from.

Utility Access

FF7 Remake chapter 1  - Utility Access

Barret has just joined you, as Jessie said there are some enemies that a sword wont defeat. So you need Barret and his ranged weapon to do some of the fighting.

With two party members you can either;

  • keep your current active party member and just set an action for the other one such as use an ability or magic
  • Swap which character you control.

Once you defeat the Sentry Rays, a few Monodrives will appear. When low to the ground, they can be defeated by Cloud. However if they do fly up, its easier to control Barret and shoot them.

Once they’ve all be defeated, head down the stairs.

Reach Mako Storage

FF7 Remake chapter 1  - Reach Mako Storage

Once you’ve gone down the stairs, Jessie will explain the lasers and how you have to go through when they’re not active.

Simply wait for the Laser to stop and run through. The first one is very easy, it simply goes on and off.

The annoying thing is that the character your not controlling will often just walk into the lasers and end up getting hurt.

Follow Jessie down the stairs and you’ll come across more lasers, these ones are a little harder.

You just need to keep an eye on them and learn the pattern.

The first set will go on and off 3 times and then off for a period of time for you to walk through.

The next one will go on and off 3 times, then there will be a very short pause and then it’ll go back on for a 4th time. Dont go through it until the 4th time.

Finally the last laser will go on and off a total of 7 times before you should go through it.

Destroy the Shinra boxes and open the chest at the top of the stairs. This chest contains 2 Potions.

Once you go down the stairs, you’ll see a Sweeper that you need to fight.

TIP: Don’t start the fight right away. Turn around the side of the stairs and find a chest that contains an Ether.

Now its time to take on your first real challenging enemy…

Sweeper Battle Tips

Sweeper Battle Tips

Even though it’s the toughest enemy so far, it’s not too tough.

You want to try and get it staggered, as soon as it has you can use Clouds Punisher mode to cause more damage.

To get it staggered you want to;

  • Have Barret cast Thunder onto it, since its a machine type it has a weakness to Thunder.
  • Use Clouds “Focused Thrust“, as this increases pressure.

Once its defeated, follow Jessie whilst listening to a funny conversation between Cloud and Barret.

Follow Jessie down the first ladder. You can use R2 to drop down the ladder quicker. Once at the bottom, smash the Shinra boxes.

Continue walking around and walk past the stairs to open the chest, this contains a Phoenix Down.

Set the Charge

Jessie will tell you to go down the ladder. You’ll come across some Monodrive’s and a Sentry Ray. once these have been defeated, continue walking down and go past the ladder.

Destory the 4 Monodrive’s and destroy the Shinra boxes and open the chest to get an Ether.

Turn back on yourself and go down the ladder.

TIP: There’s a tough boss battle coming up. Make sure you heal and restore MP before going any further.

Walk up to the Reactor and you’ll go through some conversation as you set the charge. You’ll have two options, 20 minutes and 30 minutes.

  • Select 20 minutes and Barret will say “Pretty Cocky, Ain’t you?” and you’ll also get two Hi-potions and an ether at the start of Chapter 2.
  • Select 30 minutes and Barret will say “Hah! That long enough for you?” and you’ll get no items.

To be honest 20 minutes is more than enough time. As soon as you pick an option, the boss will appear and it’ll be time to fight!

How to Beat the Scorpion Sentinel Boss

Are you ready for the first boss battle of FF7 Remake? The first one is Scorpion Sentinel. It’s actually a pretty tough boss as it has a number of different phrases.

Below i’ll go through each of those phrases to give you tips on how to beat the Scorpion Sentinel Boss.

Scorpion Sentinel Phase 1

When the battle starts, the Scorpion Sentinel will soon be protected against attacks. To cause damage, you’ll need to destroy the Field Generator.

The best way of doing this is Cloud using Fire and Barret using Overcharge.

Once its protection is down, continue attacking. You want to continue using Barrets gun or Thunder to cause high amount of damage.

With Cloud you want to use Punisher mode and also Focused Trust to get it to stagger.

When the Scorpion Sentinels health is down to 75%, it’ll jump onto the wall. The best way to attack would be to use Barrets long range attack as well as Clouds fire.

Another barrier might appear. If it does use Clouds fire to destroy the new Field Generator.

If the Scorpion uses EM Field, stay out of the way as it can cause a lot of damage.

When you get the Scorpion Sentinels health to 50%, it’ll move into Phase 2.

Scorpion Sentinel Phase 2

If you played the original Final Fantasy 7, you’ll remember how much damage it tail laser caused. Well in the remake, it hurts even more.

It’ll start to use its tail laser as soon as you enter phase 2. When it does move to hide Cloud and Barret behind the debris that fell during the quick cutscene.

This debris will protect them from the laser.

When you waiting behind the debris, you want to heal up or restore MP as you cannot do much else.

Once its done the attack, you want to continue attacking as you did before. Keep an eye on the Electric Field attack as this does cause some close range damage. You also want to keep out of the way pf the red missiles as this causes high long range damage.

Theres a chance it’ll do another tail laser attack, if it does just continue to hide behind the debris to avoid it.

Once its HP is down low, it will start to repair itself.

Its really important that you dont let this happen.

To stop it, you need to destroy its left and right leg. Barrets lightening can cause a great deal of damage to the legs.

If you focus on one leg at a time, it will be over pretty quickly.

Escape the Reactor

FF7 Remake chapter 1  - Escape the Reactor

Congratulations, the Scorpion Sentinel is now destroyed. The countdown has already started, so you need to get out of the reactor before it reaches zero.

Its pretty easy to do, simply go back up the ladder and make your way back up. You’ll need to rescue Jessie and continue together until you find Barret again. Just follow the path and attack any enemies that might show up.

Before the final ladder, theres a chest with two potions so make sure you do get that. Continue up the ladder and you’ll meet up with Barret again.

Controlling both Cloud and Barret, you’ll have a couple of enemies to defeat.

Once you do, you’ll be able to activate the lift and escape out of the Mako 1 Reactor before it explodes.

A cutscene will start, showing the destruction of the Mako 1 Reactor and the completion of Chapter 1.


There are a total of 7 enemies in Chapter 1, below you can see what they are and where you’ll encounter them.

Security OfficerSector 1 Train station, Mako Reactor 1 Grounds
Guard DogMako Reactor 1 Grounds
Sentry RayMako Reactor 1 Interior, Mako Reactor 1 Core
MonodriveMako Reactor 1 Interior, Mako Reactor 1 Core
SweeperMako Reactor 1 Interior
Shock TrooperMako Reactor 1 Interior
Scorpion SentinelMako Reactor 1 Core


Below is a list of all of the items that you can obtain in Chapter 1.

  • Total Chests: 12
  • Total Crates: 16
  • Total Potions: 19
  • Total Grenades: 2
  • Total Ethers: 4
  • Total Phoenix Downs: 3
  • Total Mako Shards: 15
  • Total Moogle Medals: 2
ItemFound InLocation
Potion x2ChestSector 1 Station
Grenades x2ChestSector 1 Station
Mako Shard x1CrateSector 1 Station
Potion x1CrateSector 1 Station
Ether x2ChestMako Reactor 1 Grounds
Moogle Medal x1, Potion x1, Mako Shard x1 CrateMako Reactor 1 Grounds
Potion x2, Mako Shard x1 CrateMako Reactor 1 Grounds
Moogle Medal x1CrateMako Reactor 1 Grounds
Potions x2ChestMako Reactor 1 Grounds
Mako Shard x1 CrateMako Reactor 1 Grounds
Phoenix Down x1 ChestMako Reactor 1 Grounds
Mako Shard x1CrateMako Reactor 1 Interior
Phoenix Down x1ChestMako Reactor 1 Interior
Potion x2, Mako Shard x1CrateMako Reactor 1 Interior
Make Shard x1CrateMako Reactor 1 Interior
Potion x2ChestMako Reactor 1 Interior
Ether x1ChestMako Reactor 1 Interior
Potion x1, Mako Shard x1CrateMako Reactor 1 Core
Phoenix Down x1 ChestMako Reactor 1 Core
Mako Shard x1ChestMako Reactor 1 Core
Potion x1, Mako Shard x1 CrateMako Reactor 1 Core
Ether x1CrateMako Reactor 1 Core
Mako Shard x1ChestMako Reactor 1 Core
Mako Shard x1CrateMako Reactor 1 Core
Potion x2ChestMako Reactor 1 Core
Potion x1, Mako Shard x1 CrateReturn to Mako Reactor 1 Core
Potion x1, Mako Shard x1 CrateReturn to Mako Reactor 1 Core
Potion x1, Mako Shard x1 CrateReturn to Mako Reactor 1 Core

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