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How to Unlock Void Elf Allied Race in World of Warcraft

If your looking for a lore-themed and great looking race to play in World of Warcraft, look no further than the Void Elf. 

Once a part of the Blood Elves, they were exiled when looking into using void energy. 

When transformed by the Void Etherials, they became known as the Void Elves or Children of the void. 

I’ll go more into the lore of the Void Elves later in this guide.

For now, lets get straight into how to unlock void elf allied race. 

Unlocking Void Elf

Unlocking Void Elves

As of Dragonflight patch 10.1.5, its now VERY easy to unlock the Void Elf and other allied races. 

Before you had to do some rep grind and complete a number of the Legion questline. 

Now you just need to do two simple things;

  • Have an Alliance character at level 40
  • Complete the Void Elf Introduction Scenario 

Simply head over to the Stormwind Embassy and accept the quest to start the Scenario.

Void Elf Recruitment Scenario

The recruitment scenario for the Void Elf is very easy.

It’ll only take 10-15 minutes to complete and is even quicker if you have a fully geared level 70.

The thing you need to do is head over to the Stormwin Embassy and select The Void Elf option from the quest giver. 

This will start the first quest “The Ghostlands“. 

For this first quest you just need to head over to the Ghostlands and travel to three locations to collect some research notes.

These will include a little narration and intro to the next section of the scenario. 

Once you’ve done that, you’ll start the Telogrus Rift quest and 10 part scenario. 

I wont go into details on the scenario, as its well-worth having the experience yourself to experience the lore. 

Its a pretty simple and easy scenario, so you shouldn’t find it too hard. 

Although if your character is not overleveled, there are some phases you might want to be careful off. 

Phase 4 – In this phase you’ll need to pull mobs.

They’re are plenty of them and this could mean that you pull too many.

They do cause some damage, so try not to go in too confident and pull lot’s of them. I’d go for 1 or 2 and see how you do. 

Phase 7 – The boss in this battle uses a spell called Void Storm.

To make the battle run more smoothly you want to try and interrupt it.

Shouldnt be a wipe risk but would make your job easier if you did prevent it. 

Phase 10 (Final Stage) – The final boss Nether-Prince Durzaan uses an ability to spawn copies of himself to attack you.

This ability is Void Slip, try and dodge it. 

As soon as you complete the scenario, you’ll get yourself a nice achievement, a new mount and the ability to create a Void Elf character. 

Void Elf - Alleria Windrunner & Umbric

Lore of the Void Elves

The Void elves were once a part of the Sin’dorei community, who are now known as the Blood Elves.

Magister Umbric wanted nothing more than to find a way to protect Silvermoon from its enemies. 

Through research, he was looking into how they could harness the power of the void.

Grand Magister Rommath, thought that this would cause more harm than good.

He banished Umbric and his followers from Silvermoon.

Over the last thousand years, Alleria Windrunner has been stuck in the Twister Nether.

When she returned to Silvermoon, it was not the same place. Many things had changed whilst she’s been away, from the Sunwell being destoryed, the Blood Elves being formed, and the formation of the new Sunwell with the Light. 

She even missed her poeple joining the Horde, which came as a shock when coming to try and get the Sin’dorei into the Alliance. 

Her former comrade and friend Lor’themar refused and pointed out the connection she has with the Void.

He did however agree to let her visit the Sunwell.

Being close to the light in the Sunwell caused the Void to be drawn to her.

Alleria was then used as a vessel to try and corrupt the Sunwell. 

Rommath banished Alleria to Stormwind due to the Voids influence. 

She sought out Umbric and his followers who had been influenced by the Void. Alleria offered them help and aide and they followed.

Which is why they decided to join the Alliance. 

This is a great article on the complete Lore of Void Elves – 

Classes Available to Void Elves

If you decide to become a Void Elf, you’ll be able to pick from the following classes.

  • Death Knight
  • Hunter
  • Mage
  • Monk
  • Priest
  • Rogue
  • Warlock
  • Warrior

Personally, I use a Void Elf Rogue as one of my alts and I love it! 

Void Elf Heritage Armor

If you’re looking to get yourself the Void Elf Heritage Armor set, you’ll need to level up a Void Elf to level 50.

When you do, you’ll get the achievement Hertage of the Void. 

Its worth noting that you do need to level it up old school, you cannot use a character boost or race change. 

So you have to level it from 1-50. 

Void Elf Racial Abilities

Lets when it comes to Racial Abilities, for 99% of players these dont really matter. You should pick a Void Elf because you like the way they look. 


For those that do end-game content, it might help give you that edge. 

So, what are their racial abilities


Void Elves have one active racial ability called Spatial Rift.

When you first click it, you’ll tear a rift in space and send a rift ball 30 yards forward. Click the ability again and you’ll teleport to that location. 

Pretty decent for a quick movement if in a tight spot. It does have a three minute cool down. 


Now onto the passive racial abilties;

The first one is Chill of Night, which reduces the amount of shadow damage you take by 1%. Not too much but every little counts right?

With Entropic Embrace, the abilities you use can give you power of the Void. Increases your damage and healing by 5% for 12 seconds. 

The third one is Preternatural Calm, which stops your spell casts from being delayed when you take damage. 

Finally and the one that I love the most is Etheral Connection.

This one reduices the cost of Transmogrification and Void storage by 50%.

Since I’m always playing around with my transmog, this WILL save me a fortune in gold. 

Final Thoughts on Unlocking Void Elf Allied Race

There we have it, how to unlock Void Elf in World of Warcraft. Easy right? 

It’ll take you no more than 10-15 minutes and is 100% worth the effort.

As someone who enjoys playing Night Elves, this allied race is a great new addition. 

As soon as I unlocked it, I went about and created another alt. (Although I’ll be honest, I’ve not found the time to level it)

The customisation on the Void Elves is great, with plenty of options.

With improved movement and animations, its one that im sure I’ll contuing playing. 

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