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Best WoW Addons – Top 21 World of Warcraft Addons

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the complexities of World of Warcraft, struggling to manage your UI or keep up with the demands of PvE and PvP content?

You’re not alone. Navigating through the lots of quests, raids, and dungeons can be daunting, often leaving players feeling lost in the vastness of Azeroth.

The default UI can be clunky and unresponsive, and missing crucial cues in a raid or PvP battle can be the difference between victory and defeat.

Enter the world of the WoW addons.

These game-changing tools, carefully selected for their exceptional functionality and user-friendliness, are here to revolutionize your gameplay.

From enhancing your UI with ElvUI to staying on top of raids with Deadly Boss Mods, these addons provide the perfect blend of efficiency, customization, and control.

Simplifying your WoW experience and letting you focus on what truly matters – enjoying the game.

Read on to discover the best WoW addons and the ones that I use daily

The Best WoW Addons That I Use

  • Hekili
  • Deadly Boss Mode
  • HandyNotes
  • Details! Damage Meter
  • WeakAuras
  • RareScanner

Installing and Managing WoW Addons

Curse Addons

The installation and management of WoW addons have become significantly more user-friendly over the years.

Tools like Overwolf and the CurseForge app are pivotal in this process. Here’s a detailed look at how to use these tools:

  1. Using Overwolf and CurseForge:
    • Downloading and Installing: First, download the Overwolf client, which includes the CurseForge app. Once installed, open CurseForge and search for World of Warcraft.
    • Finding Addons: Within the CurseForge app, you can browse or search for specific addons. Each addon page provides a detailed description, user reviews, and update history.
    • Installing Addons: To install an addon, simply click the ‘Install’ button on the addon’s page. CurseForge will automatically handle the installation process.
    • Updating Addons: Addons frequently receive updates for new game patches, bug fixes, or new features. CurseForge provides an easy-to-use interface to update your addons with a single click.
  2. Manual Installation:
    • For those preferring manual installation, addons can be downloaded as zip files from various websites. Extract these files and place them in the World of Warcraft\_retail_\Interface\AddOns folder.
    • Ensure that the addon folders are correctly placed. Misplaced files can lead to addons not working properly.
  3. Addon Management:
    • Organizing Addons: Players can enable or disable addons for specific characters using the in-game ‘Addons’ menu, available on the character select screen.
    • Configuring Settings: Most addons come with customizable settings, accessible through the game’s interface options or via a specific command in the game chat.

Best User Interface (UI) Addons



This all-encompassing addon transforms the WoW user interface into a sleek, highly customizable experience. It allows players to change everything from the action bar layout to the font size of tooltips. 

Players can save custom profiles, making it ideal for those with multiple characters. The level of customization can help reduce on-screen clutter, which is particularly beneficial during complex raid or PvP scenarios.



It provides a complete overhaul of the action bars, offering a level of customization that the default UI lacks. 

Players can adjust the size, position, and number of buttons on each action bar, as well as configure hotkeys directly from the interface.
This addon is invaluable for players who rely on quick reflexes and efficient ability execution.


A more streamlined alternative to Bartender4, Dominos focuses on ease of use while still providing significant customization options.

It includes features like fading bars when not in use and customizable padding between buttons, allowing for a clean and minimalistic UI setup.



This addon empowers players to adjust virtually every UI element, including those not typically customizable.

It can be particularly useful for streamlining the interface by repositioning elements like quest trackers, minimap, and unit frames to better suit individual playstyles.


Bagnon WoW Addon

Bagnon consolidates all individual bags into a single window and offers features like item searching, sorting, and color-coding items based on quality. It also provides a unique feature where you can view the inventory of your other characters, a huge plus for players managing multiple alts.

Best Addons for PvP & PvE



This is a very simple addon that shows you what abilities/spells you should click next. It auto updates depending on the class, specialization and even the combat situation.

The great thing about Hekili is that it also takes into account resource availability, cooldowns and other factors. I also like the fact that you can expand on it even further to include potions etc. 

This add-on alone has made me a better WoW player, helping me to learn new rotations and get more damage out.

Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)

Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)

DBM provides alerts for important raid and dungeon mechanics, such as boss abilities and phases.

It offers audio cues and on-screen alerts, which can be crucial for avoiding deadly boss mechanics.

DBM is continuously updated for the latest raid content, making it indispensable for both casual and hardcore raiders.

Details! Damage Meter

It’s not just a damage meter; it also provides in-depth analysis of each encounter.

Players can use it to track their performance over time, compare it with other raid members, and identify areas for improvement. It’s essential for fine-tuning strategies and maximizing DPS or HPS.


Perhaps one of the most powerful addons in WoW, WeakAuras allows you to create custom notifications for virtually anything in the game, from cooldowns and buffs to specific encounter mechanics.

Its flexibility means it can be tailored to any class, role, or specific player needs.

Exorsus Raid Tools

This addon offers a suite of tools tailored for raiding, including a raid cooldown tracker, a battle resurrection counter, and a raid inspection feature.

It’s particularly useful for raid leaders for organizing and managing raid groups.


Decursive streamlines the process of removing debuffs by providing a grid of small, clickable boxes that represent party or raid members.

When someone gets a debuff you can dispel, their box lights up, allowing you to quickly remove the debuff with a click.

This is extremely helpful in encounters with critical debuffs that need fast removal.

Key Addons for Dungeon Exploration and Progress Tracking

Mythic Dungeon Tools

This addon allows players to plan out routes for Mythic+ dungeons, including where to use keystones. It’s particularly useful for high-level play where efficient routing can make a significant difference.

Raider.IO Mythic Plus and Raid Progress

It displays a player’s raid and Mythic+ dungeon scores, helping group leaders to assess potential group members’ experience levels. It also helps players track their own progress and set goals for improvement.

Maze Helper

This addon is specifically tailored for the Mists of Tirna Scithe maze, providing a clear path through the maze, which can be one of the trickier aspects of this dungeon.

Astral Keys

Astral Keys makes it easy to manage Mythic+ dungeon keys by tracking which keys you and your friends have. This is particularly useful for organizing dungeon runs within guilds or friend groups.

Performance Optimization Addons


This addon is used in conjunction with the Simulationcraft website to simulate various aspects of your character, including gear, talents, and artifact traits. This helps in making informed decisions about gear and talent choices to maximize performance.

Threat Plates

This addon enhances the default nameplate functionality, making it easier for tanks to see which enemies are not attacking them and for DPS to avoid pulling aggro. The plates change color based on threat levels, making it easier to maintain control in multi-target situations.

Additional Essential Addons


It provides a comprehensive suite of tools for the Auction House, including automated valuation and pricing of items, detailed sales statistics, and scanning features that help in finding bargains or market trends.


This addon uses audio alerts to warn players when they’re standing in something dangerous, such as fire or poison, which is often difficult to notice during hectic battles.


It allows players to add custom notes and icons to their maps, marking locations of interest like rare spawns, treasure chests, or dungeon entrances. This is especially useful for completionists and collectors.


Auctionator simplifies the auction house experience with a more intuitive interface. It allows for quicker buying and selling and provides useful features like price history and automatic undercuts.

TomCat’s Tours

This addon provides guided tours for collecting rare creatures, mounts, pets, and treasures. It’s particularly useful for players who enjoy exploring and collecting.

Leatrix Plus

A collection of quality-of-life improvements, such as faster looting, auto repair, and block duels. It’s great for streamlining mundane aspects of the game.


Similar to DBM, BigWigs provides timers and alerts for raid and dungeon encounters, but with a different set of features and customization options. It’s favored by some players for its minimalist approach.

Weak Auras 2

An advanced version of WeakAuras, offering more features and customization. It’s used for creating complex custom UI elements and triggers.


This addon is more comprehensive than Dominos or Bartender4, allowing total control over the placement and appearance of any UI element, including those not typically customizable.


This is a more user-friendly version of Bartender4, focusing on simplicity and ease of use, without sacrificing essential customization options.

Titan Panel

This addon adds a bar at the top or bottom of the screen, displaying useful information such as gold, location, XP, and more. It’s customizable and can host plugins for additional functionality.

NPC Scan

Essential for hunters and collectors, this addon scans the environment for rare NPCs and alerts the player when one is nearby, helping in tracking down elusive creatures for achievements or loot.

Final Thoughts on The Best WoW Addons

Choosing the right addons can significantly transform your gameplay in World of Warcraft.

As we’ve explored the best WoW addons, it’s clear that each addon brings its unique flavor and functionality, catering to different aspects of the game.

Whether it’s enhancing your interface with ElvUI, optimizing your PvE performance with DBM and Details! Damage Meter, or managing your auctions more efficiently with Auctioneer, these addons are designed to elevate your in-game experience.

For newcomers and veterans alike, the realm of Azeroth can be daunting, but with these addons, you gain tools that not only simplify complex aspects of the game but also allow you to customize your experience to fit your playstyle.

The beauty of WoW addons lies in their ability to make the game more accessible, enjoyable, and competitive, depending on your personal gaming goals.

As World of Warcraft continues to evolve, so too do the addons.

Staying up-to-date with the addons ensures that you are always equipped with the latest tools to enhance your adventures in Azeroth.

Remember, the right combination of addons can make a profound difference in how you interact with the game, turning every login into a new, more enriched experience.

The best WoW addons offer a diverse range of enhancements, from UI customizations to performance tracking, each serving to augment your World of Warcraft journey.

Experimenting with these addons, finding your perfect setup, and keeping them updated will not only enhance your gaming experience but also keep you a step ahead in the ever-changing world of WoW.


How do I know if an addon is compatible with the current WoW patch?

Most addon platforms, like CurseForge, indicate the compatibility of an addon with the current game version. Always check the addon’s latest update date and user comments for such information.

Can addons affect game performance?

Yes, some addons, especially those that are complex or poorly optimized, can impact game performance. It’s advisable to use essential addons and keep them updated to minimize performance issues.

Are WoW addons safe to use?

Addons downloaded from reputable sources like CurseForge are generally safe. However, be cautious of addons from unknown sources as they might pose security risks.

Can I use addons in WoW Classic or Burning Crusade Classic?

Yes, many addons are specifically designed or adapted for WoW Classic and Burning Crusade Classic. Make sure to download the version compatible with the game you are playing.

How can I troubleshoot an addon that is not working?

Common troubleshooting steps include ensuring the addon is updated, checking if the addon is correctly installed, and looking at the addon settings in-game. You can also refer to user comments or forums for specific issues related to the addon.

Is it possible to customize an existing addon?

Yes, many addons offer extensive customization options within their settings. For more advanced customizations, knowledge of LUA (the programming language used for WoW addons) is required.

Do addons get automatically disabled with new WoW patches?

Not necessarily, but it is recommended to check for addon updates after a new game patch to ensure compatibility.

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