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How to start and complete the Superbloom event

The Emerald Dream has been infiltrated by fire and you’ve got to not only stop them but protect Amirdrassil, so that it can come into Azeroth. 

Throughout the Emerald Dream, you’ll have the campaign quest to do, world quests, treasuring hunting and the Superbloom event. 

Superbloom is a weekly event in World of Warcraft but can it be completed every hour for additional drops. 

If you’re looking to boost reputation with the Dream Wardens or you need to get some boost in iLvL, you’ll want to do this event. 

It’s not too tricky to do and you just need to follow directions. Think of the Iskaara Community Feast, but on a bigger scale. 

Below we’ll go through how to start and complete the Superbloom event.

How to start the Superbloom event

Superbloom Event Screen1

The Superbloom event can be found in the Emerald Dream, it’s a weekly event but happens every hour, on the hour. 

Head over to the Central Encampment in the Emerald Dream. 

Sprucecrown is a giant tree NPC and on the hour, he’ll start to move around and he’ll need your help. Following him and help him with pulling weeds, removing pests, watering flowers and killing a few enemies. 

The event can be found by looking for the battle horn icon. This will move around as Sprucecrown travels around the zone. 

Completing The Superbloom event

The great thing about the Superbloom event is that it is not that hard to complete. In terms of time, it takes about 20 minutes to complete the event. 

Some have complained that this is too long on Reddit but I personally dont think it is.

After completing many of these, I still find them enjoyable and not a big grind. 

In order to complete the event, as mentioned you need to follow Sprucecrown and complete the tasks that he asked you to do. 

Just because you’re given specific tasks, doesn’t mean you cannot also do other tasks that other players might be doing. 

You’ll notice on the top of the screen is a Bloom bar. By completing actions you’ll earn bloom. 

The group needs to fill this up to 8000 to get the top rewards. 

Superbloom consists of 6 different stages;

Stage 1: The Tree Rises

Superbloom Stage 1

The first stage is very simple. A plant will grow near Sprucecrown and you simply select one of the two power ups. These will give you certain bonuses such as being able to gather more bloom or change your attacks. 

This stage lasts for 1 minute 

Stage 2: The Dream Gathers / Pest Patrol

Superbloom stage 2

In this stage you’ll either need to collect bloom by weeding or watering plants. Or you’ll need to keep away pests such as insects or attackers. 

This stage lasts for 2 minutes

Stage 3: Folly of Youth / Growing Concerns

Superbloom stage 3

This is the first time that Sprucecrown will stop. Although when he does, he’ll get attacked by Primalists.

You need to destroy them. Focus on as much AOE damage as possible to maximize the amount of bloom you collect. 

This stage will last for 6 minutes

Stage 4: Invasive Species / Seeding Chaos

Superbloom stage 4

Sprucecrown is on the move again and you continue to do the tasks he sets you, similar to thise in stage 2. You might find yourself doing different tasks such as digging up mulch. 

Stage 5: Unruly Storm

Superbloom stage 5

The second to last stage has started and in this one you need to again protect Sprucecrown. However, he’s being attacked by the full force of the Primalists as they come out of portals. 

Continue to defeat them and you’ll earn bloom. Again use AOE damage to tag as many as possible for that added bloom. 

They’ll continue to spawn, so you simply need to kill as many as possible. 

This stage lasts for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. 

Stage 6: A Fiery End

Superbloom stage 6

This is the last stage. 

The Superbloom boss will attack and you need to defeat them in order to finish and complete the Superbloom event. 

You’ll have 5 minutes to defeat the boss, however the event will end as soon as you beat them. 

As soon as the boss is defeated, you’ll get your hands on the bag of loot. The bag you get will depend on how many blooms the group manages to gather. 

The time of the day and the people you have join the event will impact how successful everyone is but 99% of the time its easy enough to get the bloom bar full. 

What Rewards Are There For Completing the Superbloom Event

There are some great rewards to be had for completing the Superbloom event. Now the event is a weekly event, so you’ll get better rewards once per week. You do however still get some rewards for doing it multiple times, so its worth doing. 

Not only that but just by doing the tasks you’ll earn yourself Emerald Dewdrops. These are essential when planting Dreamseeds. 

You’ll also get some Slumbering Dream Fragments and Dreamseeds. 

When you finish the Superbloom event you’ll get either Sprouting Dreamtrove, Budding Dreamtrove and Blossoming Dreamtove. The one you get will determine on how full the Bloom bar is. 

These will contain;

  • Flightstones
  • Dragon Isles Supplies
  • Emerald Dewdrops
  • Deamseed
  • Dragonriding Customization 

You’ll also get a reputation with Dream Wardens. Now this was nefered recently. You’ll get a big amount for the first time you complete it on a weekly basis and then a much smaller amount.

Now the main thing you want to get on a weekly basis is the Cache of Overblooming. This can give you 1000 reputation with Dream Wardens, a Dreamseed and a ilvl 441 item of Veteran gear. 

So if you’re trying to get your gear up, it’s a great way of doing it. 

Complete Superbloom Event

The Superbloom Quest

As mentioned the above Cache of goodies is only available once per week. This is given as a reward for the weekly quest called The Superbloom. You’ll basically do the event once and get the reward. 

You get the quest from Clarelle. 

Now as mentioned before, you can do the event every hour if you wanted to. It is worth doing for the other items you can collect. 

If you’re short on time then at least make sure you do it once per week.

Also don’t forget you can do the weekly quest on alts as well. 

The Superbloom Achievements

If you’re an achievement hunter then you’ll be happy to know you can get 3 achievements from this event. 

Fruit of the Bloom

Use the Superbloom Dreamfruit and get every power up at least once

Bloom Man Group 

Use Feral Overflow power and summon a Freal Imbraclaw 10 times during the Superbloom. 

Dream Chaser

During Superbloom gather 100 Errant Dreams. 


Can you only do the Superb loom event once a week?

No, it can be done on the hour, every hour. You will only receive the Cache of Overblooming once per week. Although there are still rewards given for doing it more times. 

Can you complete the Superbloom event solo?

Yes you can. If you play on a quiet time and very few people are around, you do get given a buff to help you collect more blooms. Resulting in you being able to complete the event solo or with very few people.

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