Apex Legends Cross Platform Guide: Is Apex Crossplay?

It’s game on, gamers! You’ve got your controller in hand, your headset on, and a determination in your heart to conquer the virtual battlefield of Apex Legends.

But wait, your buddy just texted; they’re logging on too, but they’re on a different platform. Xbox vs. Playstation, console vs. PC, the age-old rivalry.

So, the big question is: Is Apex Legends Cross Platform?

Let’s find out!

What we mean by Apex Legends Cross Platform


Crossplay, or cross-platform play, is when players on different platforms like Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 5 (PS5), Nintendo Switch, or PC can all join the same game together.

In this case, we’re talking about everyone’s favorite battle royale, Apex Legends.

EA and Respawn have done a remarkable job with Apex Legends, and the addition of crossplay has brought friends closer together, regardless of their platform.

Key Takeaways

  • Apex Legends supports cross-play across Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC. It’s the full crossplay experience!
  • Apex Legends doesn’t currently support cross-progression. Your progress on one platform won’t carry over to another.
  • You can disable cross-play in the settings menu if you prefer to compete against players on your own platform.

Is Apex cross-platform?

Yes Apex is Cross platform or Cross play. You can play other people and friends together, not matter if they play on Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch and PC. 

So, whether your friends are console players or PC gamers, you can all dive into the Apex Legends gameplay together.

Is Apex mobile cross-platform?


Currently, the Apex Mobile version is in development, and we’re eagerly awaiting more news from EA and Respawn about this.

There hasn’t been an official statement about full crossplay support with mobile, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed!

How does the Apex Legends cross-play feature work?

In the world of Apex Legends, adding friends across different platforms is a breeze.

All you need to do is go to the Friends Menu and select the “Find Friend” option.

Here, the game will automatically look for any player matching the username you type in.

Just make sure to select the username that matches the platform they are on.

How to add cross-platform friends in Apex Legends


Cross-platform play is undeniably one of the most celebrated features in Apex Legends, fostering greater unity among the gaming community.

By allowing you to add and play with friends regardless of their platform, it truly amplifies the game’s fun factor.

Here’s how you can connect with your pals:

  1. Open the Game: Start by launching Apex Legends on your respective platform, be it PlayStation, Xbox, PC, or Nintendo Switch.
  2. Accessing the Friends Menu: On the main lobby screen, you’ll notice a ‘Friends’ icon, usually depicted as a silhouette or a duo of figures. Click or select this to open your ‘Friends Menu’.
  3. Locate ‘Find Friend’: Within the ‘Friends Menu’, there should be an option labeled “Find Friend”, “Add Friend”, or something similar. This is your gateway to adding pals from different platforms.
  4. Enter Their Details:
    • Here’s where you’ll need a bit of info. Ask your friend for their in-game username or their EA Public ID.
    • Begin typing their name into the search bar. Remember, the game will automatically look for any player matching that name across all platforms, so it’s vital to get the spelling correct.
    • It’s crucial to note that some players might have a username that matches the platform-specific ID, so always double-check you’re adding the right person.
  5. Send a Friend Request: Once you’ve located them and ensured it’s the correct profile, there should be an option to send a friend request. Click or select it.
  6. Waiting on Confirmation: Your friend will receive your request and, upon accepting it, they’ll be added to your friends list. You can then invite them to your game lobby, and you’re ready to dive into some action-packed gameplay together!
  7. Voice Chat and Communication: One of the advantages of cross-platform play is that Apex Legends supports voice chat across all platforms. This means you can seamlessly communicate with friends on different platforms, strategizing and coordinating in real time.

What about Apex cross-progression?

Unfortunately, Apex Legends doesn’t currently support cross-progression.

So, if you switch your account from PS4 to PS5, for example, your progress won’t carry over between the two.

We know it’s a bit of a bummer, but remember that the fun is in the journey, not the destination!

How to cross-play on Apex Legends


Cross-play in Apex Legends is a game-changer, literally!

It’s a function that enables gamers from various platforms to seamlessly compete in the same matches.

This feature bridges the gap between console and PC gamers, allowing them to join forces and battle it out in the Apex arena.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of how you can utilize this fantastic feature:

  1. Enable Crossplay: By default, Apex Legends has crossplay turned on. If you’re starting up the game for the first time, you’re already set to join matches with players from different platforms. But if you’ve previously tweaked your settings, ensure that crossplay is enabled.

    To do this:
    • Go to the Apex Legends Settings menu.
    • Navigate to the ‘Account’ tab.
    • Look for an option labeled ‘Cross-platform Play’ and make sure it’s toggled on.
  2. Adding Friends from Different Platforms: The joy of cross-play largely lies in the ability to team up with friends, no matter their gaming device.
    • Open your ‘Friends Menu’ in-game.
    • Click on the “Find Friend” or “Add Friend” option.
    • Type in your friend’s in-game username or their EA Public ID. The game will automatically look for any player matching that name on any system. Ensure you select the username that matches the platform your friend plays on.
    • Once found, send them a friend request, and after they accept, you can squad up for some battle royale action!
  3. Joining Matches: After teaming up, the next step is to join a match. Start a party, invite your friends, and once everyone is ready, hit the play button.

    The matchmaking system in Apex Legends will try to match you primarily with other cross-play teams to keep things balanced.
  4. In-Game Communication: Play Apex Legends with friends from other platforms requires efficient communication.

    Apex Legends supports voice chat across all platforms. So, whether your teammate is on an Xbox Series console or a last-gen PlayStation, you can strategize and communicate in real-time.
  5. Matchmaking Insights: Here’s an essential tidbit! When console players team up with a PC player, the entire squad will be matched in the PC player pool.

    This is to ensure fairness, given the precision advantage that PC players might have with a mouse and keyboard.

How to turn off crossplay


Crossplay is a fantastic feature that brings players from different platforms together, but there might be reasons one would want to turn it off.

Some players feel that certain platforms might have a competitive advantage, while others just prefer to play with those on the same system.

Whatever your reason, here’s a detailed guide on how to disable the crossplay feature:

  1. Starting Off: First and foremost, launch Apex Legends on your platform of choice, be it Xbox, PlayStation, PC, or the Nintendo Switch.
  2. Navigating to Settings: Once you’re at the main menu, look for the gear icon (usually found in the bottom-right corner) and select it to access the ‘Settings’ menu.
  3. Account Tab: Within the ‘Settings’ menu, navigate to the ‘Account’ tab. This is where you’ll find various account-related options.
  4. Find the Crossplay Option: Scroll through the ‘Account’ settings until you come across an option labeled ‘Cross-platform Play’ or a similar wording.
  5. Toggling Crossplay:
    • If crossplay is currently enabled, you’ll see it toggled on or marked as “Enabled.”
    • To disable crossplay, simply select this option and toggle it off or select “Disabled.”
  6. Save and Exit: After toggling off crossplay, ensure you save your settings (if required) and then exit the menu.
  7. Important Note: While disabling crossplay might seem like a way to ensure a level playing field, there’s a trade-off.

    Turning off cross-play may increase queue times for matches, as the game will only search for players on the same platform as you.

    If you’re in a party with friends who have cross-play enabled, you’ll need to have it enabled as well to join matches together.

Final Thoughts

While Apex Legends doesn’t support cross-progression (yet), the cross-play feature enables us to play Apex Legends with friends on different platforms.

And that, in our book, is a total win.

The addition of Apex Legends crossplay continues to change how players can search, play, and compete together, breaking down the barriers between Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC gamers.

So, grab your best legends, ready your aim, and let’s dive into the fray – together!

We hope this Apex Legends Cross Platform Guide has given you everything you need to know about crossplay in Apex Legends.

Whether you’re on Xbox One, PS5, PC, or even playing on the Nintendo Switch, we can all share in the joy of playing Apex Legends.

Keep gaming, friends!

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