Is Terraria cross platform? Crossplay guide for Xbox, PS5, Nintendo Switch & PC

The question many players ask is, “Is Terraria cross platform?”

In an age where multiplayer games are breaking down the barriers between platforms, allowing a PC player, console, and mobile users to play together, it’s a very pertinent question.

The answer to this question, isn’t as straightforward as some might hope.


Terraria is a widely adored adventure-based sandbox game, teeming with a multitude of biomes, countless creatures, and a plethora of items to discover.

The game mechanics encourage creativity, exploration, and strategy as you shape your world, combat various enemies, and even face formidable bosses.

This popular game, developed by Re-Logic, has attracted a broad audience.

With its charming 2D pixel-art graphics and captivating, almost endless gameplay.

One of the most appealing aspects of Terraria is its multiplayer mode, which allows you to delve into adventurous exploits with friends.

The cooperative mode where you and your friends can join forces to build, explore, and fight together brings an extra layer of fun to the game.

Is Terraria Cross Platform?


Yes and No. Terraria does support cross-platform play, but it’s not without its restrictions.

According to various gaming sources, Terraria allows cross-play and cross-platform multiplayer on certain consoles.

However, there are limitations that separate playing the game on different platforms.

The developers of Terraria have expressed their desire for 2023 to be ‘the year of Terraria crossplay’.

This would require a multiplayer system that can interface with the network services of Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, and mobile devices.

While this would be a significant step forward for Terraria cross platform play, it’s important to remember that full cross-platform support isn’t yet a reality.

That being said, Terraria does offer some degree of basic idea of cross-platform play.

For instance, the game supports cross-platform play between iOS and Android devices.

This means if you’re an iPhone user and your friend has an Android device, you both can enjoy Terraria together.

Will Terraria 1.4 Be Cross Platform?


The latest update Terraria 1.4, also known as the Journey’s End update, does not officially support cross-platform play.

This means that PC players, console users (like PlayStation or Xbox Series X), and mobile device users (iOS and Android) cannot play Terraria together through official means.

However, Re-Logic, the developer of Terraria, has expressed a desire to bring parity across all versions of the game, including crossplay feature the PC, console, and mobile versions.

This doesn’t guarantee crossplay, but it is a step toward aligning the game’s versions, which could make crossplay more feasible in the future.

Still, it’s essential to note that Terraria’s community is known for its creativity and resourcefulness.

Some tech-savvy players have managed to establish unofficial methods of cross-platform play.

Keep in mind, though, these methods aren’t endorsed by developer Re:-Logic and could potentially breach the game’s terms of service.

Fans continue to hope that the developers will officially introduce the cross-platform play feature in a future update, enabling everyone to enjoy Terraria with friends on any platform.

But as of now, we can only wait and see what the future holds for this beloved game.

Is Terraria Cross Platform Between Xbox and PS4?


No, Terraria is not cross platform between Xbox and PS4. The two systems do not have the same operating system.

Therefore the way its been developed at the moment it cannot transfer saved game data.

If you play on Playstation and your friend is on Xbox, you wont be able to play together.

Is Terraria Cross-platform Between PC and Xbox?

Even though both systems are developed by Microsoft, Terraria is not cross play between PC and Xbox. This is a bit of a surprise and a shame.

This might be available in future updates but for now you wont be able to. 

Can IOS and Android Players Play Terraria Together?

YES, Terraria is cross play between iOS and Android. No matter which one of the two you and your friend uses, you’ll be able to get adventure together and enjoy this amazing game.

Final Thoughts


The world of gaming has seen an increasing demand for cross-platform play in recent years, with gamers wanting to share their experiences with friends, regardless of the hardware they use.

Terraria, an incredibly popular and intricate sandbox game, is at the forefront of these discussions.

As we’ve seen, Terraria’s cross-platform situation is mixed.

On one hand, players can enjoy crossplay between iOS platforms and Android mobile devices, which is certainly a leap in the right direction.

On the other hand, the much-anticipated full cross-platform functionality, allowing PC, console, and mobile players to seamlessly interact, is yet to become a reality.

It’s encouraging to see that Re-Logic, the game’s developers, are cognizant of the players’ demand for comprehensive crossplay.

They’ve expressed intentions to make 2023 the ‘year of Terraria crossplay,’ hinting at potential enhancements to the game’s multiplayer cross play system.

But for now, gamers have to navigate through the existing limitations.

One significant point to note is the thriving community that surrounds Terraria.

Resourceful and creative, players often come up with unofficial solutions to fill in the gaps left by official updates.

While these can sometimes offer temporary cross-platform play, they may not align with the game’s terms of service and could pose potential risks.

The game’s future in cross-platform play is bright. We remain hopeful and excited to see what Re-Logic will bring to the table in their upcoming updates.

Until then, let’s continue to delve into the worlds of Terraria crossplay, taking on formidable foes, and creating masterpieces in this charming 2D pixel-art sandbox world.

FAQs about Terraria Crossplay

Can I play Terraria on mobile devices with console versions players?

Currently, there is no official Terraria cross platform play between mobile and console versions. However, the developers at Re-Logic may add this feature in the future.

Is Terraria Cross Generation?

Yes, Terraria supports cross-generation play within the same console family.

This means that if you have Terraria on an older console, like the PlayStation 4, you can play with others who are playing on a newer console in the same family, like the PlayStation 5.

The same applies to the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles.

Does Terraria Support Cross Progression?

No, Terraria does not officially support cross-progression across multiple platforms.

Cross-progression, or the ability to start a game on one platform and continue it on another, is a feature that’s been increasingly in demand in the gaming community.
Terraria currently does not have this feature.

This means that if you start a game on PC, you cannot continue that same game on Xbox, PlayStation, or a mobile device like iOS or Android, and vice versa.

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