Is Genshin Impact Cross Platform?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent a good chunk of the past year lost in the vibrant and immersive world of Teyvat.

One moment you’re exploring lush landscapes, the next you’re battling monsters, uncovering hidden treasures, or cooking up a hearty meal for your team.

There’s one question that keeps popping up in the community.

“Is Genshin Impact cross platform?”

Key Takeaways

  1. Genshin Impact is Cross Platform: The game supports cross-platform play, allowing players to enjoy the game with friends on PC, PlayStation, mobile devices, and eventually, Nintendo Switch.
  2. Cross-Progression is Supported: Genshin Impact allows you to pick up where you left off across various platforms, as long as you use the same miHoYo account.
  3. Server Restrictions Apply: Players can only engage in cross-play with others who are on the same regional server.
  4. Cross-Generational Play is Available: Genshin Impact is cross-generational, meaning it can be played on both current and next-gen consoles like the PS4 and PS5 seamlessly.
  5. The Setup is Straightforward: Setting up cross-platform play in Genshin Impact is simple and user-friendly. Just make sure to add your friends using their UID code in the Friends menu.
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Being cross play in Genshin impact could mean the difference between adventuring solo or teaming up with friends who game on different platforms.

I mean, who doesn’t love a good co-op dungeon raid with buddies, right?

If you’ve been scratching your head over this question or just wondering about the cross-platform capabilities of our beloved game, then you’re in luck!

I’ve compiled all the info you need right here.

Let’s dive in and get you up to speed on Genshin Impact’s cross-platform features!

Is Genshin Impact Cross-Platform?

Yes! Genshin Impact does have cross-platform support. The game fully supports cross-platform play, allowing Travelers to continue their journeys on different devices and across various platforms. Whether you’re on PC, PlayStation (PS4/PS5), or mobile (iOS and Android), you can enjoy and play Genshin Impact with friends on different platforms.

But that’s not all, Genshin Impact offers cross-save too, meaning your game progress can be carried over if you switch devices.

You can start your game on mobile and continue playing on PC, without losing any progress.

Just remember, you need to use the same miHoYo account and you need to be on the same regional server.

How to Set Up Cross-Platform Play in Genshin Impact

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Cross-platform play in Genshin Impact is quite straightforward.

Once you’ve logged into your miHoYo account on your chosen device, head to the ‘Friends’ menu in the game.

Here, you can add a friend using their UID code, which isn’t restricted by the platform.

Meaning, you can add friends whether they’re Xbox players, PlayStation players, or on mobile.

Just remember that you all need to be on the same server to join the Co-op mode.

Is Genshin Impact Cross Generational?

Genshin Impact goes beyond just being cross-platform, it’s also cross-generational.

This means that players on both current and next-gen consoles, like the PS4 and PS5, can enjoy the game seamlessly.

Gamers who initially started on PS4 can effortlessly continue their exploration on PS5, given that the game utilizes the same miHoYo account and the same server.

Plus, PS5 players can also enjoy enhanced graphics and improved loading times, providing a more immersive gameplay experience.

Does Genshin Impact have Cross Progression & Cross Save?

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Yes, Genshin Impact supports cross progression or sometimes known as cross save.

It’s one of its most beloved features among players.

With this feature, players can pick up right where they left off on one device and continue their journey on another.

To utilize cross progression, you’ll need to log into the same miHoYo account on the new device.

For example, if you play Genshin Impact on your mobile device during your commute but prefer to use your PC while at home, you can switch between the two platforms without losing any progress.

All your quests, Adventure Rank, world exploration, and character development are tied to your miHoYo account, allowing you to continue your journey on various platforms.

However, remember to ensure you’re playing on the same regional server for cross progression to work seamlessly.

Benefits and Limitations of Genshin Impact’s Cross-Platform Play

Cross-platform compatibility in Genshin Impact provides numerous benefits, such as allowing friends to play the game together regardless of their devices.

It also means that you can enjoy the game on various other platforms without losing your progress thanks to the cross platform game-progression.

However, the limitation lies in the fact that players can only cross-play within the same regional server.

Also, as of now, the Nintendo Switch version of Genshin Impact is still in development, so Switch players can’t join in just yet.

Final Thoughts

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In the digital age, the ability to play a game on one platform and continue on another is a boon for gamers everywhere, and Genshin Impact shines brightly in this aspect.

Its innovative cross-platform features have redefined the gaming experience, offering a level of freedom and flexibility that players have come to appreciate.

Whether you’re a PlayStation stalwart, a PC gamer, or someone who enjoys gaming on their mobile device, Genshin Impact’s world is accessible and waiting for you to explore.

With the added benefit of cross-progression, your adventure in Teyvat never has to be interrupted by a change of device.

However, remember that while Genshin Impact has excelled in implementing cross-platform play, it’s important to note that it’s restricted by regional servers.

Don’t let that detract from the game’s brilliance.

Genshin Impact is an epitome of modern gaming, blending immersive storytelling with stunning visuals, engaging gameplay, and the convenience of cross-platform capabilities.

It truly is a game that has something for everyone.

As Genshin Impact continues to expand and evolve, we can only expect its cross-platform features to improve, potentially including more platforms and offering an even more seamless gaming experience.

Until then, fellow Travelers, may your journey through Teyvat be filled with endless adventures and exciting discoveries!


What does crossplay mean in Genshin Impact?

Crossplay in Genshin Impact means you can play with friends on different platforms and continue your game progress on various devices using the same account.

Is Genshin Impact available on multiple platforms?

Yes, Genshin Impact supports multiple platforms, including PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile (iOS and Android). The game is also set to be released on Nintendo Switch.

Can I use the same account on different devices?

Yes, you can log in to the same miHoYo account on different devices to continue your gameplay experience from where you left off.

Can I play with other players on different platforms?

Yes, Genshin Impact offers cross-platform play, allowing you to add friends and join in Co-op mode with players across various platforms.

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