Is Fortnite Cross Platform? & How To Enable Fortnite Crossplay?

Looking to find out whether or not Fortnite is Cross Platform? I’ll get straight to the point, Yes Fortnite Is Cross Platform. 

If you’re reading this then you obviously know what Fortnite is and you want to learn how you can play with friends that might be on a different platform. 

In this article, i’ll go into more detail on which platforms Fortnite can be played one and how to set it up. 

By the end of this article you’ll be able to join up with your friends, jump out of the battle bus and take on your opponents. No matter what platform you and your friends play Fortnite on. 

Is Fortnite Cross Platform?

Fornite screen

Yes Fortnite support Crossplay. You can enjoy Fortnite with you friends whether you play on Xbox, Playstation, PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile. I

If you want to play Fortnite battle royale with friends on other devices, you’ll just need to link up your Epic Games account, add them as a friend and then jump into a game. 

How To Enable Fortnite Crossplay Matches

If you’re looking to set up Fortnite Cross Platform matches, follow the below simple steps. 

  1. Kick-off by creating an Epic account at
  2. Link your platform’s account (Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, etc.) to your Epic Games account.
  3. Launch your game via the Epic Games launcher and navigate to the lobby.
  4. Access your friends list (top right corner) and add buddies using their Epic Games display name or email.
  5. Once they’re in, unite and dive into the battle!

Remember, crossplay comes to life automatically when players from varied platforms form a party.

How To Use The Same Fortnite Account On All Platforms


Fortnite offers cross progression, so no matter if you use different platforms you can use the same account. You just need to make sure they all use the same EPIC Games account. 

By doing this you can continue to keep your battle pass progress, in-game achievements and more importantly keep your skins. 

Advantages of Fortnite’s Cross-Platform Play

So what are some of the benefits to Fortnite offering Crossplay?

Unity Amongst Gamers

In the earlier days of gaming, one’s platform often acted as a barrier, locking players within their own device’s ecosystem.

The term “console wars” wasn’t just about sales; it was about where your friends were and which games you could play together. However, Fortnite has turned this concept on its head.

Now, it’s not unusual for someone on a mobile device in New York to team up with a friend on an Xbox in Tokyo, tackling challenges and sharing victories.

This has fostered a sense of unity and camaraderie amongst gamers.

The world seems a little smaller, and the gaming community a bit closer, as Fortnite bridges these divides. 

No longer are friendships and shared experiences dictated by one’s choice of hardware.

The game acts as a universal meeting ground, proving that at the end of the day, the joy of gaming is universal.

Diverse Matchmaking

The magic of cross-platform play shines brightly when it comes to matchmaking.

Before, players were typically matched with others who used the same platform, which, while comfortable, offered a predictable experience.

With Fortnite’s blended player base, matchmaking is not only quicker due to the larger pool of players but also more diverse.

Imagine entering a game where your teammates or opponents could be anyone from a PC gamer with their high-end rig to a mobile player on their daily commute.

This mixture introduces varied gameplay styles, strategies, and dynamics that keep matches fresh and unpredictable.

It’s this very diversity that keeps players coming back, eager to see what the next match holds.

Skill Spectrum

The great debate of PC versus console has been a longstanding topic in gaming forums and communities. With Fortnite’s cross-platform play, this debate transitions from chat rooms to the battleground.

PC gamers, often touted for their precise aiming with a mouse, now have the chance to test their mettle against the intuitive controls of console gamers.

But it’s not just about determining which platform houses the superior gamers.

It’s about appreciating the diverse range of skills and techniques each player brings to the table. 

Perhaps a console player’s strategy counters a PC player’s accuracy, or maybe a mobile player’s unpredictability throws a spanner in the works for both.

It’s this broad spectrum of skills and the chance to learn from and compete against different platforms that enrich the Fortnite experience. After all, variety is the spice of virtual life!

Downsides to Fortnite’s Cross Platform


Its not all positive, there are naturally some downsides to Cross Platform.

Performance Disparity

One of the most-discussed challenges in cross-platform gaming is the difference in performance between platforms.

While Fortnite aims to offer a balanced gaming experience for all, inherent hardware differences can give certain players an edge.

For example, PC gamers often have access to high-refresh-rate monitors, customizable graphics settings, and the precision of a mouse and keyboard setup.

This can lead to sharper visuals, smoother gameplay, and potentially more accurate shooting and building mechanics.

In contrast, console players might have limitations based on their specific device’s hardware.

Mobile gamers, too, face challenges with smaller screens and touch controls, potentially putting them at a disadvantage in fast-paced situations.

While Epic Games continually tweaks the game to level the playing field, the natural disparities in platform capabilities can sometimes create an uneven battleground.

Platform Snobbery

Just as sports fans have their rivalries, the gaming community isn’t exempt from its version of team pride.

Each platform has its loyalists who sometimes playfully, and at other times critically, defend their chosen gaming medium.

Forums, social media, and platforms like Reddit are often ablaze with debates on which platform offers the “superior” gaming experience.

Such discussions, while often in good spirit, can sometimes veer into the territory of snobbery or elitism.

Comments like “PC Master Race” or jibes about “mobile casuals” reflect this competitive banter.

While this rivalry can foster community identity and engagement, it’s essential to remember the broader goal of gaming – enjoyment, connection, and shared experiences.

After all, regardless of the platform, the joy derived from a Victory Royale is universal.

Is Fortnite Cross Generation?

Yes, and it’s a game-changer! Imagine playing on your trusty Xbox One and teaming up with a buddy on the latest Xbox Series X.

Or perhaps you’re on a PS4, and your friend just got the new PS5. Fortnite ensures generational divides blur into insignificance.

Does Fortnite Have Cross Progression?

Certainly! Your achievements, skins, and progress in Fortnite aren’t bound by platform.

As long as you’re linked to one Epic Games account, your progression remains consistent, whether you’re switching from a PS4 to a mobile device or moving from an Xbox One to a PC.


Is Fortnite Cross-Platform on PC?

Indeed! PC enthusiasts can engage with gamers across all devices.

Is Fortnite Cross-Platform on PlayStation?

Absolutely! Both PlayStation 4 and PS5 gamers can enjoy the crossplay experience.

Is Fortnite Cross-Platform on Xbox?

100%! Whether it’s the Xbox One or the high-tech Xbox Series X, cross-platform play is at your fingertips.

Is Fortnite Cross-Platform on Switch?

Definitely! Nintendo Switch users can engage in thrilling battles with players from every other platform.

Is Fortnite Cross-Platform on IOS?

Yes! IOS users aren’t left out and can join players from consoles, PC, and even Android.

Is Fortnite Cross-Platform on Android?

Of course! Android gamers can seamlessly engage with players on other devices, ensuring no one misses out on the fun.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, Fortnite is Cross Platform. I play Fortnite on the Playstation when relaxing, the PC when streaming and even on the Switch when travelling.

The fact that its cross platform and cross progression means I can continue where I left off. 

It also means I can continue teaming up and try to rank up with friends, regardless on what platform they play on. 

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