Is Hogwarts Legacy cross platform? Cross-play explained for PlayStation, Xbox, PC & Nintendo switch

Since its release in early 2023, Hogwarts Legacy has been a standout title, offering numerous features and Easter eggs for Harry Potter enthusiasts. Available on platforms like PS4/PS5, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch, players are curious about its cross play and cross progression capabilities. This guide answers the question, Is Hogwarts Legacy Cross Platform?

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You can now join the wizarding world no matter what device you play on.

Imagine adventuring through the Forbidden Forest or staying in Hogwarts and unlocking its many secrets.

Get on your broom and visit iconic locations, make powerful spells, collect mystical creatures and of course learn some very powerful magic. (Admit it, who decided to learn the killing curse?)

One thing that I thought would make Hogwarts Legacy even better, would be the ability to be able to enjoy this adventure with friends.

You’re a wizard at school after all, that’s the best place to play with friends right?

“is Hogwarts Legacy Cross Platform”, is one of the most common questions asked.

It makes sense that a game like this should have some form of cross play or cross progression features.

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Key Takeaways

  • Hogwarts Legacy is not cross platform: Players cannot continue their adventures across different platforms like PS4/PS5, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch.
  • No cross progression functionality: The game does not support transferring saved progress between different gaming platforms.
  • Hogwarts Legacy lacks crossplay and multiplayer features: It is a single-player adventure without any multiplayer or co-op capabilities.
  • Cross generation play is possible within the same console family: Players can continue their game from PS4 to PS5, and from Xbox One to Xbox Series X/S, with certain conditions.

Is Hogwarts Legacy Cross platform? What about Cross Progression

No, Hogwarts Legacy is not cross platform. At the time of writing this anyway. With the launch of the game on Nintendo Switch, many people including myself wanted to continue their adventure from another console onto the Switch. It makes sense because of its easy portability.

Unfortunatly Hogwarts legacy doesnt offer any kind of Cross platform or Cross progression functionality.

Which is a shame! You’ll have to continue your adventures in the wizarding world on the device that you started on. (Unless of course you wanted to start a new character).

Its worth noting, you would also need to purchase the game again for the other device you wanted to play on.

Is Hogwarts Legacy Crossplay?

No, Hogwarts Legacy is does NOT have Crossplay.

This is because Hogwarts Legacy is a single player adventure. It doesnt have any multiplayer or co-op features or functionality, Which is a shame!

There have been rumors that a DLC or Hogwarts Legacy 2 could be online or have some form of multiplayer, which would be incredible.

But at the moment, we’ll just have to play gobstones on our own.

Is Hogwarts Legacy Be Cross Gen?

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So we now know that we cannot play Hogwarts Legacy on the PS5 and then move over with the same save on the XBox series. But what about if we had the PS4 version and wanted to play on the PS5?

Yes, if you started on the PS4 and want to continue playing on the PS5 you can use the same save.

Although its important to note that you must have purchased the Digital Deluxe Edition.

Now its a bit better news for Xbox gamers.

You can play on both and Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S and use the same save data.

The only requirement is that its connected to the internet and your signed into the single account.

Final Thoughts

So does Hogwarts Legacy have Cross platform functionality?

Unfortunatly not. You will not be able to venture into Hogwarts Castle with friends and experience the wonderful world of Harry Potter.

This to be honest is a great shame and one of the biggest negatives of a game that I really enjoyed.

With such a open world to explore, side quests to complete and mini games to play, it would have been perfect to be able to do this with friends.

Imagine being able to form your own Dumbledores Army!

Hopefully this is a feature that Warner Bros and the developers will be able to add in the future.

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Is there multiplayer in Hogwarts Legacy?

No, at the time of writing this there is no multiplayer functionality in Hogwarts Legacy. This may or may not be available in the future with DLC’s or a sequel.

Do you need the internet to Play Hogwarts Legacy?

No, you do not need a internet connection to play Hogwarts Legacy. This is because it doesnt support crossplay games, and is a single player experience.

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