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Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Fan Clubs Guide: All Fan Club Locations

As a seasoned gamer, I know how exciting it is to dive deep into the world of our favorite games and uncover every hidden gem. 

In Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, one such treasure is the unique element of fan clubs

As Zack Fair goes about Midgar, he’ll come across Fan Clubs in Crisis Core, these follow a specific First Class soldier 

With a total of five fan clubs – two for Genesis, one each for Sephiroth and Angeal, and a secret, challenging-to-join Zack fan club. 

If you’re wanting to earn 100% completion, you are going to need to get the Fan Club Aficionado trophy. 

The aim of this guide is to give you the locations of the Crisis Core Fan Clubs and the rewards you get.

Key Takeaways:

  • Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII features five fan clubs for various First Class soldiers.
  • Each fan club has specific locations, rewards, and joining requirements.
  • Uniting the Genesis fan clubs is necessary to unlock the Fan Club Savior trophy.
  • Joining all fan clubs contributes to 100% game completion.

Crisis Core Fan Club – Genesis Red Leather & Loveless Study Group

genesis fan club

Genesis is the only First Soldier that has two fan clubs. 

The first is the Red Leather fan club, these are your typical fans. In sector 8 by the fountains, you’ll see a group of 3 women. One of these is Genesis Fan. 

Speak to her and agree to join the Red Leather fan club. 

The second fan club is the Loveless Study Group. 

Even though they’re Genesis fans, they are more fans of the Loveless play. 

To join this one, head to the side street with the theater on it and you’ll see a woman standing there. 

Speak to her and you’ll be able to join the 2nd fan club. 

How To Unite Genesis Fan Clubs in Crisis Core

In Chapter 7, the two Genesis Fan clubs are having some problems. Zack must help solve these problems and unite the two clubs. 

Doing so will unlock the Fan Club savior trophy. 

Which is needed if you want to get 100% completion. 

It can be easy to miss this trophy, below are step by step instructions. 

  • Go back to the Genesis fan at the Sector 8 Fountains. Select the option to suggest they merge with a wealthy fan club. 
  • Go and speak to the Loveless study group fan, she can be found at the theater on Loveless Avenue. Discuss the potential merger of the two fan clubs. 
  • Return to the Genesis Fan at the fountain and this will result in the two clubs merging. 
  • You then need to go to the child in Sector 8, who has lost his mother. He is running around near the fountain and will say that he has lost his mom. 
  • Go to Train station and you’ll see a woman standing there. Select the answer “A mother without honor is nothing but a monster”

And as long as you join all the fan clubs, then this will unlock the Fan Club Savior trophy. 

Crisis Core Fan Clubs: Angeal – Keepers of Honor

Angeal Fan Club

In chapter 2, you’ll be able to join Angeals Fan club. Its the easiest to join and the first one you’ll come across as well. 

When you explore Sector 8 in chapter 2, you’ll see a group of 3 women stood together. 

They can be found near the bridge that the train goes under. The Angeal fan is the short-haired brunette. 

Speak to her and she’ll invite you to Keepers of Honor. 

As soon as you join, you’ll receive an email welcoming you to the fan club.

Crisis Core Fan Club: ​​Sephiroth – Silver Elite

Sephiroth Fan Club

Well before Sephiroth became the monster that we know him to be, he was actually a hero. 

In fact he was known as the greatest First Class soldier. 

It’s no surprise he had a fan club and they were known as the Silver Elite. 

This fan club in crisis core can be easily missed, as you only have one chance to join Sephiorth’s fan club. 

You can only join whilst playing Chapter 6. 

Travel to Sector 5 slums and make your way to the playground. 

Behind the iconic slide where Cloud sat with Aerith in FF7, you’ll see a women standing. 

Speak to her and she will invite you to join the Silver Elite. 

However you can only join if you get the 3 questions about Sephiroth right. 

After all it is the Sephiroth Fan Club, so all members should know everything about him right? 

The questions and answers are;

  • The name of Sephiroth’s Sword: Masamune
  • What is Sephiroth’s ultimate attack: Supernova
  • Which is Sephiroth’s dominant hand? Left hand

As long as you get all 3 right then you’ll join the Silver Elite. 

Remember this is the ONLY time you can join the fan club for Septhiroth. 

Crisis Core Fan Club – Zack’s Fan Club

Zacks Fan Club

The hardest of all four fan clubs to join in Crisis Core is Zack;s. It’s also one that can be easily missed. You need to join this one to get 100% completion. 

You also have to join your own fan club right? 

In Chapter 6 you’ll find yourself in Junon whilst its being attacked. 

You’ll go up against an enemy called “General Tank”. 

After this tank has been destroyed, you’ll have to take part in a mini game. Its not a hard mini-game but you need to make sure you defeat all 30 enemies. 

The mini game is called Perimeter Defense. 

There’ll be waves of enemies trying to get past you, you just need to destroy them all. 

The story will then push you to go after Hollander. Before you do, you need to go see Cissnei. 

Check your map and go to the orange marker. 

Head to the cable car and go to the airport. This will show a cutscene between Zack and Cissnei. 

Next up in Chapter 7, go to the receptionist in the Shinra HQ. Talk to the one on the left and she will invite you to the fan club. 

If you do not unite the Genesis fan clubs then the fate of Zack’s fan club might be in jeopardy.

Final Thoughts

The fan clubs in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII serve as an engaging and unique feature that adds depth to the game’s narrative and overall experience. 

Joining all fan clubs not only provides a sense of accomplishment but also contributes to achieving 100% game completion, making it a rewarding challenge for dedicated players.

The varying degrees of difficulty in joining each fan club requires gamers to pay close attention to the storyline, character interactions, and specific tasks throughout the game. 

As a result, this aspect of the game encourages players to explore the world more thoroughly and invest time in understanding the game’s lore.

By successfully joining all fan clubs, gamers display their dedication to Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and its beloved characters. 

In addition, earning trophies like Fan Club Aficionado and Fan Club Savior enhances the sense of achievement and satisfaction derived from mastering the game.

Ultimately, the fan clubs in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII enrich the gameplay experience by offering unique challenges and rewards, ensuring that players remain engaged and invested in the game’s world and characters.

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