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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion – Flower Wagon Guide

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is a popular prequel to the legendary Final Fantasy VII. In this action-packed RPG, players take on the role of Zack Fair, a SOLDIER recruit in the Shinra Corporation.

Its worth noting that many side quests, including this one can be missed at certain points of the game. We’ve written this guide to help ensure you dont miss out.

One of the most memorable and enjoyable side quests in the game involves building three different flower wagons for Aerith.

The first flower wagon will be made as part of the storyline.

Now its a pretty basic and poor quality flower wagon. You do have the option to create another two. The Cute Flower Wagon and the Cool Flower Wagon. This is optional and can be skipped to easily missed.

The parts needed for all the flower wagons can be a bit tricky to find. This step by step guide will help you find all the parts needed, so you can help Aerith sell flowers throughout Midgar.

How To Make The Flower Wagon Crisis Core

Flower Wagon

You’ll need to make the first flower wagon during Chapter 7 and its the least challenging. There are 4 flower wagon parts needed and all can be collected very quickly. Although you’ll find yourself travelling to a couple of different zones.

Used Tools

The used tools are the first parts you’ll find. These are just outside of the church. You’ll notice some glowing objects scattered around the ground. Go and interact with all of these objects, one of them will be the Used Tools.

Old Lumber

Head over to the slums and you’ll want to go to the Accessory shop. Next to it, you’ll notice some old lumber.

If you try and pick it up, the shop owner will say that the timber is his. He’ll however give it to you if you can give his up and coming bar a name that he likes.

Luckily there is only one name needed for any bar in Final Fantasy VII reunion and thats “Seventh Heaven”.

He’ll love the name and give you the Old Lumber.

Worn Tires

The next set of parts we need are Worn Tires. A flower wagon wont be very easy to push around if it doesn’t have any wheels.

Head over to LOVELESS avenue go straight and then left. You should come across a man standing in front of a car. Talk to him and he’ll give you the worn tires needed for the first flower wagon.


We’ve got all the parts needed but without the wagon instructions, Zack wont have a clue on how to make it. Luckily Bruno had some, but he lost them…

Head back to the church and look around again where the glowing objects were. You should spot a helmet with the instructions inside. (Strange place to hide them…)

Once you have all the parts, you’ll watch a cutscene where Zack and Aerith will use the first flower wagon to sell flowers. (or at least attempt to)

As you can tell from the parts needed, this first wagon is not going to be the best of quality.

We’d better look into how we can make Aerith a much better one.


NOTE: DO NOT START CHAPTER 8 – Once you finish Chapter 7, you will NOT be able to complete the second and third wagons

How To Make The Cute Flower Wagon

Cute Flower Wagon Crisis Core

Speak to Aerith again and she’ll tell Zack that she doesnt like the way the first flower wagon looks. (A little ungrateful..)

Zack however wants her to be happy, so offers to create a new wagon.

This time he agrees to make her a Cute flower wagon.

Its not going to be easy though.

In order to get the 4 parts of the second flower cart, Zack will need to complete a number of side missions.

Walnut Wood

Walnut Wood is the reward Zack gets from a mission in LOVELESS avenue. A Second Class Soldier on loveless street will stop Zack. Reports show that 6 Wutai spies are hiding and Zack needs to uncover them.

In order to do this you need to venture between the Slums and LOVELESS avenue and speak to each spy three times.

To help, I’ve listed their locations below;

  • Spy 1 – You’ll find him up from the Soldier 2nd Class, just outside the LOVELESS theatre
  • Spy 2 – Head to Sector 5 Market and you’ll see a Shinra Trooper walking around. You can get back to Sector 5 by using the Train Station, as that has now opened up.
  • Spy 3 – In the Shinra Building, head up stairs and when you walk around a man will come out of the lift.
  • Spy 4 – Head back to the Fountain and go up the stairs and there is a women talking to a man.
  • Spy 5 – Go back to the Shinra building but this time go to the Exhibit room. This is behind reception. Speak to the man in front of the rocket.
  • Spy 6 – The last one can be found in the Slums Park, go to the train station. You’ll see a boy running around in a hat.

You can get this side mission done as early as Chapter 5.

Premium Tires

From Chapter 3 you’ll be able to speak to a Third class soldier in the Shinra Headquarters Briefing room. This Shinra soldier will unlock the M7-1-1 mission.

Work your way through these and once you’ve completed M7-1-6: Second Duty Assignment, speak to the Third Class Soldier again.

He’ll give you the premium tires for one of the three wagons.

Mythril Tools

To get the Mythril tools you want to make your way back to the Exhibit room at the back of the Shinra building entrance and speak to the Shinra Researcher. This will unlock the M2-1 series of missions, which will shed a bit of light on the Shinra corporation.

Once completed, you’ll get the Mythril tools as a reward.

Craftsman Monthly

The Craftsman monthly is the instruction manual for the cute wagon. To get this you need to go back to the LOVELESS avenue and speak to the Shinra captain.

He’ll want to prove that Shinra infantryman are just as good as Soldier. This will ulock the M1-2: Peacekeeping Troops missions.

Once you’ve completed them, head back to the Shinra Captain and you will get cute flower wagon instructions.

Head back to Aerith at the Church once you have all four items and build Aerith the next flower wagon type.

How To Make The Cool Flower Wagon

Cool Flower Wagon Crisis Core

Thats two of the three wagons created. After speaking to Aerith, she still wants it to be better.

Zack offers to build the Cool flower wagon. One that is going to be the best out of all flower wagons.

In order to get these wagon parts, your going to need to do a number of mini games.

Luckily the cool flower wagon is pretty easy to get and the mini games are not that hard to do.

There is the squats minigame which can be found on the Solider floor of the Shinra headquaters. You want to make your way to the training room.

In the squats minigame you have to go against different shinra soldiers. You have to do more squats than them in order to win.

Shinra Lunch Cart Specs

The first person you’ll need to beat is the Shinra Infantryman. This one is fairly easy as you’ll only need to do 23 squats.

If you manage to beat him, the reward is the Shinra lunch cart specs.

Shinra Ceramic

The next person you need to beat is the Shinra Captain. If your able to beat him then you’ll get the Shinra Ceramic.

Its a little more challenging as you need to do 30 squats. Manage that and the Shinra Ceramic is yours.

Shinra Treads

This is where the squats minigame gets a little harder. You’ll be competing against a Third class soldier. Its really important to try and not miss a squat, even as it ups a level and Zack starts to go faster.

Manage this and you’ll be one step closer to building the wagon, as you’ll get the Shinra treads.

Shinra Solder

The final item that you’ll need for the flower wagons is the Shinra Solder. This mini game level is the hardest and will require you to go against a Second Class Soldier and get over 54 squats.

As long as you dont miss any squats, you should be able to beat the second class soldier without too much issues.

Once you have all the wagon parts head back to Aerith and you’ll build the Cool Flower Wagon.

Now as you can imagine with all the Shinra parts, it ends up looking like a war machine. Zack loves the way it looks, although Aerith is less sure.

Now she has all 3 flower wagons, she should be able to sell flowers all over midgar.

What rewards do you get for making all three Flower Wagons?

There are not really any worthwhile rewards for doing the Crisis Core Flower wagon side quests, other than what you get from the side missions.

The biggest reward for doing it is unlocking the Full of Flowers trophy.

Although it is also nice to complete to get to see some additional cutscenes between Zack and Aerith. Gving you a bit more back story to their relationship.

Final Thoughts


Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII offers an enjoyable side quest involving the creation of three different flower wagons for Aerith.

The first wagon is built as part of the main storyline during Chapter 7. Its construction involves locating and collecting several items from different zones, Used Tools, Old Lumber, Worn Tires, and Instructions. Once constructed, this initial wagon is of low quality.

The subsequent flower wagons, known as the Cute Flower Wagon and the Cool Flower Wagon, are optional that can be easily missed but enhance the gameplay experience.

Building these wagons involves complex missions and mini-games.

The Cute Flower Wagon requires the collection of Walnut Wood, Premium Tires, Mythril Tools, and the Craftsman Monthly, each rewarded after accomplishing different side missions that are accessible starting from different chapters.

The Cool Flower Wagon, termed as the best of all the wagons, requires the player to engage in a series of squat minigames, each offering a unique wagon part upon victory. The items to collect include the Shinra Lunch Cart Specs, Shinra Ceramic, Shinra Treads, and Shinra Solder.

Despite the efforts required, the main reward for this side quest is the unlocking of the “Full of Flowers” trophy, and players also get to enjoy additional cutscenes providing more backstory for the relationship between Zack and Aerith.

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