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How To Win Fortnite? – Tips To Get Better To Win Every Victory Royale

One of the things thats made Fortnite so popular is just how easy it is to pick up and get into a game. The problem however is that its not easy getting that Victory Royale. 

The aim of this guide is to give you some top tips on how to win Fortnite. These will help improve your game, whether your a beginner or experienced. 

Its not the easiest game to master, however the more you play the better you will get. 

There are many different things to think about, such as where your going to land, what kind of weapons you’ll use and even where you’ll head once you’ve landed. 

These 11 tips were written during Chapter 4 Season 1, however theses will show you how to win Fortnite no matter what season you’re playing. 

11 Tips To Get Better and Win First Victory Royale

Practice On Spawn Island

Fortnite Spawn island

The first tip on learning how to win Fortnite can be applied before you leave the battle bus and step foot on the Fortnite island. When you enter the game you’ll find yourself on spawn island, waiting for 99 other players to join. 

Here you can find the different weapons lying around. Ideal for practicing with them and find the type of weapons you prefer. 

If you’re new to the game of Fortnite, it can be a great opportunity to get used to the controls. 

Find The Best Landing Spot

To win in Fortnite, when you leave the battle bus and your where you land can spell a loss or a Fortnite victory. 

One mistake many new players make is jumping out the bus right away, the problem is many people do that. This can make areas very contested, staying on the bus for longer will help you land somewhere with less people. 

By doing that you can find a decent few weapons before meeting any other players. 

I’d also recommend landing at a point of interest. This is because you’ll find a lot more chests, giving you more weapons and plenty of ammo. 

Don’t land at a point of interest under the battle bus route. Drop and glide your way to a point of interest that is further away from the path of the battle bus. You’ll find less people going there. 

Learn How To Build Properly

When Fortnite first launched, EPIC Games made a battle royale game that was completely different to other games. It was the first game to feature building. 

Fortnite building was a complete game changer for many and knowing how to build effectively would increase a players chances to win every time.

Spending time mastering building in creative mode is the first step at getting better. 

When you’re in a battle royale, at the start of the game you generally dont need to build that much. You’ll find that towards the 2nd half of the game you’ll be building a lot more.

At the start of the battle is the best time to start farming building materials. Wood is the quickest material to build but also the weakest, I’d go for stone and then give additional protection to your builds with metal. 

Building is a gameplay feature that many struggled with. Luckily Zero Build mode came out in Fortnite Chapter 3 season 2.

This mode does have its positives and its negatives. Building added an entire new way of playing, without it you need to focus more on being accurate with your shots and having a decent loadout. 

Keep A Good Range of Weapons In Your Load Out

If you want to win at Fortnite, your going to need to get the right weapons. As soon as you land in Fortnite, get yourself a good range of weapons. 

I’d recommend going for a close range weapon such as a shotgun or pistol. If you prefer a faster weapon then the shotgun then a SMG also works well.

You then want a mid range weapon such as an assault rifle and then go for a longer range such as a sniper rifle or dmr.  (If they bring it back)

Its also important to try and keep a slot or two with healing or shield items. I like to get myself a Med-Mist as these are great for healing on the move. 

Upgrade Your Weapons

One thing that many beginner players do is spend ages running around looking for chests that have upgraded weapons. This just wastes a lot of needless time. 

By using your Gold Bars at Upgrade Benches, you can upgrade your weapons to make them more powerful. If you can do this early in the game, its going to give you an advantage against another player when in a gunfight. This is going to greatly increase your chance of winning. 

Hire an NPC

Another use for your gold bars and a great way to help you win a solo Fortnite battle is hiring an NPC. These NPC’s will not only watch your back but also help you with attacking your enemies. 

By having an NPC you’ll be basically playing Duos in SOLO, having that extra help can be a great way of increasing the chances of winning. 

An extra bonus is not only do they fight for you but they also have some great effects. One might drop some shields, where as another can help identify what players are in the area. 

Listen to surroundings such as enemy footsteps

Fornite screen

Make sure you have your sound on.

Now that sounds pretty obvious right, but so many people play with it muted. 

The problem with this is that you cannot hear sound effects such as enemy footsteps. This is a great indication that someone is near by. 

Knowing this you can be alert and prepared for them. 

Or you can go away from the footsteps if your trying to keep away from the battle. 

Its even possible to get visualize sound effects, in case you cannot have sound on. 

Hide Until The Final Moments of a Match

If your after your first win,  when playing solo a good strategy is to hide until the endgame. Its not the most popular method of winning but it can certainly help. 

The first thing you need to do is stay on the battle bus for longer, don’t just jump off as soon as the battle starts. It’s also worth keeping away from busy POI’s and hide whenever you hear gunfire nearby. 

Keep yourself hidden in shadows, grass and make use of dumpsters, hay and other places you can hide in. 

Whilst your moving from hiding place to hiding place, focus on building a perfect loadout. Get as much ammo as possible, upgrade your weapons and get a good stack of health and shields. 

Many people that do this strategy head for the middle of the circle, don’t do this. Keep to the edge of the circle and only move away from the storm in the last minute. 

Most players head for the middle, and this can therefore get very competitive. 

Some of the best places to get to are on the high ground, this is going to help you see whats happening below you so you can avoid players and not get eliminated. 

Wait until there are only a couple of players left and wait for them to start fighting each other, this will show you where they are. If you can, pick them both off at a distance and take the Fortnite battle royale victory!

Learn From Your Mistakes

When I first started playing Fortnite, i’d just go head first into battles and repeat the same mistakes. You know what would happen each and every time? Yep, I’d get eliminated! 

If you want victory royale in Fortnite, your going to need to think about why you got eliminated and learn from it.  

One of my biggest mistakes is that I tend to be too offensive without the best load out, so I need to play a bit more defensive until I’ve got a good range of weapons. 

Watch other people playing Fortnite

One of the best tips on learning how to win Fortnite is by watching other people win. Seeing where they land, what weapons they use and how they play is a great way of learning and developing. 

Its surprising that just by watching Fortnite streamers or just spectating other players after you died, how much you can learn.

Know Whats Happening With The Storm

The final tip on how to win Fortnite is all about knowing whats happening with the storm. One of the worst things is getting caught out by the storm and finding yourself running to get out of it. 

If the storm doesnt kill you, you’ll be more vulnerable when you get out of the storm and could get picked out. 

On the flip side, knowing where the storm is and getting to the edge is a great way of getting some easy kills with players trying to escape the storm. 

How to win Fortnite Solo

There are some differences when playing Solo, the biggest is that you obviously don’t have your teammates. Not having someone watch your back means you need to be even more aware of your surroundings and focus on your actions. You need to focus more on the loot that you pick up, as with a team you can be a bit more flexible. 

As a solo player you also need to think a little more strategic and defensive. You don’t just want to charge into a gunfight or face off against multiple enemies. 

Some quick tips and tricks when it comes to playing solo;

  • Stay away from POI’s 
  • Take your time, dont rush into battle
  • Be aware of your surroundings 
  • Get a decent loadout quickly
  • Understand how many players are left
  • Take a high vantage point
  • Run if your know your wont beat your opponent

How to win Fortnite Duos, Trios, or Squads

If you have a skilled squad or friend then your going to find it much easier to get that win in Fortnite. No doubt you want to pull your own weight and not be the one being eliminated all the time. 

The great think about team based modes is that you do have people to help watch your back, although at the same time so do your opponents. 

The tips to getting victory royales is pretty much the same, although there is one BIG tip and that is communication…

Good communication is going to be what results in you getting the crown or not. When communicating, remember to keep callouts shorter, for example “on you” or “behind”. This is going to help your team react quicker. 

A key to winning in Fortnite squads is to stay with you team, splitting up will make it easier for opponents to pick you off one by one. Staying together means you can protect each other. 

How to win Fortnite Zero Build

Zero Build Mode in Fortnite game brought an entire new element to every game. Building once used as a defence is no longer available. Now players have to completely rely on their skill with their weapons. 

Luckily for you, everyone else has to as well. 

To win in this mode, the key is getting your ideal load out as quickly as possible. Grab through those chests, get all the weapons and health you need. 

Know exactly where you can and cannot hide, get to high ground as much as possible so you can see all of your surroundings. Make sure you do not keep your back exposed. 

Practice your aim and accuracy, focus on getting some long range weapons like the DMR so you can keep away from the enemies but cause some decent damage. 

I’d also recommend getting yourself some quick healing items, ideally ones you can use on the move. 

Final Thoughts

Conquering the chaotic landscape of Fortnite to attain the coveted Victory Royale is a journey fraught with strategy, quick decision-making, and skillful play.

Mastering the basics of the game, such as landing spots, weapon choices, and building effectively, is crucial.

Advanced strategies like employing NPCs and weapon upgrades can tip the scales in your favor.

Sensory alertness, like listening to your surroundings, can prepare you for unexpected encounters.

Hidden strategies like maintaining a perfect loadout and waiting for the right moments to strike might not be flashy, but they can be instrumental in securing a win.

Learning from your own mistakes and gaining insights from other successful players are key steps in leveling up your gameplay.

Lastly, being mindful of the game’s dynamic elements like the storm can make the difference between survival and elimination.

Regardless of your experience, be it a novice trying to make sense of the game or an expert aiming to refine your strategies, these tips offer a comprehensive guide to improving your Fortnite performance.

The path to victory may be steep and filled with pitfalls, but with persistence and adaptability, the Victory Royale is well within reach.

Fortnite is a game of constant change and evolution; your ability to adapt to these changes will undoubtedly be your biggest asset.

Happy gaming!


Is Fortnite hard to win?

Fortnite can be hard to win but as you practice you will get better. There are a number of things that you can do such as practice building, knowing where to land and even getting the right weapons to increase your chances of winning. 

Why Does Fortnite Get Harder? 

Its not that Fortnite is getting harder, its that you are getting better at it. The more wins you have, the tougher your opponents will get as your being match with people of a similar level. 

If you were winning all the time and stayed in matches with people just getting started, you’d be at an unfair advantage. Not only that, you wouldnt continue to push yourself to get even better. 

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